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Three May Keep A Secret

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Joan does love when Napoleon Solo walks into a restaurant. The rumors get positively...immoderate.

The girls from the office are giggling over a round of "I heard—" and "He said—" and all the variations that follow: he inherited money from a rich relative, he is secret heir to an Italian shipping tycoon, he is the bastard son of a prince.

"Don't be silly," Joan cuts in. Precisely right timing; all the girls turn to hear what she will say. She leans forward a careful few inches, and watches them all mirror her unconsciously — except Peggy, who looks on with a sideways smile. Joan widens her eyes, just a touch, just enough to make it a joke. "Everyone knows he's a spy."

Joan's glance flickers over to Mr. Solo as the rest of the girls burst into peals of laughter. He raises his glass in a subtle toast, though Mr. Kuryakin merely smirks down into his drink.

Joan matches Napoleon with a discreet curve of her lips, then turns back to watch the others laugh.