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A soft breeze blew across the beach as the sun set in yellow and orange over the tinted water of the sea. The moon shown round above the setting sun surrounded by fluffy clouds.
Jared stared at the breath taking view as a boat was sailing into the horizon. His thoughts took him back ten years ago when he was sharing this very same paradise with someone special. He sighed, took out his phone and stood facing the side before taking a picture with the beautiful background. He debated whether to hashtag "Thinking About You" but settled on putting it then uploaded the photo.
He sat back down on the sand his beautiful blue eyes roaming around special corners, his mind wandering over romantic nights and beautiful memories. He sighed again.

Hollywood knew shit about him. He was nothing like his image represented. He was passionate, romantic, sensitive, private, a hedonist and although he was a control freak and loved to control everything he was also powered by emotions because he was an artist, a free spirit and emotions are the most important thing for any creative person.

He wasn't always alone. He had many lovers back in the days but rarely fell in love. One person though has changed his life and that person was Colin Farrell. He met Colin on the set of Phone Booth twelve years ago and they immediately clicked, their chemistry on and off screen was magical and they became friends quickly unfortunately Jared was on the set for a short period but they kept minimal contact.
It wasn't until Alexander that they truly united. It was a long set full of hardships and their roles were very demanding but that only managed to bring them closer. It was maybe the nature of their characters and the fact that they had to work close together or the bent up frustration and sexual tension that hovered around them all of the time, eventually one or the other brought them together. He wasn't all that sure himself but somewhere along the lines they fell in love with each other and truly knew the essence of Alexander and Hephaistion's bond, the ancient lovers that they were playing the roles of.
They wrote history in their own pens and created a modern myth, it was a beautiful time spent in each others arms, a magical ride full of wild and abandoned control. It was all so perfect until reality kicked in and like all of the great things it had to end. Everything pretty much went downhill from there. Colin fell off the wagon and had to be admitted into rehab. Jared wasn't doing all that better drowning his self in work and taking on challenging roles that left his health in a bad shape. And so the years passed they met many times here and there even gave themselves few other chances but life always seemed to get in the way. Pride and dreams battled with each other leaving them broken, wounded and apart.
Jared never seemed to move on, he had taken other lovers but never seemed to find someone like Colin so eventually he gave up and went on focusing on his dreams.

This year had been a great journey after years of acting he was finally getting appreciated for his efforts. Not long ago he had seen Colin at the Golden Globes and even through the daze and excitement of his winning he couldn't brush off the look of longing that Colin had thrown his way in the middle of his speech. Butterflies played in his stomach when their eyes made contact and in a way he felt remorse for not fighting harder to maintain their relationship but it wasn't only his fault and he knew it.

Ten years ago he was standing in this same exact spot in this piece of paradise in Thailand at the set of Alexander hand in hand with Colin living the fantasy and watching the sun set in yellow and orange over the tinted water of the sea. The moon shown round above the setting sun surrounded by fluffy clouds as a boat sailed into the horizon carrying their love with it.