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Candy shop - 1D Drabbles and Ficlets

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“You can’t do that,” Liam whispers, grabbing Louis’ hand before he can reach his goal.


Louis wriggles his fingers, trying to stretch more but Liam’s stronger and manages to hold him back. At least until Louis realises his other hand is free and he pinches Liam.


It’ll happen sooner or later, Liam reckons. That’s just the way Louis is.


“Come on,” Louis says, arching his eyebrows. He’s trying to make Liam sway, tease him until he breaks.


This time, Liam will be stronger than that, no matter what Louis does with his face.


There’s this button they’re not supposed to push. Liam’s not sure what is does, why it’s so off limits. But it’s red and there’s a sign that tells them not to touch it.


His whole life, he’s been the sensible one that doesn't take part in things like this. It’s new, the way he’s pulled along when Louis wants to do a prank that would’ve made Liam so upset just weeks ago.


Liam’s still thinks this is pushing it, the pun not intended. He’s not Harry after all.


People are rushing around behind the stage, and no one seems to pay them any attention. Which is great, since Louis is in that mood. The mood when he’s loud and over the top... and fun, though Liam hates to admit it out loud.


It’s just a rehearsal day, though they of course are important too. It’s a bit easier to relax and have fun those days, though. It’s good to have something else to focus on than the horrifying, nervous feeling that this is it . That this is Liam’s chance to make it. He’s far from old, but he reckons he won’t be interesting enough to put on the show a third time if he doesn’t make it.


“Fine,” Louis says, but with a smirk that tells Liam he’s far from given up. “Then you’ll do it.”


There it was, the punchline to Louis’ joke. Of course he wants Liam to do it; Liam, who he used to say has a stick up his bum.


Liam bites his lip, looking around to see if anyone seems to think it’s weird that the two of them are standing around staring at the wall.


His heart beats hard in his chest, but Louis is still holding his hand, and that does things to Liam’s brain -- Louis is awfully fit, it’s hard to avoid getting some sort of crush on Louis.


Liam looks straight at Louis when he uses his free hand to push the button.


Louis gasps, eyes widening in shock as if he thought Liam wouldn't do it. But honestly, Liam didn't think so either.


Liam snorts out a giggle, and that seems to shake Louis awake. And he pulls Liam’s hand until he starts moving.


It’s just that nothing happens, no sound comes, and nobody seems to care. So they stop running and looks around. Louis’ shoulders are still shaking with his giggles; he doesn't seem to care about their fail.


“Well,” Louis mumbles, still laughing. “That was anticlimactic.”


Liam nods, giggling. His heart won’t stop beating away in his chest, and his stomach feels warm. Now it’s just being near Louis that causes it, and Liam knows he shouldn't feel that way about a mate, his bandmate even.


But when it comes to Louis he’s out of control. It’s not a bad feeling, though it’s scary in a way.


“Fun, though,” Louis says, looking pleased.


Liam likes that; that Louis is pleased with him, and he might be blushing a bit because of the attention. “Yeah,” he agrees.


“Think you deserve a reward,” Louis says and gives his hand a squeeze before letting go. “When it’s just the two of us, better that way. Can’t have an audience this time.”


Liam gapes after Louis when he walks away. Liam’s not sure if Louis is implying something fun like kissing; he pretty sure Louis was just staring at his mouth.


Liam wouldn't complain in that case.


Either way, Louis is not done with him, and Liam’s glad about that.