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I Dream Of Running Man

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Ivy couldn't help but giggle as the PDnim explained to the cast that her and Markiplier were YouTuber's that were fairly famous and that Mark didn't know Korean. The look on Lee Kwang Soo's face was priceless and when he turned his gaze to them Ivy had to drop into a crouch she was laughing so hard. How did this guy always manage to be the traitor? Didn't you have to be at least a little less dim witted than this? Before too long Ivy straightened herself out and bowed to the cast one more time. Suddenly she felt her hands being grabbed and herself being pulled forward. Looking up to find out who it was showed that it was Kim Jong Kook who was looking at the other cast like he was already in full tiger mode.

"I'm on her team!" Jong Kook proclaimed this quite loudly then looked down to Ivy and said in a much gentler tone with a large smile on his face, "You can call me Oppa."

Ivy couldn't help it she started laughing again. By the end of the day she was sure that she was going to have a six pack from how much laughing she had done. She bobbed her head up and down in acknowledgement of the statement since she couldn't stop laughing long enough to form words. 

"Jong Kook, you know it'd be better if you had two team mates. Then you'd be able to protect her better," HaHa had walked to Ivy's other side, since Jong Kook had protectively placed an arm around her shoulder as if the other members would try to physically remove her from him, and tried to put his arm around her other shoulder. All it took was a stern gaze from Mr. Capable for HaHa to drop his arm and back away.

"Well I just feel unappreciated!" Mark crossed his arms and stamped his foot which made Ji Hyo giggle at him.

"Yah! Markimoo! Gwenchana! It's alright!" Ivy managed to detach herself from Jong Kook's side and make her way over to Mark who was now giggling like a school girl. Jong Kook was never more than a few feet from her.

"As long as you appreciate me I guess it's fine!" Mark gave her shoulder a light tap and then giggled towards the camera full shy girl pose and all. Ivy laughed along with the rest of the cast. Maybe this wouldn't be as hard as she thought.

"Well we have some more guests so when your ready go on and call them out." The PDnim was looking towards the cast members with a knowing smile. Suddenly, HaHa, Jae Suk, Suk Jin, and Kwangsoo were all raving about how it'd be a girl group for sure and that they wanted one of their own. Ivy could only guess that they were referring to the way Jong Kook was acting.

"Nawajusibsio!" The cast screamed all together and the door to the house opened though the bushes and flowers around the front walkway kept the boys obscured until they reached the sidewalk. When the male members saw that it was BTS they all started groaning and huddling up to pretend to cry over their loss. 

"Haha! I win!" Kim Jong Kook threw his free fist into the air laughing in an almost malicious way. Ivy simply laughed along with him knowing that there was going to be some sort of catch that came after the boys introduced themselves officially. Once their greeting was out of the way, Ivy was proven right.

"We will be choosing teams in a fairly simple method. You will play rock, paper, scissors with the BTS member that mirrors your age position in the group starting with the oldest. The winner will choose their partner first and then the next pair will play and it will continue until there are two full teams. The winners of paper, rock, scissors will be one team while the losers will make up the other team," The PDnim then had the cast and BTS members line up and start the game. 

First was Jin and Suk Jin. Surprisingly, Jin won after two rounds and his pick for a partner? Kim Jong Kook. If looks could kill Jin would be six feet under and cemented in. Jong Kook walked over to the now shaking and nervously laughing Jin and wrapped his arm around his shoulder, slapping his back almost harder than was necessary. Everyone cracked up at the level of Jong Kook's anger. It was a bit overkill but he did previously state that he wanted to be on Ivy's team. Suk Jin picked Jimin who happily went and wrapped Suk Jin in a huge hug. 

Next was Suga and Jae Suk. Ivy about Teapot Squealed when Suga fell to his knees after losing. It was just way too funny to watch. Jae Suk took his time considering and almost chose Mark but then remembered the language barrier and swiftly picked J-Hope who danced his way over to the side with Jong Kook and Jin. Jae Suk attempted a motion like the Yoo-Lee cross but it seemed that J-Hope couldn't figure out what to do or just flat out refused to do it right. Suga got his pick next and his answer was immediate and the PDnim had barely finished asking him who his choice was before he said Ivy's name.

As soon as Ivy's name left his lips, Jong Kook had crossed over to where Suga was standing trying to make himself seem bigger than he already was. Though Suga being the same height simply smirked and shrugged at him.

"Yah! I called being on her team! Now you're gonna separate us!?" Jong Kook was smiling but it seemed more challenging than anything.

"Well I am her bias after all. It only makes sense," He did not just say that while cameras were rolling. Min Yoongi really just said that? Was he trying to make her die from embarassment? It was fine when she said it on camera but that was strictly to her audience and not a whole bunch of people who hadn't ever heard about her before! Reflexively the palm of Ivy's hand connected with her forehead.

