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You can only spend so long averting apocalypse after apocalypse before something snaps and you just can’t handle it any more. Team Free Will had been all-go, no-stop, balls to the wall for over a year, jumping from case to case and crisis to crisis, saving the world only to have it threatened again and again and again. They were underfed, overworked, sleep-deprived (even by Winchester standards), and running on the fumes of fumes. It was on one cold, dark night at yet another crappy motel in late October when that breaking point came. Dean and Sam were arguing again, their voices getting loud enough to make the neighbors bang on the shared wall. Gabriel looked between his lover and the older human, and suddenly he snapped. With a frustrated howl, he threw himself between the verbally sparring brothers and slammed the elder one against the wall.

“Fucking enough! I’ve had it with you chuckleheads!” The Archangel bellowed, shocking both Winchesters into silence. “Fucking stop it already! Sam, you’re supposed to be the level headed one here! And Dean, I don’t know whether to smite you or fuck you, you stubborn jackass!” You could have heard a pin drop in the room after that statement. Gabriel blanched at what he had let slip and instantly snapped himself away to parts unknown. The Winchesters stared at each other for several long moments, matching stunned expressions on their faces.

“Did he just say…” Dean trailed off. Sam nodded, eyes wide. The elder brother side eyed the younger, waiting for an explosion of jealous rage. But when it didn’t come, Dean hesitantly stepped closer. “Are you two ok?” Dean asked softly.

“Yeah. We’re fine. I’ve seen this coming for a long time, actually.” Sam had a strange look in his eyes, one Dean wasn’t sure he wanted to put a name to.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The elder Winchester was torn between terror and morbid curiosity. Sam huffed a sigh and threw himself down onto his bed.

“Gabriel misses what he had in heaven, before he left. Angels bond in groups, flocks. Now, all he has is me.” Anger flashed in Dean’s eyes on his little brother’s behalf.

“What, so he thinks you’re not enough for him or something?” Dean’s voice was dangerously low. Suddenly, Castiel was at his side with a calming hand on the human’s shoulder.

“No, Dean. That is not what Sam meant. Gabriel loves Sam very much, but wanting a flock is instinctively programmed into angels. It’s not necessarily a sexual bond. Our flocks were our families, dearest friends, brothers and sisters in arms. Lovers within flocks were certainly commonplace, but not all members of a flock would be involved with each other in that way.” Sam shot the Seraph a grateful look.

Dean turned to face his mate, taking in the morose and longing expression the younger angel was wearing. “Is this something you want, too?” He asked gently. Castiel sucked in a surprised breath.

“You’re not angry?” Castiel cocked his head to one side. Dean pulled him into a tight embrace.

“God, no. Cas, you know I’d do anything to make you happy. If it’s a flock you want, we can do that.” He glanced over at his little brother, and the Winchesters shared a moment of silent communication. Sam got to his feet and wrapped his ridiculously large arm span around the other two. Castiel went rigid for a moment, then relaxed into the three-way hug.

“And this doesn’t make you uncomfortable?” The Seraph prodded, not quite believing what was happening. Sam chuckled and rested his chin on the shorter angel’s perpetual bedhead.

“Cas, you do realize who you’re talking to, right? Sam and Dean ‘fucked-up-codependency’ Winchester.” Dean huffed a laugh of agreement and kissed Castiel softly.

“Wouldn’t be the strangest thing we’ve done.” The elder brother muttered. Sam snickered and met Dean’s eyes. Dean nodded in agreement, his green eyes dancing as he realized what Sam was planning. Sam gripped the Seraph’s shoulder and turned him around so his back was to Dean, who draped his arms around the angel’s waist. Ever so slowly, Sam tilted Castiel’s chin up, watching carefully for any sign of resistance or disinterest. Finding nothing but curiosity, Sam smirked and captured the younger angel’s lips in a soft kiss.

Castiel’s hands flailed in shock as his brain completely short-circuited. Dean laughed against his shoulder and pressed a kiss there, further confusing the startled and alarmingly aroused angel. Just as Sam was about to pull away, Cas seemed to get a grip on himself and tangled one hand into Sam’s long hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss. Sam groaned and let the shorter being plunder his mouth. Finally the human broke away, gasping for breath and chuckling as Castiel tried to follow his lips. Dean hummed approvingly against the back of the angel’s neck, then burst out laughing as his mate rounded on him and kissed him furiously.

