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A Tails Tale

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It should have been easy , "sonic will understand" is what I kept telling myself . I had to tell him eventually so why not then. I was sure he wouldn't care ... I hoped he wouldn't . But if I went through with that night and acted like everything was the way he assumed it was I would have never been able to tell him. So I had to tell him.

We lived together, fought together, worked together since we were kids. I make the gadgets and he beats up the bad guys. Everything was simpler when the world needed constant saving. Life was like a math equation where two plus two always equaled four. Don't get me wrong it's great that we finally caught Eggman, shadow isn't evil, and silver and blaze aren't jumping around time any more. The worst we have to deal with are common criminals or a natural disaster here and there. But what I would have given for an explosion.

Let me start from the beginning. After all the war and super powered madness finally ended everyone went there separate ways. Knuckles went back to angle island , shadow was somewhere in the mountains, Sally and here family were finally the kings and queens of Mobius. No one knew what happened to Manic and Sonya , sonic's brother and sister, so after a while the world pronounced them dead. Silver and blaze had jumped through time so many times they couldn't go back to the future, they moved to emerald city and apparently opened some kind of magic shop together. But me and sonic moved back to the green hills.

A nice community had grown there and Sonic and me seemed to fit in just fine. We built a house with extra room for if guests ever came to stay , I had a workshop on the roof, and Sonic had me build him a training room under ground. To the neighbors it looked like a normal house but really it was a fortresses, a base of operations. We didn't need it to be everything that it was but after years of wars and fighting it was hard not to add in a few elements just in case.

For the first time in a long time , sonic and I got to live relatively normal lives. Sonic still had his supper speed and I still invented new things every now and again. Sonic became restless without anything to use his speed for anymore , until he started going out.

It was a slow transformation but over the course of a few months Sonic had become quite the ladies man. He would go out every Friday night and come back Monday morning. He didn't have to tell me what he was doing, I'm a smart fox so I figured it out. Every so often he would bring girls back to our house. With his room right next to mine I could always here when they started and finished.

The sound of his head board, the constant moaning , and don't get me started on all of the dirty talk. I didn't mind it though , he found something that made him happy. After all its not his fault he and Sally didn't stay together, I'm sure he'll find someone new eventually.

But gradually Sonic started to notice I never went out when he did. He was on his way out one night when I was up in my workshop. I heard him run out the front door like usual but then I heard him run back. Before I could go down stairs to see why he had come back he was already standing in front of my door as I opened it to leave my workshop.

Tails- Sonic , I thought you were going out tonight

Sonic- yea I was but then I remembered something

Tails- oh , did you forget your house key again

He walked into my workshop making me walk back in as well.

Sonic - no I forgot you

Tails - me?

Sonic- yea , I don't know how it took me this long to notice but I go out every week without my best bud

He caught me in a head lock and knuckled my head playfully. I hate it when he does that , it messes up my hair. I broke out of it and sat in a chair at my desk.

Tails - it's ok , I'm pretty close to finishing up this reactor I've been working on so I'm gonna be pretty busy tonight

Sonic- are you sure , I just don't wanna leave you here while I'm out having a good time

Tails- I'll be having a good time too

Sonic - if your sure

Tails - I'm sure

Sonic was trying so hard to be a good friend but I just couldn't go. I could see it in his eyes he was about to try harder but I went back to work and he shrugged it off. He left and again like most weekends I didn't see him again until Monday morning.

For the next couple of weeks me and Sonic replayed that event. He would try to get me to go and I would turn him down. Each week he tried harder and harder and I eventually ran out of reasons to say no.

Then it happened, on Monday morning he came back, he ran upstairs into my room and woke me out of my sleep.

Sonic- Tails you are going to thank me

Tails - for leaving my room and letting me sleep, because that would be nice

He opened the window and let the light in like a flash from a camera.

Sonic - you can sleep later

He got me out of bed and on my feet before I could say anything else. If you've never been moved unexpectedly at high speeds then let me tell you there is nothing more annoying than the struggle of your body being at rest one moment and moving in the next against your will, and it's even worse if you were asleep. Your legs don't know if they should move or be still and finding your balance is impossible.

