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I Dream Of Running Man

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After her sweet date with Yoongi, Ivy wasn't so sure she wanted to go on the date with Jong Kook anymore and she felt ridiculously guilty for it. It wasn't like Jong Kook hadn't earned the date, in fact she probably owed him at least that much. She had spent the majority of Sunday and Monday sighing about her dilemma to Mark who had told her to just go enjoy the date and to worry about the guilt later. After his less than helpful advice Ivy had taken to asking Ji Hyo to go to lunch with her before her date. The two met up at a restaurant that Ji Hyo had said was one of her favorites.

“Ivy-ah!” Ji Hyo waved over at Ivy as soon as she was out of the cab that had brought her. “How have you been? Did you get to see the episode?”

“Hey Unnie. I haven't checked my email yet but I'll watch it when I get home tonight,” Ivy said as she gave Ji Hyo a quick hug.

“Oh yeah, that's right, you've been busy with a dilemma haven't you?” Ivy sighed in response and Ji Hyo laughed. “Okay we'll talk about it after we sit down.”

The girls went inside and were seated at a small table. There was a small fuss made by the customer's over Ji Hyo who happily took pictures and gave autographs. After the brief fan meeting, the girls took their seats and Ji Hyo started raving about the menu.

“Is there anything you can't eat Ivy?” Ji Hyo finally asked after giving a glowing review of the kalbi.

“Well, I can't eat onions. Like, green onions are okay but I'm allergic to the big onions,” Ivy said with a light chuckle while scratching the back of her head.

“Mwoh?! Jinja? Daebak!” Ji Hyo's eyes were wide which made Ivy giggle again. “Well I guess we need to get you the kalbi because I think that's the only thing here that I know of without onions. Want to share a large order?”

Ji Hyo's face lit up like a Christmas tree when Ivy nodded. The elder quickly called over a waiter and ordered before beginning her interrogation.

“So spill. Why are you so worried?” Ji Hyo sipped on her tea that had just arrived, waiting for Ivy's answer.

“Ugh... I guess the entirety of the situation,” Ivy responding also sipping her tea.

“Well what is the entire situation?” Ji Hyo asked lifting her eyebrow with a playful smirk.

“Jong Kook Oppa and Yoongi-ah both like me and have been in a war to win my affection and I agreed to go on dates with both of them but I don't want to be the reason that either of their careers suffer because I'm so much younger than Oppa but Yoongi's career is still growing and fragile and I can't decide because I keep thinking about how it would hurt them so I can't even make a decision,” Ivy took a deep breath and finished. “Not to mention that after my date with Yoongi on Saturday, I feel guilty for even going on the date with Oppa but he at least deserves that because we haven't even spent any time alone together. I'm so conflicted!”

“That is a really difficult situation,” Ji Hyo said lightly tapping her chin. “I've never been in a situation like that and I might be a little biased but do you want my advice?”

“Please God Unnie! No one has been any help! They just keep telling me that I have time and to just enjoy it. Like I can even do that,” Ivy said with a sigh.

“Honestly I think you should give Jong Kook Oppa a chance. He's a really good guy, a work out freak but a good guy. He's ready to settle down and if that's what you want too then he's a good choice. I don't honestly know anything about Yoongi-ah but I doubt he's in much of a position to think about the future of anything other than Bangtan. Oppa has the time and stability to focus on a future with you. I know you said that you're worried about the age difference but I know that it doesn't matter to him. Whatever made him fall for you goes much deeper than that,” Ji Hyo finished and gave Ivy a comforting pat on the shoulder. “Don't worry. I think you'll make the right choice, and if you don't, I'm sure if they really love you, they'll wait for you.”

Ivy gave a small smile as the food was placed in front of them. The rest of their time together was spent joking and enjoying their food. Unfortunately Ji Hyo had to get back to her place quickly to prepare for her schedule that evening so she left after they finished eating. Ivy, having hours until she was supposed to meet up with Jong Kook, decided to take some time to walk. Her hotel was only about a thirty minute walk from where she was.

She ended up walking around and going into a couple shops. Nothing had really caught her eye until she went into the last store before her hotel. When Ivy walked into the store her eyes locked onto a dress hanging on the back wall. It was a short black dress, at least it would be short on her tall frme, with a lace overlay and scalloped neckline. The dress had three quarter length lace off the shoulder sleeves and flared lightly at the hips. It was beautiful. Ivy immediately asked an employee if she could try it on and was soon zipping it up. It fit her like a glove and made her look amazing. She snapped a few pictures and sent them to Angie before taking it off and heading to the checkout counter. As she walked out of the store towards her hotel her phone rang loudly in the back pocket of her jeans. She fished it out and answered without even looking at who was calling.

Oh my shisus! That dress looks amazing on you! Tell me that you're wearing that for your date tonight!” Angie's voice was so high pitched that Ivy was pretty sure that only whales could understand the noise.

That was the plan but do you think you could drop your voice like six octaves? You know, to a human level?” Ivy said with an eye roll that would have impressed Angie if she could have seen it.

Sorry, it's just, I can't believe how good you look! You have to send me pictures of you and Jong Kook together! I bet you are going to look so good together! Is he going to be dressed up too? You did always say that Jong Kook in a button up gave you life. Do you think you can convince him to let you get a video of him hulking out of a button up? I'm sure that would get a lot of views on your channel,” Angie spit out quickly, making Ivy stop in the hotel lobby and rub her temples.

You didn't sleep last night did you?” Ivy walked quickly to the elevators ignoring the strange looks she was getting from the girls behind the checkin desk.

