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I Dream Of Running Man

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When they had arrived in Daegu Mark, Ivy, and Jong Kook found the Running Man marker by Duryu Park's Swimming Pools. It was going to be another water challenge today. Great. Ivy didn't really dislike these challenges but she doubted it would be quite as simple as balancing and making it across this time. Surely the PD's had something else in mind. Never the less the trio made their way over to the crew's setup and as soon as Jong Kook laid his eyes on the hydraulic chairs he groaned.

"Waeyo? Is it not enough that we went into the water yesterday? Tell me it's not a quiz at least! I've literally got two english speakers on my team!" Jong Kook sighed and went to stand in front of the chairs to wait for the other members.

"Oppa! That's mean! You don't know if we'd do badly or not! I might be pretty decent at a quiz!" Ivy stuck out her tongue as Jong Kook rolled his eyes at her, Mark just skipped around them in a circle singing the smurfs song. Yeah, they were a mature bunch for sure.

When all the teams finally gathered together, some ridiculous antics ensued. Ivy wasn't sure if it was because they had been stuck in a car for so long or if it was because they were so tired they were losing their minds. All the boys seemed to have ended up in some form of wrestling match with Kwangsoo being the center. Had he said something? Probably, it's always his fault anyways. When Ivy turned to look at the PD's she felt a sudden weight land on her back and turned her head to see Ji Hyo had jumped onto her back and was now holding onto her for dear life. Ivy locked her arms under her legs to support her.

"Ivy-ah! Let's have some fun too! The boys are all being pabos!" Ji Hyo yelled while laughing.

"Arrasseo Unnie!" With that Ivy started to spin around as fast as she could making Ji Hyo cling even tighter to her before she stopped and started to run around the PD's near where the boys were. She cut between the boys and the cameras and did a fairly well executed ballet leap garnering the attention of the PD's. Ji Hyo was in hysterics by the time they finally stopped back at their spots again.

"Ivy-ah! That was fun! How are you that strong though? I think Jong Kook's the only one of the guys who could do that with me on their backs!" Ji Hyo was leaning on her knees from laughing so hard.

"Jinja? You're really light! I can't believe that!" Ivy laughed back at her as Gary came up to wrap an arm around Ji Hyo's shoulders. If she was being completely honest, Ivy had to admit that she really did ship the Monday Couple. They were just so adorable.

"I would carry you to the ends of the Earth if you asked it of me," Gary said in his 'prince charming' voice. Ivy just laughed when Ji Hyo pushed him away and smacked his arm.

Finally the PD's rounded everyone up and started to explain the game for the day. It wasn't a quiz much to Jong Kook's pleasure but it was a game of chance pretty much. They were playing mukjippa. The teams got together to discuss and as Jong Kook didn't think he'd win and Mark didn't quite understand past the rock paper scissors part it was decided that Ivy would be the representative for their team. They got to go last though since they had been the first to arrive in Daegu which was nice considering Ivy was not super confident that she wouldn't mix it up at least once. 

The Traitors Team and the Monday Couple Team were up first and Suk Jin was surprisingly good at this game. It may have actually been one of the only times that Ivy had seen him win anything on this show. After a few rounds they were all tied up at 4-4 and the next round would determine who would face the Tiger Team. Ji Hyo threw out paper winning her the chance to try to beat Suk Jin. She quickly changed to mok still winning and then to pa which lost. Suk Jin then changed to ji and lost. Ji Hyo threw out mok and Suk Jin did too and the Traitors were thrown into the pool. With that the Monday Couple Team was set to begin the next round.

Mark quickly got onto his platform and Jong Kook got settled onto his as Ivy was nervously loosening up her wrists and fingers. She wouldn't lie she was actually scared that she would lose. They began and Ji Hyo threw out paper that lost to Ivy's scissors. Ivy called out ji and Ji Hyo threw out scissors as well sending her team flying into the air. Ivy started to feel a little bit better about her chances knowing that she had at least won one round. Another couple rounds and Ivy only lost once and was very surprised honestly. With the score at 2-1 Ivy just needed to win three more to come in first.

Ji Hyo and Ivy played hard. It was a bit funny considering that for the most part this was a game of luck or just reading your opponent well and since the two didn't know each other it was really funny to watch how they stared at each other trying to find an indication of what they were going to do. After all was said and done though, Ivy's team won with a startling  5-2 victory. After a quick celebration the teams gained their reward and they were told to break for dinner but to be ready to leave in about two hours so they could make it to Busan with enough time left in the day to film.