Tails -what's so important you couldn't wait to tell me

Sonic - I found you a date

My heart stopped and in that moment I was finally awake.

Tails- a date

Sonic - yes, I have a friend who has a friend that says they know someone that would be great for you to go out with

Tails- your setting me up on a blind date

Sonic - I didn't wanna go out again this Friday knowing you'd be home alone again

Tails - but I like being home alone , I get some of my best work done alone

Sonic - you sound like Shadow

Tails- well maybe Shadow has a point

Sonic - trust me it'll be fun

Tails- when is this date supposed to be

Sonic- this Friday

Tails - but it's Monday. ... why did you wake me

Sonic - oh so you can make breakfast

He smiled at me and handed me my shoes and socks .

Tails - can I shower first ?

Sonic - sure

He stepped outside my door and I closed it in his face.

Sonic - that hurt

The door must have hit his nose.

Tails - sorry

I heard him zoom back down stairs before I went to the restroom across the hall . I took a long shower thinking about the situation Sonic had just put me in. By the time I left the restroom and was dressed Sonic had already eaten and left the house.

We didn't talk about my blind date again until Tuesday night. Sonic and I went into town to meet up with Ash and Mina mongoose. Mina was in town to see Amy about planning a wedding for a friend and Ash of course was there for Mina. Its funny how Sonic an Ash couldn't stand to be in the same room together in the past and now , they're. ... friendly, so I suppose much hasn't changed after all.

We met at the restaurant in the hotel Ash and Mina were staying in. We had just finished eating and started talking about Mena's friend's wedding.

Mina- I never would have expected her to end up with a movie star though

Ash - your friends are something else babe

Sonic- it's nice to see you two are still together

Mina- me and Ash are lucky to have found one another when we did

Ash- I don't know what I'd do without her

Mina- I was so sad to hear that things between you and Sally didn't work out , me and Ash used to model ourselves after you

Ash- I wouldn't say model ourselves after you as much as wanted something similar to what you had

Sonic - yea me and Sally had something

Mina- I'm sorry did I just dig up a bad subject

Sonic - no your fine , I'm enjoying single life , me and tails both are , isn't that right buddy

I wasn't paying attention to the conversation, I was watching the band play when I felt Sonic nudge me.

Tails - oh, um yea

Mina- is there anyone special to you Tails , any new fox we haven't heard off

Ash- as long as she's not like Fiona your definitely doing better

Tails- Fiona was a long time ago

Sonic - Tails actually has a date this Friday

Mina- with who , with who

Tails- I don't know yet , Sonic refuses to tell me

Ash- so a blind date , I hear those usually good ether really good or really bad

Mina- let's hope for really good

Sonic - I'm sure Tails here is gonna love who I set him up with

That was the last we spoke of my blind date until Thursday. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to stop that date before it happened. But I wasn't ready to tell Sonic why , so instead I tried to make him see it was a bad idea.

Sonic was in the shower, it's unlike me to ambush anyone, but with Sonic sometimes the best way to get him to see is to catch him when he's not covering his eyes.... I think I said that right. My point is , I walked in the restroom and pulled the curtain back and I confronted him right them and there.

Sonic - Tails

Tails - Sonic we need to talk

Sonic- about

I had forgotten Sonic was a lot more comfortable about a few things than me . Sure we see each other naked all the time but not that naked , not that way.

Tails - my blind date

Sonic - ok , what do you need to know

Tails- who is it with, how are you sure we're a good match, is Friday really the best time to go out,

Sonic - Tails, Tails,Tails,Tails

He stopped me before I could go any further even going so far as to turn and put a hand on my shoulder. Sonic is like a brother to me , but even I can't help look down with him being that naked in front of me. He must have noticed because he smiled and laughed before grabbing a towel and covering up.

Sonic - trust me , I know what you like , your my best bud , my brother , come Friday night you'll be thanking me for getting you out of the house

He got out of the shower and left the restroom. I stood there thinking for a while but I knew what I had to do , what I had to say.

Friday night came and I couldn't breath , I had to tell him , there was no way around it. He set me up on a blind date with some poor girl when I'm .... I had to tell him.

Sonic was already downstairs waiting for me so we could go. I walked as slowly as I possibly could down those stairs but I still made it too soon.

