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The Chat Fic No One Asked For But Like Hell This Fandom Needs It

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- onii-san responded to the chat –

onii-san: anyone want to talk about animals?!?!

- codofarc responded to the chat –

codofarc: no one cares about ur fking animals tabasa

onii-san: (;-;)S

codofarc: wtf is that

onii-san: it’s a crying monkey

codofarc: its stupid

- wholetthedogsout responded to the chat –

wholetthedogsout: CODY!

codofarc: it tru

wholetthedogsout: Whether or not it’s true doesn’t excuse the fact that a lady such as yourself shouldn’t be using such foul language!

codofarc: ur not my mom

onii-san: lmao

wholetthedogsout: And Tabasa! You should not be encouraging her.

onii-san: what’s that i suddenly can’t read

codofarc: same

wholetthedogsout: I am your brother Cody and I demand to be respected.

codofarc: how can i respect u with that kind of chatname

wholetthedogsout: What do yo

wholetthedogsout: ASDL;KFJ

wholetthedogsout: whO DID THIS

wholetthedogsout: lIES and SLasnder

wholetthedogsout: how Do cHandge

codofarc: lmfao

- wholetthedogsout ceased responding to the chat -

- thedoctor responded to the chat –

thedoctor: oh my.

onii-san: hey kantera, welcome to the party

codofarc: brb dogmas at my door

- codofarc ceased responding to the chat –

- angelcake responded to the chat –

angelcake: cody, wait!

angelcake: aww. :(

onii-san: what’s up

angelcake: oh nothing! cody and me were just going to bake a cake today, that’s all. :)

onii-san: nice, save me a piece? \(*^*)/S

thedoctor: and me as well?

angelcake: sure! :D

ironfist responded to the chat –

- reversecougar responded to the chat –

- onehellofamayor responded to the chat –

ironfist: i heard screamin from cody’s house.

onehellofamayor: Am I right to assume this is why?

reversecougar: i think its more like hysterical laughter...

angelcake: omg

onii-san: omg

thedoctor: omg

onii-san: niiiiiice

onehellofamayor: Who even started this thing.

- theinformass responded to the chat –

theinformass: r u srs?

theinformass: hes been here the whole time.

theinformass: watching

theinformass: waiting

thedoctor: who?

murderuss: (.>._.

angelcake: :O

onii-san: when

thedoctor: hello russell.

ironfist: ur such a bad kid ;)

onehellofamayor: I was not expecting this.

reversecougar: are you the one who made everyone’s names?

murderuss: (x>._.

thedoctor: tis a mystery.

onii-san: tis

angelcake: tis

theinformass: tis

thedoctor: i hate you all.

angelcake: anyways, why aren’t u talking russell?

murderuss: ~._.~

onii-san: c’mon, at least a few words

murderuss: (Hi onii-san.>._.

thedoctor: alakdjf

angelcake: omfg

reversecougar: im cyring

ironfist: good fer u tabasa

onehellofamayor: Indeed.

angelcake: where


onehellofamayor: There.


onii-san: IM CHAGNIN

- onii-san changed his name to (Hi onii-san.>._.

(Hi onii-san.>._.: its beautiful

- wholetthedogsout responded to the chat –

wholetthedogsout: HOW

- codofarc responded to the chat –

codofarc: lmao