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Compell Me

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Life had been different without Alaric in her life and Jade imagined it to be the same for Alaric; at least for a moment. He had moved on so easily to Jo and had fallen for her. Though whenever the two saw each other it was electric, it was soul crushing and absolutely devastating. That is what bought her to her old and trusted friend Niklaus Mikaelson.

Jade let's out a breath and then, "I want to forget him and I want him to forget me. I want us to not even know that either of us exist."

Klaus lifts his glass to his lips and takes a sip, the amber liquid flowing down his throats with ease. "I can do that, love. You always were my favorite hybrid and my favorite Salvatore." A grin, a moment of silence and then an empty seat beside her.

Alaric had been at his bucks night when he was swept away and upstairs to a quiet room. Klaus right in front of him now, eyes wide as his mouth now opened.

"You're going to tell me the exact moment that you fell in love with Jade. Then you're going to tell me everything." Klaus knows this is going to take time and he makes sure he erases every single memory of her from his mind and he then compelled him to completely forget that he had compelled him.

Jade was next and Klaus hated seeing his friend in so much pain, the utter torture that was boiling through her as he completely altered her memory. Now she knew nothing of Alaric's existence and nor did she know that she had been compelled to forget him. It was a double win in this situation.

"I still don't quite understand why it is that you don't join me here in New Orleans." Spoke Klaus as he poured both of them a drink, sliding the glass over to her once full.

"That's why I've decided to join you. I can't say that Elijah will be happy though. We both know that he has never liked my presence. I know it's because I'm a hybrid but some accommodating would e nice. After all, we've all known each other a very long time. I was always the first other hybrid you knew too. Who just happened to be a Salvatore. Our mother was devious that way, however." Jade smiled and toasted her glass with his, taking a down of her drink.

Niklaus laughed, happy to have a hybrid to run the pack with. He did adore her, not that he would admit to that in a formal extension of words. The two knew each other to be best friends, two in the same people. Both an adbomination to their families but both so much more.

"Welcome to the pack, love." Klaus stands and has her follow him down to the courthouse to introduce her, to make a proper welcome of her arrival.

Elijah's head tips to the side, hands glide into his pockets and eyes narrow on her. He is the first to pull her aside as she joins everyone for a drink.

"I'm not quite sure why you have decided to join us but frankly I do not seem to care. I simply warn you to stay out of trouble. I will not tolerate you running around town leaving blood trails. We already have trouble with the witches and some of the wolves, not to mention some family issues." Elijah had been firm in his warning, his tone calm as usual.