No I didn't. I have a biology test today and it's the one subject that is kicking my butt,” Ivy laughed lightly hearing Angie avoid a curse word, the girl was about as foul mouthed as her so that could only mean one thing.

Your mom is driving you to class right now isn't she?”

Yeah, my mommy is awesome,” Ivy laughed at Angie's answer before telling her a swift good luck on her exam and promising to ask Jong Kook for the hulk out video before she hung up to get ready for her date.

It didn't take very long for Ivy to do her hair and make up since she decided that a natural look went better with her outfit and flats but that was a very good thing considering her shopping trip had taken three hours longer than she expected it to. She only had thirty minutes to get to the station that she had agreed to meet Jong Kook at and it would take every minute she had to get there. She rushed through the hotel as soon as she was out of the elevator and to the subway station that would take her to Gangnam on the other side of town. On her way she constantly checked her phone hoping that maybe Jong Kook would be late so she didn't look like a complete ditz to him. As soon as the subway doors opened for her she got on the train and stood holding the handle near the door and tapped her foot impatiently as the subway felt like it was going at a snails pace. Wasn't Korea supposed to have an amazing public transportation system? Shortly though the doors opened and Ivy rushed up the stairs to the entrance of the station where she found Jong Kook waiting in a black button up and black slacks looking like a perfectly carved marble statue. He was breath taking.

“Oppa, I'm late. Mianhe,” Ivy said as she bowed slightly to emphasize her apology.

“Don't worry about it Ivy-ah,” Jong Kook said with a deep breath as if he had been holding it. “You look stunning.”

“Komawo Oppa. You clean up pretty well yourself,” Ivy chuckled a bit as Jong Kook ducked his head to hide the blush that was slowly spreading across his cheeks. She would never get tired of his smile though, it was just so adorable.

“I figured we'd walk to the bar and grab a couple drinks. Maybe go to the park for a bit later if you wanted to,” Jong Kook said as he offered his arm to Ivy who happily took it.

“That sounds perfect Oppa,” Ivy smiled at him and began to look around the streets as they walked. Gangnam was definitely different than the side of town she was staying on, everything here just looked expensive but it was still so beautiful. It surprised Ivy that there were so few people on the street but she guessed that just meant that they were at home at this hour preparing for work the next day.

“So tell me a bit more about yourself,” Jong Kook said bringing Ivy's attention back to his face.

“I don't really know what more there is to tell that you don't already know. I'm a YouTuber, I'm a bit weird and eccentric, I love animals, I went to university to be a teacher but I failed miserably, I live for music, and I taught myself Korean. I don't know that I am much deeper of a person than that,” Ivy said with a shrug. She wasn't trying to be self-deprecating but she just didn't see herself as all that interesting of a person.

“I find it hard to believe that you don't think you're a deep person. Do you not see the way you affect people? I don't think anyone could dislike you. A shallow person couldn't do that,” Jong Kook said looking up to the sky thoughtfully.

“I guess but there are plenty of people that don't like me and it's not like I do anything spectacular. I just always act like myself and I've always believed in being an open book. I don't like having secrets,” Ivy said as they turned down a side street where there were more people. Shops lights glittered all the way to the end and even music could be heard playing from the inside. Ivy looked at all the shops with a light smile until one caught her eye.

It was an arcade and the first attraction were the crane machines. Inside on of the larger crane machines there were these stuffed animals that Ivy recognized immediately. It was Pancake Kitty. That wasn't it's real name but for whatever reason she could never remember it. Ivy had always loved these little toys though and they did look like pancakes so that's what she always called them. Jong Kook noticed Ivy's gaze and the way her eyes were sparkling and it made him smile.

“Do you want me to try to win you one of those?” He chuckled a bit when Ivy turned to him and nodded her head frantically. “Okay let's go.”

The two entered the arcade and Jong Kook settled in behind the machine before asking which one Ivy preferred. She pointed out the black one with a red bow tie and Jong Kook began his attempt at winning the game for her. The game was frustrating and it took him five tries but when he finally gave Ivy her Pancake Kitty he couldn't help but smile at how cutely she hugged it to herself. He was proud of himself for being able to make her smile that widely.

“Oppa kamsamnida! I love it!” Ivy practically screamed into the toy while Jong Kook wrapped his arm around her to lead her out of the arcade to the bar that was only a few buildings away.

“Omo! Aren't you BinguIvy?!” A group of what looked like high school girls stopped the pair as they were leaving and Ivy's eyes went as wide as saucers.

“You know who I am? Jinja?” Ivy asked turning to look at them all as they nodded.

“Do you mind if we take a picture with you? We're all subscribers on your channel!” One girl asked and all Ivy could do was nod. She really didn't want to cry with her make up on but she hadn't been recognized once while she was in Korea so she was surprised that anyone actually knew who she was. She took a few pictures with the girls and they also snagged a few with Jong Kook before heading out on their way to whatever they were doing, leaving the couple alone again.

“You're really popular aren't you?” Jong Kook asked as he started walking again, wrapping his arm around Ivy's waist this time.

"I really didn't think anyone here knew who I was though. I don't really do any videos in Korean. I guess I'll have to start now," Ivy chuckled and leaned into Jong Kook a bit. "It's been a great night so far." 

"Well it's not over yet so I hope the rest isn't disappointing," Jong Kook said with a smile as he lightly squeezed her waist. The night was going really well so far and Ivy couldn't have been happier that she had taken Ji Hyo's advice.