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Las Vegas Here We Come

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Disclaimer: I do not own GH or any of the characters that you recognize
A/N: please forgive errors, I quit watching the show when Robin and Jason broke up in 1999 and the writer’s didn’t put them back together in 2005 when Robin came home

Please forgive spelling and grammar errors I am not using a beta. If you want to be my beta reader I am looking for one. Please contact me if interested.

This story takes place around August 2007 after Sam and Jason split up and Robin and Patrick are still living together Alan had a heart attack at the Metro Court but survived as did Robin, who was shot.


Spinelli is just staring at Lulu, he thought he was in love with Lulu but now he wondered if he really was. The Bad Blonde One Maxie had let it slip that his Friend and Faithful Companion Georgie felt more than friendship for him and it made him question how he felt for Lulu. Georgie had always been there for him, she was his Wise Georgie, and now he doesn’t know what to do, he needs some advice, he needs Stone Cold. Jason always has the answers.

So Spinelli races to the penthouse where he and Stone Cold lived, he sure hoped that he was home, he needed him. He races into the penthouse and yelled for Jason who thinks something is wrong and comes out of his bedroom and down the stairs with his gun out. Spinelli stops dead in his tracks and says “Oh, Stone Cold, the Jackal didn’t mean to alarm you. The Jackal just needed to speak to you on an important matter.”

“Spinelli, don’t do that, I thought something was wrong, kid.” Jason puts his gun back in the back of his pants and then he asks Spinelli. “Okay, what is this important matter?”

“I have found out, I was told by the Bad Blonde One that my Friend and Faithful Companion likes me, that she likes me as more than friends. That she wants more than friendship with me. What do I do Stone Cold?”

“What do you want to do?” Good Question. “Do you like Georgie?”

“She’s My Wise friend.” Spinelli explains.

“Do you think you could feel more for her than friendship?” Jason asks.

“Maybe, I love her as a friend, I might be able to love her as a woman.”

Jason tells him. “Then take a chance. It might be the best thing that ever happened to you.” Jason thinks of Robin and their friendship before they became more and then when they did become more.

“Yeah, I will, but we have the casino and hotel opening this weekend, do you think it would be okay to bring Georgie to that as my date? Or should I wait till after the opening?”

“I think bringing her to the opening would be nice and give you a chance to see Georgie in a different light so yes you can bring her with you this weekend.”

“I will go invite her now. Thank you, Stone Cold.” Spinelli says racing out the door to invite the fair and wise Georgie.

Spinelli went to Kelly's where Georgie works and he sees her and wonders what will happen between him and his Wise Georgie. No matter what he didn’t want to lose her friendship.

“Hey Damian, how are you?” Georgie turns a little pink seeing him studying her.

“My Friend and Faithful Companion Georgie, may The Jackal converse with you?”

“Sure, I’ll just take my break now.” Georgie lets Mike know she was taking her break.

“What is it, Damian?” Georgie asks after they sit down at the table.

“The Jackal would like to ask Wise Georgie if you would accompany me as my date to the new casino opening this weekend in Las Vegas.” Damian is nervous about her reaction.

“I would love to go with you Damian, but I made plans with Robin for this weekend. I would hate to cancel on her, she took the whole weekend off, and we were just going to spend some time together because we haven’t had a chance to see each other lately. I really do want to go with you but I can’t cancel on Robin since she did take the weekend off from work.”

Spinelli sees how sad Georgie is and he comes up with an idea. “Georgie, The Jackal has an idea how about if I see if Dr. Doe Eyes can come too. Then you can spend time with Dr. Robin and be my date for the opening also. What do you think? Would Dr. Doe Eyes be willing? I can call Stone Cold and ask him if she can come too.”

“That’s a great idea, Damian.” Georgie said excited at the prospect of being Damien’s date and going to Las Vegas with Robin and Damien.

Spinelli takes out his phone and calls Stone Cold. “Stone Cold” Spinelli says when Jason answers the phone saying “Morgan.”

“Georgie has plans with Dr. Doe Eyes, Dr. Robin, and can’t come unless her sister can come too. Can Dr. Doe Eyes come too, Stone Cold please I want Georgie to come and she won’t without her sister.”

Jason thinks about Robin coming, yeah that could work, that could be fun. “Yes, Spinelli, Robin can come too.”

“She can? Thank you Stone Cold, The Jackal is forever in your debt.” Spinelli says excited.

Spinelli tells Georgie the good news and tells her to talk to her sister and call him and tell him if Robin was coming and he would tell her the details then. He leaves and an excited Georgie gets back to work.

Jason hangs up his phone, and smirks. Robin was coming with, this could be interesting.

Georgie calls Robin and asks her to come see her at Kelly’s on her lunch break so Georgie can convince Robin to go. She hoped she could convince her to go to Vegas with her. Robin shows up and Georgie does convince her to go to Vegas with Georgie and Spinelli and whoever else is going. It took a while but Robin finally agreed to go for Georgie’s sake. She knew Patrick wouldn’t like it but oh well, she didn’t like his “friendship” with the Pepto Whore Leyla Mir either.

Robin told Patrick she was going to Las Vegas and instead of getting mad like she thought he would because she was going to spend some time with Jason and Sonny he told her to have fun. Robin was suspicious now and called Maxie and asked her to keep an eye out because she thought Patrick was up to something no good.

Robin, Georgie and Spinelli went to the airstrip where Sonny’s plane was to find Carly there and when she saw Robin with her sister and Damian asks Robin. “What are you doing here? No one wants you here.” Carly said snidely being mean to Robin like always.

“I invited her, Carly, do you have a problem with that?” Jason said having heard what Carly had said to Robin, he wanted her here.

“Jason, how could you invite her of all people?” Carly asked confused.

“Because I want her here, now you will behave, go find your seat Carly. Robin, this way, hello Georgie welcome, come this way we will be sitting here.” He showed Georgie and Spinelli to seats that were next to each other and Jason and Robin sat next to each other, to Carly’s annoyance, she tried to get him to sit with her but he refused to.

Sonny walks up to Robin and kisses her cheek and says “Good to have you here, Sweetheart.” Before he takes his seat.

All the way to Vegas the four of them talked Spinelli and Georgie talked to each other and Robin and Jason talk all the way to Vegas about the casino and hotel opening that was going to open that very night.

They check in with Georgie and Robin given the option to share a room or not. They chose to share a room, a suite actually with bedrooms on each side of the living room.

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