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Okay... So Maybe I'm A Pussy

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Ray lived in the rougher part of town. Now before you say anything Ray would like you to know that he isn’t a pussy, and that he is capable of handling himself. He would also like you to know that that is 100% a fucking lie, and that he’s the biggest pussy this side of Los Santos.

Ray worked all hours in a shitty bar which was a 30 min walk from his cheap apartment. He had just finished work and it was about 3am, and he was shitting himself. Most nights Michael worked the graveyard shift with him, Michael would walk him home. Unlike Ray, who could be compared to a bullet from a sniper, unseen and anonymous. Michael was ten pounds of C4 thrown into a crowd of criminals. Michael was loud and fiery with red hair and the complete opposite of a silver tongue. He was known and willing to fight. Despite how different they were they had bonded quickly over their love of games and weed.

Sadly, Michael had texted Ray earlier saying he was a little tied up and wouldn’t be coming in that day and that Ray would have to walk home by himself.
Ray was screaming internally. Every few thoughts were…
‘I fucking hate this city.’

When 3am rocked around and Ray left the building. It took all of 4 minutes before he was freaked out.

“Fuck this.” Ray spoke quietly to himself as he grabbed his phone from the pocket of his purple hoodie. He planed to call Michael so if he was shanked in an alleyway he would have at lest one witness to hear him die like a puss.

Ray called Michael 3 times, each one rang out to his rather passive aggressive voice mail.

“Goddamn it, Michael… please pick up.” Ray tried one more time before giving up. Ray looked around him before continuing his trip home. He could hear his convers slap against the concrete and his heart beat thump in his ears. Red and blue police lights could be seen from various locations across the city, however they were far enough to not be heard.

Quiet whispers from a near by alleyway brought Ray from his thoughts, the muffled sound caused shivers to dance up Rays spine. He was on high alert. The murmurs grew closer as Ray pulled his phone out again and frantically called a random number.

The call almost rang out and Ray was about to sigh until a gruff, gravely voice greeted him.

“…Hello?” the voice questioned Ray. Ray hadn’t expected anyone to actually pick up and out of instinct he immediately went to the sarcastic lil shit persona.

“Is your refrigerator running?” Ray muttered quickly. The man on the line sighed.

“Do you really want to do that? This could have been a fun time for all but I feel like I have to stab you in the spleen now.” The man grumbled back at Ray with a slightly lilted voice. Ray was about to reply when a gun shot from the other line cut him off.

“What the fuck was that? Was that a gun?” Ray questioned breathily and waited patiently for the man the reply. The line crackled and a few more gun shots rang out, a loud bird like squawking followed by a loud and moderately enraged voice shouting ‘Goddamn it Gavin’.
“Michael?” Ray muttered softly to himself.

“Its not important, anyway lovely talking to you but I’m going now.” The man spoke quickly and in an apathetic tone.

“Wait… wait please, don’t hang up dude.” Ray spoke quickly and willed as much hope into his voice as he could.
“Dude please, its late and I’m walking home in the shittiest part of town, I’m like 140 pounds’ wet and really muggable, please just stay till I get home.”

Another heavy sigh was voiced throw the phone. There was a pregnant pause and Ray was expecting the next thing he was going to hear would be the beeping of a disconnected call. Instead the silence was broken by the gravely voice of the unknown man.

“Ahh… I mean, okay.”

“Thanks man you’re a life saver, I’m Ray by the way but people call me Puerto Rican thunder.” Ray joked.

“Well, Ray, I’m Ryan but people call me Ryan.” The man who is now known as Ryan joked back half heartedly.

“Fuckin sweet joke Ryan.” Ray chortled back. “So, can I ask about the gun shots and the screaming man bird?”

“Well… Don’t worry about it. How did you get this number anyway? Only 4 other people know it.” Ryan steered the topic away from the noise in the background.

“I literally just pressed a bunch of random number and hoped for the best, could have been a murderer, could have been an old lady, got you.” Ray spoke softly with a joking tone. Ryan had been chuckling softly since Ray said ‘could have been a murderer’.

“I mean…How do you know I’m not a murderer? I could be?”

“Dude the way you phrased that is creepy and all but honestly you sound like a dad.” Ray laughed lightly at the end. He didn’t really know whether or not Ryan was a killer I mean anyone could be, the chances were even higher since they live in a city run by crime lords and kingpins.

“I suppose that’s true, why are you out this late at night anyway?” Ryan questioned with genuine curiosity.

“I work the graveyard shift at a shitty bar, not much to it really.” Ray replied then looked around him, he was very close to home. “Hay Ryan, I’m almost home now so ill let you go, uh thanks dude for putting up with me being a pussy.”

“Okay Ray, uh… Call again if you need to, you’re not bad company.” Ryan replied softly. His soft voice was followed by loud shouting.

‘Who the fuck is Ray, Ryan?’ a voice with a jersey accent spoke loudly.
‘Ohhh, does Ryan have a boyfrie… Ahhh Ryan no… Michael protect me’ a British voice mocked then screamed. The sound of skin hitting skin then the sharp sound of something breaking crackled through Rays phone as he unlocked his apartment door.

“Home now Ryan… I’ll talk to you another time.” Ray paused. “Bye man.”

“Bye Ray, stay safe.” Ryan replied and before the call disconnected a very curious voice rang out.

‘WHO THE FUCK IS RA…beep beep’