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Last One Gone- Levi/Eren- Dark AU

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I sit on a curb, pulling my dark hoodie tighter around me in an attempt to ward off the rain. It's only drizzling for now, beginning to pick up it's pace. I let out a long sigh and stand, making my way across the road to a building reading 'Scout's Diner' in bright neon. It's small, quiet, and open 24 hours; perfect. As I enter the sign says 'seat yourself', so I locate and head to a lonely little booth towards the back corner. I sit down, enjoying the warmth of the diner. The faded red and white walls are covered in basic decor, the tables white marble and cool to the touch. A grumpy looking waitress approaches me, tossing down a menu and asking about my beverage choice.

"Could I please have a cup of coffee ma'am?" I ask politely, which seems to surprise her. I can't exactly blame her, I'm sure I look like shit. I've been out in the rain, I'm wearing all black, and my brown hair is a dripping mess. She says she'll get it right out and I ask her where the restroom is. She points to the back and I thank her, standing and heading to recollect myself.

The sketchy bathroom is small and smells of must, but it'll do. My black jeans are soaked through, along with my hoodie. I shake out of the hoodie, attempting to air out my black t-shirt a bit. I dry my hair a bit with paper towels, gazing back at myself in the mirror. Jesus, I really do like like shit... It's been what, six months now that I've been on the run? Six months without staying in one place comfortably, without trusting anyone. I sigh, suddenly missing the fancy clothes, suits, lively parties, and warm bedroom I left behind. But this is how it has to be. I can't go back, not to him. I almost allow myself a minute to dwell on him, before shaking my head vigorously. Don't even think of his name, Eren. I tell myself, staring at my tired green eyes. Black circles form under them, a sign of how tired I've become. It's been a that I think of it. No sketchy phone calls, no letters, no ads of 'have you seen this boy'. Maybe he's given up, tired of searching. I laugh at myself. Him, giving up. That's just ridiculous. is really strange to have no sign of him in about two months. After drying myself as much as possible, I head back out to my table. The lights are dimly lit, this place is obviously not a popular choice for patrons.

Glancing around, I freeze mid-step. No... How? How the fuck did he find me? I contemplate running out the door, but no... He'll find me again anyway. So much for him giving up...he was just biding his time. Catching his prey... I let out a long shaky sigh, bracing myself. It's time to face him again... He spots me, those deep silver eyes focusing on nothing but me. He sits calmly in the booth, gesturing towards the one across from him. I unsteadily make my way towards him, sitting.

"I took the liberty of ordering fresh waffles for you. I know they're your favorite." He states, no emotion showing on his face. I say nothing, avoiding his gaze completely. This jerk...

"Eren. Look at me." I shudder at his use of my name, looking back into the fiery silver eyes. As usual, the most emotion he shows is with those glowing orbs.
"You really look like shit." He mumbles.

"How did you find me, Levi?" I say curtly, cutting to the chase. He lets out a forced laugh. That fucking laugh...

"Oh, please. Sure you were able to get off my radar for a couple months but after that I've been tracking your every fucking move. It's time Eren. Come home." I narrow my eyes at him, fighting back tears.

"You know I can't do that. You know I won't do that." Levi sighs dramatically, running a hand through his black hair; styled with his usual undercut as always. I take in the sight of him, dressed in a black suit with a gray vest and black tie. Always formal with 'business ventures'... Again I shudder, involuntarily.

"You have two options, Eren. One," He holds up a finger. "You can walk out to my car with me, being civil so we can discuss this in private; or two, I'll fucking carry or drag you out to my car. Choice is yours, either one works for me." I stiffen instantly, knowing damn well he will make good on his promise of dragging me out. Wouldn't be the first time. After contemplating for a minute, I acquiesce and get up, walking out of the diner; Levi lays money on the table.

Suddenly, I envy the grumpy waitress. She's not going to have a hell of a night ahead of her...





One year earlier.


"Eren. Eren!" I feel someone shaking me awake, and I groan in protest. Looking up I see Armin's bright little face smiling down at me, his long blonde hair hanging down.

"Armin this better be fucking good." I warn, my tone grumpy and irritated. He laughs it off and pulls off my blanket.

"Get up, we're having brunch with associates of my grandfather." I groan even louder.

"I get that you're a budding business man, but why do I have to go?" I whine, sitting up. I hate his grandfather's 'associates'. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore his grandfather. After all he basically took me in years ago. But the people he has to associate with are rich, snobby assholes that only enjoy the misery of others. And I've got lots of misery in my life.