“I think we need to call Gabe back.” Sam murmured. Dean pulled back from his lover and nodded, nudging Cas when the Seraph seemed too dazed to comply.

“Oh! Of course.” Cas growled out, his voice wrecked and his hair even messier than usual. His eyes went distant in the way that the Winchesters knew meant he was projecting his thoughts to Gabriel. A heartbeat later, the Archangel in question appeared with a loud pop.

“Cassie, wha’...?” Was as far as Gabriel got before the Seraph was on him, crowding the smaller being back against the wall and kissing him soundly. Gabriel’s eyes went comically wide and he pushed the younger angel back a step. Confusion, fear, and hope so strong that it was heartbreaking shown in the Arch Herald's eyes.

“They’ve agreed. Sam and Dean want to be a flock with you. With us.” Gabriel’s eyes snapped over to his boyfriend, desperately searching for confirmation. Sam closed the gap between them and pulled the floundering Archangel to his chest.

“We all want this, Gabe. I promise.” He dipped down to kiss the much smaller man, running his fingers through his blond hair. Gabriel returned the kiss enthusiastically, and if he sniffled a tiny bit when he finally pulled away, no one commented on it. Slowly, Gabriel turned to Dean. It was Dean’s rejection that he feared the most. Sam was already his, and Castiel was his beloved little brother, but Dean….

The Archangel’s fears were swiftly put to rest when Dean drew closer. Candy apple green eyes met amber, and the heat that sparked between them was palpable. The kiss they shared was hot, verging on wild, and with a bit too much teeth, but they broke away again at the low groan that came from Sam’s direction. The younger Winchester was sitting on his bed with a lapful of raven-haired angel, who was doing his absolute best to kiss Sam senseless.

“Damn…” Gabriel chuckled, watching the scene eagerly. Dean nipped the shorter man’s earlobe sharply. The former Trickster snapped his attention back to Dean, who reclaimed his lips in a somewhat softer kiss.

“You ok?” Dean asked against the other man’s lips. Gabriel yanked back again, challenge shining in his whiskey colored eyes.

“Winchester, are you gonna just talk, or are you gonna fuck me?” Dean growled low in his throat and shoved Gabriel back against the wall, kissing him until the Archangel’s knees gave out.

“See? I knew you were all talk.” Dean laughed against the Archangel’s earlobe. Gabriel’s eyes flashed, and he growled back. “I thought you were going to fuck me.” Dean ground his hips against Gabriel’s and easily ripped the blond’s button down from collar to hem.

“You’re fucking right I’m going to, you infuriating bastard.” He pushed the tattered remains of Gabriel’s shirt off before yanking his own T-shirt off over his head. Gabriel finally got with the program and kicked his shoes off before shimmying out of his jeans, boxers, and socks in one movement. His cock sprang free and Dean’s hands froze on his own zipper. The human stepped closer and wrapped his fingers around the hard flesh. Gabriel hissed. His hips bucked involuntarily into Dean’s calloused fingers.

Dean pumped him slowly, getting a feel for how Gabriel liked it. Over the Archangel’s shoulder, he could see Sam and Cas on the bed. Sam was bare from the waist up and was very busily blowing the naked Seraph. Dean watched for several long moments, mesmerized by the way Sam’s muscles rolled as he worked to drive Cas wild. Gabriel turned to see what had distracted Dean. He groaned softly and leaned back against Dean’s broad chest to enjoy the show for a bit.

Behind the Archangel, Dean quickly worked to toe out of his shoes and wrench his pants off, moaning softly in relief as the pressure on his aching flesh finally vanished. He tugged Gabriel back by his hips, slotting his dick against the cleft of the shorter man’s ass. Gabe ground back against him before bucking into Dean’s hand.

The elder Winchester nipped the point where Gabriel’s neck met his shoulder, drawing out a long, soft groan. “How do you want this, angel?” Dean murmured against his skin. Gabriel struggled to gather up enough brainpower to think.

“Can you bend me over the edge of the bed? I want to be able to watch.” Dean chuckled, dark and sinful.

“Kinky. I like it.” He whispered back and gently pushed the angel in the direction of the bed. “Move your ass, Sammy.” Dean growled at his little brother as they joined the other couple on the king sized mattress. Sam flipped him off but gripped Castiel’s hips and forcibly pulled him closer to the opposite edge of the bed before returning to what he had been doing. Dean and Gabe watched in fascination as Sam dove back down and pressed his tongue against the younger angel’s perineum, drawing out a broken moan.