"Omo.... Shut up Yoongi-ah," Ivy grabbed his arm and began to drag him away from Jong Kook when she heard the other men yell out.

"Omo! Did you hear that!? They're already close! They might take the Monday Couple title away from you Gary!" HaHa was by far the loudest of the group and now she regretted her words.

"I've only been speaking Korean for six years! Cut me a break, please HaHa-ssi!" Ivy turned and was rubbing her hands together in front of her face while looking at HaHa before Yoongi grabbed her arm and pulled her to his side smirking over at Jong Kook.

"It's alright Noona! I like hearing you say my name," Yup. Min Yoongi was trying to kill her. She was going to have a heart attack. Was it normal for those simple words to make your heart race this fast? Ivy was pretty sure this was not a normal reaction. Why was he doing this to her?

"Yah! You better watch out Suga I'm coming for you!" Jong Kook sent him the international symbol for 'I've got my eyes on you' with a fierce stare. Ivy had seen an episode of Running Man with BTS and she was pretty sure that Yoongi had cowered before that stare before but he didn't show one sign of backing down now. What in the world was going on?

Not too much later they continued with the game and it was RapMon vs. Gary. RapMon took the win after one throw and decided to choose Mark. No real surprise there. Had he not they probably would have had to rearrange a bit to make up for the language barrier. Mark skipped excitedly over to RapMon and linked arms with him pulling out his most effemenant voice and pose.

"Well big boy looks like we've got some tough competition," RapMon laughed and it crinkled his whole face. It looked like he was questioning his life choices for a minute but soon seemed to recover and move, with Mark still skipping, over to the side with the other winners. Meanwhile Gary mulled over who to choose.

"Kookie-ah" The maknae bounced his way over to Gary, looking every inch the bunny his smile led you to believe he was. Gary and Jungkook fist bumped and made explosion noises when pulling away before Gary put an arm around the young ones shoulders and led him to the losers side.

HaHa was up against Taehyung and this was going to be the last match. It went on for a while with HaHa taunting V to the best of his ability and for what it seemed, it paid off. V lost and HaHa screamed out in joy immediately calling out Ji Hyo's name just happy to not be stuck with Kwang Soo. It was honestly one of the most off the wall things that had happened so far. V simply shrugged and said he was going to choose Kwang Soo anyways and that he was happy he got to be with his friends. V bounded over to the losers side and hugged into Ivy's side that wasn't still connected to Suga, nuzzling his cheek on her shoulder as Yoongi's hand had somehow managed to make it to her waist.

"See! Who's really the winner HaHa-hyung? I get to be on BinguIvy's team!" V shot his trademark rectangular smile at HaHa who immediately fell to the ground on his knees.

"Why was I so happy? Andwae!" HaHa dramatically pulled at the collar of his shirt as if he was going to rip it before stopping abruptly and standing back up. "I really like this shirt it's not worth it. You win this time V."

"Now that the teams are decided you're going to each be assigned a van that will take you to your next destination for the first real mission. Remember that who you chose as a partner is who ou have to complete these tasks with on your team. At the end of the first mission one team will be safe and will decide which pair on the losing team will be unable to participate in the final mission. Good luck!" The PDnim sent us on our way to the vans that had just pulled up. One was white and one was black. The losing side had been placed in the black while the winners had been placed in the white. Everyone hurried into their respective vans and were off in less than 5 minutes.

"Suga when did you get so brave? Going up against Mr. Capable like that isn't something most would have done. I wouldn't have," Gary chuckled looking over at Yoongi who was making sure that Ivy sat in the window seat with his arm still around her waist as he took the aisle seat.

"Well nothing's that frightening when you're fighting for the right reasons," Suga smirked and Gary howled with laughter. 

"You must really like BinguIvy-ssi then! What about you BinguIvy-ssi?" Suk Jin turned to face her from his seat in front of her.

"Well he was right he is my bias. And how about just calling me Ivy? You don't need to be so formal with me I'm still much younger than you!" Suk Jin hit the back of the seats in front of him in shock of how blunt she was. She could feel Yoongi laughing more than she could hear it because the entire van decided to go crazy at that comment.

"I'm not that much older than you! Ivy-yah!" Suk Jin finally regained his composure and tried to retaliate.

"Well I was born on 91.01.01. So you are a lot older than me. You're only about ten years younger than my parents, Suk Jin-sunbaenim," Again he recoiled from shock and the van was almost in tears.

"Yah! Just call me Oppa you brat!" Finally giving up on regaining his dignity he turned around to stroke his bruised ego.

"See Noona. This is what I mean. You make people laugh so easily," With a few chuckles Yoongi whispered into Ivy's ear again making her face turn red almost instantly.

How was she going to survive this day?