Tails- so where am I meeting my date

Sonic - Here

Tails- I don't know if I'm ready

Sonic - of course you are buddy, your the coolest guy I know anyone is lucky to go out on a date with you

Tails- yea but ..... Sonic I think there's something I need to tell you

My heart pounded through my chest , I lost my balance and the room felt like it was spinning. And just as I was about to say it , the door bell range.

I caught my breath , I was so happy someone interrupted me so I didn't have to say it. But then it hit me , it must be my date.

Sonic- can you answer that, I just remembered I forgot my house key upstairs somewhere , it's probably your date

Tails- umm ,sure , yea , I'll answer the door

I looked through the peep hole and to my surprise it was a purple male cat. I breathed easy as I opened the door.

Chech- hi is this the hedgehog residents I'm looking for Sonic the hedgehog's house

Tails - yea he's up stairs

Chech- then you must be Tails, my name is Chech

I waved my tails a little to be funny.

Tails- yea that's me , and nice to meet you

I let him inside and closed the door behind us.

Chech- I've heard a lot about you

Tails- everything good I hope

Chech- yes , your somewhat of a genius according to most

I blushed a little.

Tails- you could say that

It hit me Sonic was taking longer than usual to find his keys, and he probably would want to know one of his friends was there.

Tails- if you'll give me just a minute, I'll go see what's taking Sonic so long

I left Chech downstairs as I went to go check in Sonic's room. But Sonic was at the top of the stairs.

Tails- did you find your keys

Sonic- yea

Tails- you have a friend downstairs

Sonic - really, I wasn't expecting anyone to meet me here

Tails - well he's here

I don't know what it was but in that moment I wasn't afraid, I was calm and sure of myself.

Tails- Sonic I need to tell you something

Sonic - what is it

I took a deep breath and in a calm voice I said it.

Tails- I'm gay

Sonic- ok

He must not have heard me , I said it again.

Tails- I'm gay

Sonic - I know

Tails- what, you know , you knew

Sonic- yea of course I know , we've live together since we were kids, I'd be a pretty bad friend and worse brother if I didn't know you were gay

Tails- then why did you set me on a blind date with a girl

Sonic- I didn't

Tails- what

Sonic - the person I set you on a date with is a guy

It dawned on me that if my date was a guy then the person I just let in the house must be....

Tails- what's my dates name

Sonic - Chech

Sonic walked down stairs and greeted Chech and I followed behind him.

Sonic - Tails I'd like you to meet Chech , he's a pilot and a from time to time builds tech type stuff like you do

Tails- I had no idea you were my

Chech- it's cool , Sonic said you might not expect me to be your date

Sonic- I think I'll leave you two alone for the evening, if you decide to go out I made you a standing reservation at "Prime Ring"

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It was the night after my date with Chech. I was expecting to have the house to myself while Sonic was away as usual for the rest of the weekend, but to my surprise Sonic came back Saturday morning. He wasn't with a girl , and I hadn't called him for anything. He came home to hear about my date.

It's funny now but back then it was so strange how just a few hours earlier I believed Sonic had no clue I was gay , and then the very next day he and I were discussing my date. Part of me felt as though it was a trick how easy of a transition it was from him not knowing to him knowing. After hiding something for so long even after you stop hiding you can feel as though you still need to.

I was working in my workshop when out of nowhere he zoomed in picked me up and brought me downstairs to the kitchen table. He sat across from me.

Sonic - so how did it go

Tails- how did what go

Sonic - your date

Tails- oh , it went OK

Sonic- just OK

Tails- it was alright

Sonic - alright and OK are almost the same thing

Tails - you know I could have been working on something explosive, the upstairs could be on fire right now

Sonic - come on Tails , I tell you about my dates and when I go out

Tails - no you don't

Sonic - well I would if you wanted me to , this was your first real date ... with a guy

I looked away as I blushed shyly.

Sonic - come on buddy, you know I'll just keep asking until you tell me

Tails- it's weird, talking to you about last night after... how could you just let me believe you didn't know I was... that I'm...

