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I Dream Of Running Man

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"Hello. Nice to meet you we are BTS," RapMon translated to English. Ivy figured it must have been that he either knew of the two YouTubers in front of him or he just figured that, being as she was the whitest woman known to man, she didn't speak Korean.

"Annyeonghaseyo. BinguIvy-ibnida. It's nice to meet you all," Ivy's voice was soft and very slow. She couldn't figure out if she had managed to reign in her expression or not but her voice definitely gave away the shock she was still feeling.

"Hi! I'm Markiplier! Nice to meet ya!" Mark gave all the boys a wave and simply smiled at them.

"Wait... You speak Korean?" Taehyung looked over and pointed at Ivy with an astounded look that rivaled her own.

"Ne. I've been learning for six years but this is my first time actually being able to use it to hold full conversations with people. I only really got to use it when I did my videos in Korean for a while so I might not be that amazing. Jeoleul hwag-inhasigi balabnida!" Ivy bowed her head in the direction of the boys not bothering to fully bow since she knew for a fact that she was older than all of them.

"You English speak only?" J-Hope had to have the cutest look of disbelief and humor on his face. It made Ivy want to pout at how much of a ball of sunshine he really was.

"Yeah I only speak English. I know I'm a horrible person!" Mark dissolved into light chuckles at the jab he made at himself.

"Well this is backwards as shit," Ivy made a point to not look in Yoongi's directions when he spoke. She wasn't sure that she would be able to avoid needing a Teapot Emoji when she told this story later if she did. She did notice the general consensus that this was a very strange thing for the asian YouTuber in the room to not be the one who knew Korean by the bobbing of the younger boys' heads. Seokjin on the other hand swatted Yoongi's shoulder and shot him a look.

"Don't mind him. I'm sure he'd just rather be asleep right now," Jin smiled at the two that were sitting on the couch. 

And that was it. Ivy couldn't handle anymore at that moment. If she didn't move now she would probably pass out from lack of oxygen to her brain and she didn't necessarily want that to be her first impression on the seven boys. She stood up swiftly and whispered a quick excuse me before moving around the coffee table and heading to the kitchen. She searched all the cabinets until she found one that had some cups in it and pulled one down to get herself a drink of water. She really needed to calm down and she had no idea how to do that at the moment so water it was. She soon realized that from her spot in the kitchen she could hear Mark talking to RapMon and she was quick to wonder what the hell had started their conversation because it had apparently landed on the subject of her. All Ivy could do was hope and pray that Mark hadn't watched all of her videos. Especially not the Kpop ones. Yeah, she was a fangirl and she knew that it wasn't a big deal to bias a group or member but she didn't think she would be up to the embarrassment that would follow if Mark mentioned it.

"Oh yeah from what I've seen on her channel she loves you guys. Especially... ooo... Which one was it again? Hmm..." Of course he knew. Son of a bitch. Ivy finished chugging her water and ran back practically leaping on top of Mark's lap putting her hand over his mouth.

"I swear to god, Markimoo, if you try to finish that sentence I'm going for your name tag with everything I've got," Mark raised his hands in surrender and Ivy moved back away from him. She heard a few of the boys giggling and felt her cheeks begin to flare up. Well this would definitely qualify to be on the top five moments that she really wished hadn't happened in her life.

"What's so wrong with having a bias? You talk about it all the time!" Mark made a huffy face at her while crossing his arms.

"Well I highly doubt that any of them have seen my videos and this is not exactly the way I would like to reveal that. Actually I'm pretty sure now I'd rather them never know," Ivy sat back down in the corner of the sectional trying to not meet any of the boys eyes.

"I'm with him, what difference does it make?" Dammit. She had forgotten that RapMon spoke English. How had she forgotten that? Before she could say anything in response though Mark loudly clapped his hands together.

"Oh that's right! It's Suga! I'm right, aren't I?" Mark looked at Ivy with a huge smile on his face like he was expecting her to be impressed. Honestly, she kind of was but she was much more over taken by the embarassement of him just yelling that out for the world to hear as if they couldn't understand their own stage names. Ivy hit her forehead on reflex when she heard the sharp loud laugh that Yoongi let out before he turned to the rest of the members.

"Ha! Suck it!" Yoongi proceeded to flip off the members while doing what Ivy could only assume was a victory dance. She couldn't help but laugh. This was all too much. Once she started laughing she went into unadulterated cackles at how ridiculous this all was. She couldn't have written this any better.

"Yeah, hyung. I think you got the weird fangirl," Through the tears forming in her eyes, Ivy saw Jungkook giving her look that felt like he was questioning her sanity.