The elder winchester pressed a hand between Gabriel’s shoulders, guiding him to bend over the bed. Dean nudged at his feet, spreading them further apart. He hummed in appreciation as he took in the sight laid out in front of him, and his dick pulsed in agreement. Gabriel wiggled his hips enticingly.

“Get a move on, Winchester.” The Trickster taunted.

“Sammy.” Dean ground out. Without even looking up from what he was doing (now tongue-fucking his elder brother’s mate), Sam tossed a bottle of lube across the bed. Dean caught it and popped the cap open, drizzling the thick fluid over his fingers. He tentatively pressed one finger against the Archangel’s hole, watching in fascination as Gabriel canted his hips up invitingly.

“Dammit, Dean. You’re not going to break an angel, you should know that by now. Let’s go already!” Dean chuckled and patted Gabriel’s hip reassuringly before slowly but surely plunging two fingers into his ass, crooking his fingers into the Archangel’s prostate. Gabriel thrashed and howled something in Enochian, causing Castiel’s eyes to snap over to stare at him in shock and not a small amount of lust. Sam’s head popped up.

“Well, that was filthy.” The younger Winchester snickered, and Dean cursed his lack of knowledge of Enochian. He looked to his little brother for a translation.

“Just do that again, trust me.” Sam winked. Dean shrugged and complied, hooking his fingers unerringly into the bundle of nerves. Gabriel shrieked again, and Castiel’s eyes flashed blue as he soundproofed the room. The elder Winchester kept up his merciless assault on the Archangel’s prostate, determined to make him completely lose control. It didn’t take long for Gabriel to devolve back into his native language again. Cas snarled something in response and hauled Sam up by his hair, rolling the younger man onto his back and straddling him in one fast movement. Sam didn’t even have time to protest before Castiel was sinking down on the human’s thick cock, growling in appreciation as Sam bottomed out.

“Holy shit, Cas.” Both Winchesters breathed, Sam nearly choking on the punched out gasp. Dean winced in sympathy. Angelic powers or not, his little brother was certainly proportional all over and he knew all too well that Castiel was painfully tight even with careful prep. Under him, Gabriel bucked to remind him of what he was supposed to be doing.

“Sorry, Gabe.” Dean went back to fingering the angel, quickly working up to three fingers.

“Come on, dammit. Fuck me already!” Gabriel ground out as Dean grazed his prostate again.

“Eager little slut, aren’t you?” Dean popped him on the ass before lubing his cock and sliding home in one slow push. Gabriel moaned and whimpered in pleasure- neither Winchester was exactly small, and the Archangel was a bit of a size queen.

“You can call me whatever the hell you want to, just get to work.” Gabriel snapped at the human. Dean obliged, grinding in as deep as he could before withdrawing. He met Sam’s eyes over Gabriel’s shoulder again. The younger man’s hair was soaked with sweat and his face was twisted with pleasure as his elder brother’s mate rode him mercilessly. Castiel’s mouth hung open in bliss as he chased his release. Sam groaned brokenly, and Dean knew that noise well from far too many nights spent sharing a dingy hotel room as teenagers. His little brother was right on the edge, trying to hold on just a little longer. Dean reached down and cupped Gabriel’s throbbing cock in one hand, jacking it as he pounded into the man under him and angling to drive into his prostate with every thrust.

“Come on, angel. Your mate’s holding on just for you. I don’t think he wants to cum without you.” He breathed against Gabriel’s ear. “Let go for him. Let go for us.” Gabriel bucked under him and tensed, his hand desperately reaching for Sam’s as his orgasm started to roll through him. Sam laced his fingers through the Archangel’s and followed him over the edge. A heartbeat later, Castiel howled his own release, streaking Sam’s chest with cum. A splash hit the younger Winchester in the face and Sam eagerly lapped it up, and that was it for Dean. He snarled and sank his teeth into the back of Gabriel’s shoulder, pumping load after load into the smaller man’s welcoming heat. Dean collapsed, angling at the last moment to land beside Gabriel instead of on top of him. He tugged the angel over to lay with him, still connected by Dean’s slowly softening cock.

Castiel sprawled across Sam’s chest, gasping for breath. He reached out with a trembling hand to brush first Gabriel’s cheek, then Dean’s lips. Dean kissed at his mate’s fingers reassuringly. Sam blearily met Dean’s eyes, a million thoughts and emotions passing between them. Dean grinned softly and let his fingers brush Sam’s hip, silently telling him that all was well.