"Because otherwise, you'll sit around moping all day; indulging in self-loathing. Now get up and shower. We leave in thirty minutes." I sigh. Well of course that's what I'd do, isn't that what days off are for? Irregardless, I throw off my comfy blanket and head into the bathroom to start a shower. The hot water wakes me, refreshes me. After shaving my face and brushing my teeth, I wrap a towel around me and head into my room to get dressed. My pale gray walls are boring as ever, and once again I make a mental note to paint. I pull out the gray suit hanging in front of my closet, obviously set out by Armin. Suits and business dress are a must when it comes to socializing with socialites. I laugh to myself. That's an idiotic saying I came up with. I decide to grab a green tie, one that matches my eyes. Staring in the mirror I scowl, I look ridiculous. Deep breaths Eren, it's one brunch. It'll probably be boring anyway.

When I'm dressed and my hair is combed to perfection, I grab my wallet and head out to Armin's car.


Backstory time: Armin and I are in our early twenties. Armin is on the verge of taking over his grandfather's business, a large investing firm here in Sina. I currently share an apartment with Armin on the upper side of town. You know, the rich side. The apartment is paid for by his grandfather, insisting that he cover the bills. My mother died several years ago, and soon after my father took off; throwing me into a horrid downward spiral. My mother was my whole world, not a day goes by that I don't miss her...

Armin took me in after bailing me out of jail for getting into fights. I've gone through rehab for alcohol addiction, even though I wasn't even legally allowed to drink at the time. I even have scars from fights and accidents, a lot of them. So needless to say, I was a mess until Armin saved me. Now, I'm attempting to get my life back on track. I work in a coffee shop downtown, and I actually really like it. Armin insists that going to these brunches and meetings helps me improve my social standing, but I think I'm basically a walking freak show to these people. That's okay though, I like to make them uncomfortable; it's a hobby. I believe Armin hates them too, that's probably why he drags me with him.

After a ten minute ride of Armin babbling about business terms, we arrive to our destination. We climb out and Armin straightens my tie for me, making me laugh; he's such a mom sometimes. The place is huge, as is expected. Beautiful plants line the walkway to the entrance. Walking inside, several people automatically walk up to Armin to greet him. He's like royalty around here. Figures, not a single person has said hello to me; and I thought these people had manners. I laugh to myself, smiling politely at everyone. I've been here a time or two before, but the beauty of the white marble walls never ceases to amaze me. Armin pulls me along to out table, a pretty white cloth covers it, with a vase of flowers adorning the middle. I take a seat next to Armin, at the sign marked 'Guest of A. Arlert'. I roll my eyes at the fancy black print. A couple girls at the table keep glancing over and whispering, probably about me. Eh, let them talk. There are two empty seats yet, I try to read the name tags but to no avail.

"See the red-headed girl across from you? That's Petra Ral. She's not very nice, so try not to piss her off." Armin whispers in my ear. I smile widely, pissing off rich spoiled brats is always fun. The other two girls are Krista Lenz, pretty blonde hair and sweet personality, I know her from her work with Armin; and a brunette I don't recognize. I spot two men walking towards the table and stare, wide-eyed. One is tall like a tree, broad shouldered and muscular with blonde hair and blue eyes. And holy fucking eyebrows, jesus. The other is almost comically short compared to his friend, nearly a foot shorter I think. Unlike the tall blonde, he doesn't have any sort of smile on his face. He looks about as happy to be here as I am. His hair is black, styled in an undercut and his eyes- I've never seen such bold silver eyes in my entire life. The tall blonde bows politely to the women at the table, silver-eyes (that's what I'll call him) ignores everyone and sits, crossing his arms and looking bored.


"Armin, why are we sitting with strangers again?" I whisper to him, eyeing up the professional seeming men.

"It's a business brunch for the firm. Basically all we have to do is smile and be polite. Think you can handle that?" I glance around at the people. Petra looks utterly obsessed with silver eyes, attempting to draw him into conversation. He, on the other hand, looks beyond bored. This may be a good time to point out that I'm incredibly gay; like 100 percent. That's extremely frowned upon here, of course. Still, I haven't kept it a secret. Silver eyes is beyond fucking hot. He's muscular, despite his shortness. There's an aura coming off of him, one that demands respect. I'm intrigued. The tall blonde clears his throat.

"You must be Armin Arlert, correct?" Armin nods, smiling kindly.

"My name is Erwin Smith, I've begun working with your grandfather recently. This is Levi Ackerman, he's my right hand basically." Levi gives a 'tsk' before rolling his eyes.