"Yah! Jeon Jungkook! I'm not crazy! Well maybe a little bit. Or a lot but its the good kind!" Ivy was finally starting to get her breathing back under control as she heard the members start to giggle and she felt most of the awkwardness leaving her. If the situation was going to be ridiculous like this then maybe she was going to be okay around them after all. 

Once the tension had been mostly released by the crazy fangirl moment Ivy had, the boys sat down and started to get comfortable and talk amoungst themselves before filming started. Ivy noticed that Mark had moved over to the smaller love seat in the room to talk to RapMon, which honestly didn't surprise her. If she wasn't going to be his partner then RapMon was almost guarunteed to be. She grinned at how animated their conversation was beginning to get and Ivy could only assume they were talking about video games.

"So... I'm your bias, huh?" Ivy looked to her left to see that Yoongi had laid across two of the seats on the sectional with his head near her lap and his feet hangin over the arm.

"Yup~" Ivy popped the p very dramatically and saw Yoongi smirk.

"I actually like your videos. I can't understand but like four of them but you're pretty funny to listen to," Wait. Did Min Yoongi just admit to having watched her videos? How in the world had he ever found them to begin with? When did he even have time? "I stumbled across one a few months back. It was one of the first videos to pop up to our name."

"Ah... Yeah I never thought you guys would see them," Cue Ivy's nervous laughter. She was dying.

"Well I don't think the other guys have but I watch them every now and then," Yoongi shrugged and smirked again. He was really enjoying watching her squirm. It was just so easy.

"I figured that surely you guys would get absolutely sick of hearing fangirls go on and on about you during all the shows and fan events that you do," Ivy really was trying not to laugh but she couldn't help it, it just kept bubbling out of her at the worst possible times. Like half way through her sentence.

"Yeah but you're not really like the fangirls at the events. You're not asking us to do something to make you laugh or fawn over us. You try to make everyone else laugh. I admire that actually. The fact that you can make people laugh so easily. Besides I mainly watched your challenge videos," Ivy laughed hard at this. Did he not realize how often he made his fans laugh? Suga Logic was legitimately a thing and everyone who liked BTS knew that. He was just so naturally hilarious.

"Are you kidding me? Have you never watched the videos people have edited together of you? You make people laugh all the time! I can't believe you'd admire me for something you do much better!" Ivy kept laughing and it made Yoongi laugh with her. He liked her laugh it was one of the things that had made him keep watching her videos. It was just so infectious.

"I think you underestimate yourself. That helium karaoke video that you sang Boy in Luv? That's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time," Yoongi chuckled and moved to sit up straight in the seat next to her.

"Omo! You got hyung to actually move! How'd you do that?" Yoongi swiftly sent a smack into the back of Jimin's head for his remark.

"I didn't do anything. He did that all on his own," Yoongi sent Ivy a sarcastic look. "What?! You did!"

The room was suddenly filled with the members laughter and Yoongi simply let out a scoff before crossing his arms and leaning back into the couch. Ivy looked around the room and took everything in. From Jungkook's shy bunny smile when he caught her eyes to J-Hope almost bouncing out of his seat across the room. It was everything she had ever hoped being around these boys would be.

"Alright. We're going to start the filming soon so we need you to be ready at the door for us. We're going to introduce BinguIvy and Markiplier first so be ready," The sudden voice from the PDnim made Ivy jump full off the couch and land almost in Yoongi's lap. She hadn't expected for the PDnim to be so close to her. When had he gotten there?

"You know if you wanted to sit in my lap all you had to do was ask," Ivy jumped again this time landing full on the floor. Yoongi had whispered that into her ear. So close that she almost felt his lips move against her earlobe. Yoongi laughed and stood offering his hand to Ivy. She took it looking down at her feet as she stood. She knew her face had to be cherry red from all the heat she felt pooled in her cheeks. She gave Yoongi a nod of her head in thanks and immediately turned around and walked over to the door to be able to hear when they were called for. Mark stood not too far behind and she figured that RapMon must have translated for him. It didn't take too long for them to hear the Running Man members screaming for them to come out and when they did Ivy opened the door and headed towards the street where she could see the cameras all set up. When she got within range for the members to see her she heard all the men in the group start cheering. They must not have had a female guest in a while but boy were they not going to be happy when they saw who else was coming. It made Ivy giggle behind her hand imagining their faces.

"Annyeonghaseyo! BinguIvy ibnida!" Ivy bowed low to the cast and the cameras as Markiplier joined her.

"Hi I'm Markiplier! Nice to meet you!" The cast sent him some confused looks. Apparently no one was expecting this.