Mark asked Ivy for the address of the restaurant that Suga had told her about so that he could go on ahead while she was waitin for Jong Kook to finish with his manager who was fussing over his hair. She happily gave it to him and settled down to lay in the grass near the cars as Mark ran off in the direction that his phone told him to go. It had already been a long day and all Ivy wanted to do was take a nap. She hadn't really been this active for this long in probably years but damn was this all fun. As she laid there with her eyes closed she really started to think about everything that was going on in her life. Yeah, she thought about the boys but more so about the fact that she was trying to figure out what to do in her life now. She had always wanted to be in Korea and now actually being her had set it in her mind how much she really wanted to just live here. It hadn't been quite the culture shock she had been expecting considering she had tried to study up on the culture before she even thought about coming here and now she just wanted to officially move her. It was like she had finally found the bit of happiness that she had been sorely missing in her life.

Jong Kook had approached her while she was lost in her own thoughts and laid down beside her, moving to sneak his arm under her head, which startled Ivy. She jumped and turned to look at him as his face was mere inches away from hers. She blushed and was about to move away when he caught her head with the arm under it.

"What were you dreaming about just now?" Jong Kook pulled her head to rest his forehead to hers. He could already imagine himself doing this years down the road and talking about how they had first met and it made him smile. He really did care for this woman.

"Just about what I'm doing with my life," Ivy's answer seemed simple but it really was much more complicated than anything else at the moment.

"How so?" She had to admit Jong Kook seemed to have a way of telling when what she said didn't match with what she meant and it was weird for her. She wasn't normally so transparent.

"I was thinking about how I've always wanted to come to Korea and how amazing it actually turned out to be and whether or not I want to try to officially move here," Ivy sighed as she turned to face her body towards his. Jong Kook instinctively wrapped his other arm around her waist.

"I think I like that idea. I'd be able to see you more," Ivy almost frowned. Of course she liked the idea of seeing Jong Kook but she was also very aware of the fact that the offer would probably only stand if she made the decision to be with him and to an extent it hurt to think about what would happen if she chose to be with Yoongi. She had really come to like talking to Jong Kook and just being around him. It was like being with her best friend only slightly different.

"True, you would. Alright. Let's go now. Mark's probably already sitting at the restaurant waiting for us," With that the two of them got up and headed towards the street only to meet Mark at the first intersection. He quickly gave Ivy a look that clearly said 'play along' before walking over and grabbing Jong Kook.

"Hey there Mister! I want to have some bonding time with you too! Let's go to this place down the street I hear it's got some good healthy options! Ivy won't mind, right?" Ivy gave him a slightly confused look before just shaking her head.

"Nah. It's all good. I've been hogging him most of the day anyways. Don't worry go have fun. I'm sure some of the other cast went to that restaurant. I'll just hang out with them," Mark gave Ivy a tight smile before turning and pulling Jong Kook down the street in the opposite direction of the restaurant that Yoongi had suggested. Ivy wasn't really sure what was going on but if Mark was interferring and taking Jong Kook away it probably had something to do with Yoongi, though she really had no idea what he could have been doing.

Ivy headed down the street and couldn't help but notice how beautiful it was even in Daegu. It was so lively that she wasn't sure why there seemed to be a general view of it being 'country' by other Koreans. It was bigger than Ivy's hometown that's for sure. She walked past some really vibrant shops selling everything you could think of. Clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, food, everything and it was just so colorful. It made her want to move here that much more. She hadn't even noticed that she was about to pass the restaurant when she heard a familiar voice call out.

"Jagiya. If you're not careful someone will come steal you away and I'll never get to see you again," Ivy jumped as Yoongi wrapped his arms around her making her stop walking. She turned around to face him and noticed he had a face mask, sunglasses and a snapback on.

"What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were in the studio all day?" Ivy was definitely surprised though she wasn't sure if it was good or bad at the moment.

"We finished up about two hours ago and I got my manager to okay me coming down here. Technically I'm supposed to be seeing my parents but a little lie won't hurt him. I just really wanted to see you," Yoongi pulled her more to him so that he could rest his forehead on hers. "I missed you all day."

"God. Min Yoongi when did you become such a cheeseball," Ivy chuckled as she wrapped her arms around him in a light hug. She had to admit that if she thought the choice was hard before, it definitely just became harder.