"Friendly little fellow, hm." I murmur and Levi's dark glare falls on me, making me look away.

"And who's this little shit?" Levi asks, gesturing towards me. Little shit? How fucking rude.


"Oh this is Eren Jeager, my roommate and close friend." Armin explains, smiling. Erwin says it's a pleasure to meet us and Levi just nods, eyeing me skeptically. A waiter comes by, asking for our orders and drinks. The conversation quickly resumes, courtesy of Erwin and Armin; god, business discussions are so boring. Literally, I could fall asleep right now. I zone out of the conversation, fiddling with my drink and silverware. What fancy forks...what's the point? Some Chinese child probably slaved over this shit, just to have some unappreciative rich snobs use them. Hm. I get a sharp elbow jabbed into my side.

"Ow! What was that-" I look up to see everyone staring at me, as if awaiting a reply.

"Erwin was just asking you about your job." Armin reminds me sternly, as if to say 'get your fucking act together, Jeager!'

"Um...yes. I currently assistant manage a coffee shop downtown." I smile politely, attempting to hide my embarrassment. Levi stares at me, confused it seems. Yeah, yeah...I know, not very exciting.

"That's interesting, do you have a lot of responsibilities there?" Erwin inquires, politely including me in discussion.

"I'm in charge of ordering products, inventory, and menu changes. Basically anything but payroll is in my department. I'm decent with the customers." I say, giving him my school-boy smile.

"Yeah, because that makes you worthy to sit here. Lucky you have friends in high places, hm?" I hear Petra mumble. The table grows quiet, that bitch having an arrogant smirk on her face.

"Actually, unlike spoiled princesses, I have to work hard daily." I retort, smiling sweetly as Petra's face takes on a cold glare. Levi looks downright amused, attempting to hide the smirk on his face. This desperately pisses off Petra, her silver earrings dangling with rage. I stifle a laugh, her eyes narrowing at me. An evil glare comes over her.

"You're right, I'm sure it's taken a lot for you not to get drunk every night and day, trying to forget about your deadbeat father who abandoned you." Now she smiles sweetly as my whole body stiffens. Armin places a hand on my shoulder as I take a deep breath and control the anger flaring up. Levi's face is hard to describe. It's a mix of curiosity, and...nothing. It's like he's hiding any true emotions he's feeling. Erwin clears his throat, drawing in Armin to another conversation. With a deep breath, I stand quietly, excusing myself. I walk calmly away.

I get to the restroom, locking myself in a very clean white stall to calm my breathing. After a couple minutes my anger ceases, realizing Petra only spoke out to turn attention back to herself. I sigh, leaving the stall to stare at myself in the mirror and run a hand through my hair. Alright, you're going to go back to the table, smile, and not fucking deck Petra. So many dark thoughts attempt to surface themselves right now, but I'm not falling back into that...not right now. Things are going well for once, I have to stay positive. Jesus, what must Levi think of me right now? Him and Erwin are probably judging Armin for living with me. I let out a loud sigh, straightening my tie. Who cares what they think? I shouldn't.


"I thought you might have been taking a shit." Silver eyes, sorry, Levi, suddenly enters the bathroom. I notice now that he's only a few inches shorter than me, and dressed in an incredibly expensive-looking suit. I blink a few times at his words, unexpected from someone in a place like this.

"Um, no. Sorry." I mumble, fixing my hair one more time before gearing to head back. Damn, he's so hot...

"So what's that girl's problem with you, anyway? Did you break her heart? Sleep with her best friend and not call her?" Levi muses, keeping his expression blank. I laugh loudly.

"No, no nothing like that. I barely know her, in fact. Gossip travels fast around here." I reply, attempting to hide my smile. Sure, if I was into women I could be a heart breaker. But, not my cup of tea.

"Yeah, I know. These people are fucking dicks. But rumors do get around quickly. Reminds me, after this you're coming with me to get coffee." He says dismissively, with a wave of his hand. Jesus this guy is demanding. Who just tells someone they're going to have coffee with them?

"Um...any business you have can be dealt with Armin. I'm not really up to par on that stuff." I'm hoping he'll go away, ending this awkward conversation. But also...I'm hoping he asks again. I'd be more than happy to stare at this god-like creature over coffee... Levi looks at me skeptically, raising an eyebrow.


"Listen, I like to get to know people who intrigue me. You certainly do. Be ready after brunch, I'll meet you outside." I just blink, staring after he's already walked away. Intriguing? What kind of normal person says that right off the bat? Then again, silver eyes doesn't strike me as an orthodox person.