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“Someday, when this is all over, we’ll be a real family. No one will hit us or hurt us or be mistreated because another feels like it. We won’t be judged based on our names, or our looks. We’ll be a true family.” Snape walked in on that speech halfway through, and waited until Sirius was finished speaking, intending to make a cutting remark, but stopped when she saw the tears streaming down both Harry’s and Sirius’s faces. Neither had noticed her yet. 

“I won’t be forced to stay in a room smaller than everyone else's, or starved because I did accidental magic. I won’t be shoved into the cupboard and locked in for a week because I didn’t make enough food for Dudley. I’ll be loved.” Harry whispered into Sirius’s arms whispered almost to softly for Seraphine to hear. 

Seraphine recoiled. That hit a bit too close to home, bringing a reminder of her own home life. She cleared her throat softly. Both of them looked up so fast she could have sworn their necks had popped. 

“Did you come to gloat?” Sirius asked bitterly as he wiped the tears from his face. Harry didn’t speak, instead simply fixing his gaze on Seraphine and wiping all traces of his breakdown away. 

She shook her head. “At first, yes, but then I listened to what you were saying, and found that I couldn’t. Everything you said hit home, and I found that I myself had been doing what James Potter had done to me. I picked on you for being in Gryffindor, picked on you because of your parents, and I made things worse. I’m sorry.” Her words were directed at Harry. 

“I forgive you.” Harry said softly. 

“I apologize as well, Seraphine.” Sirius looked her in the eye. “You were an easy target for someone who’d picked on their whole life, and that was wrong.”

 She smiled at him. “I forgive you... Sirius.” They shook hands, before Seraphine looked at Harry. 

“Why didn’t you tell anyone about the Dursleys? I was in front of them for custody of you, in both James and Lily’s wills. It was Lily’s idea, because she knew her sister so well.” 

Harry looked confused. “I told Dumbledore. He said I couldn’t go anywhere else, and I never saw their wills.”

Sirius growled, and he and Seraphine exchanged a look, united in their indignation.

“There were at least twenty people who could have had guardianship. Alice Longbottom was your godmother, you could have been raised with Augusta, Amelia Bones, me, the Weasleys, the Malfoys are distant cousins of yours... the list goes on.” Harry looked surprised at the fact that so many people could have had him. 

“They wouldn’t want me though.” He muttered.

“Why ever not?” Sirius demanded. 

“I’m just a freak.” He said so lowly Seraphine could barely hear him. Her eyes grew wide. Sirius looked angry beyond belief. 

“Seraphine, would you take Harry to Gringotts tomorrow? We are taking him away from those Dursleys. Harry, you are not a freak, and I love you so so much.” Sirius said fervently. Seraphine nodded to Sirius’s request. 

“Harry, you are not a freak. If anything, the Dursleys are the freaks.” He nodded. Seraphine waved her wand over the both of them, on a hunch, based off the Dumbledore’s earlier meddling. Sirius was clear of everything, but Harry was loaded with potions and charms. She growled. “Don’t eat anything tonight, Potter, and come up to me when we’re done. I’ll give you potion free food. You’re so full of potions it’s a wonder you can think.”

Harry looked shocked. “Who would potion me?”

“Well, according to my spells, Dumbledore had charmed you, and Ginny has potioned you. When you go to the goblins, if you’re polite when you ask, they will remove them. Until then, don’t trust anyone.”