Sonic - that your gay

Tails - yes

Sonic- I didn't want to embarrass you , I thought you'd tell me when you were ready

Tails - how long did you know

Sonic - I always knew

Tails - what , how

Sonic - don't get me wrong I thought for sure a few times I might have been wrong especially when you went through that season with Fiona , but I always knew

Tails - I can't believe this

Sonic - way back when we had to share a bed you would always snuggle up close to me

Tails - I was a kid

Sonic - and you would grab at me in a way that wasn't too kid like

Tails- I was sleeping I had no idea what I was doing

I stood up from the table and turned my back. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Sonic stood up as well coming behind me and placing a hand on my shoulder.

Sonic - Tails, it's OK , I'm OK with you being gay , and just because you did a few things to help me know before you did doesn't mean anything

Tails- I know , but I just had this whole speech planed out and I was ready for you to ask me to move out

Sonic - I would never do that

I finally turned back around and Sonic met me with a hug.

Sonic - now can I please hear about your date

I gave in , I knew he wouldn't stop asking no matter how awkward I felt talking about it. I found that the more I talked about my night the easier it got. It was almost like advanced robotics, once you git into the conversation it's hard not to keep going.

I told him about how everything went after he left us alone. Chech and I stayed in for a while before we went out to the restaurant. Once we were there the night really started. Chech and I had the best table, on the rooftop overlooking the city so high up we could see mountains.
It was so strange being on a date with a guy , I didn't know what to say or do. So I thought to myself what would my friends do.

Chech- so your a pretty big deal around here

Tails - what do you mean

Chech - I saw everyone watching us when we walked in , I never get that kind of attention so they must have been watching you

Tails - oh , yea I suppose they might have been watching me

Chech - so you must be a usual here or something if people know you that well

Tails- no , this is my first time here

Chech- then where would they know you from

He didn't know who me and Sonic were , It was obvious from the start but I didn't know how. Someone who doesn't know Sonic and myself is rare especially in Green hill. It's where we started, where Sonic and I first fought Dr.Eggman . How could Chech not know. Ether way didn't matter in the end what did is the idea it gave me. I could be like Sonic and show off a little to break the ice.

Tails- well I'm a hero , a super hero

Chech - a super hero

He laughed a little as he looked through a menu.

Tails - yes I've saved this city and all of Mobius countless times

He put down his menu. And looked at me with a grin.

Chech- you saved Mobius

Tails - yes ... well I had help

Chech - then how do I not know you great savior of the planet

He laughed again as he took a sip of his drink.

Tails- I ..I ... I don't know

I couldn't answer, I honestly didn't know how he wouldn't know me. It also didn't help me respond as he looked into my eyes with that defense shattering grin. He was so calm and smooth, that purple furr with black stripes, the way his tail swayed behind him at all times almost hypnotically , it all made me weak. I couldn't find a smart thought in my mind as I looked into his emerald green eyes. I was hypnotized until Chech broke the trance.

Chech- then again maybe your telling the truth, honestly I wouldn't know

Tails - whys that

Chech - I'm not from around here at least not the here most people know

Tails - do you mean your an alien

Chech - no nothing like that , I've been on ice for a long time when that evil egg guy came into power he captured people who only just a few months ago have been found and set free

Tails - and you were one of them

Chech- yes , so I hope you'll excuse me for being behind on a few things

Tails - I understand , I have a friend who's been through something similar, he was frozen for years and when he was finally set free he had no memories no friends no anything

Chech - how is he now

Tails- well he's not one for making friends, and he still doesn't remember a lot, but I think he's better

Chech- That's something

Tails- your a lot nicer than he is

Chech - well to be fair I don't think I lost as much as he did, I didn't have any friends or family before I was captured, I've always been more of a loner

Tails- I'm sorry to hear that , if I knew you before you were caught I would have looked for you

Chech - it's fine , I'm just glad to be free now , and here with you

Tails- I'm glad to be with you too

I didn't catch what I had said but Chech must have because his grin grew a bit wider.

The night went relatively well we talked and ate , and after we were done we went on a walk through town.

Chech - it seems like everyone is on some kind of trend of fancy code names

Tails- what do you mean

Chech - your named tails , your roommate is Sonic there are guys out there who call them selves Silver and Shadow

Tails - my name is actually Miles but everyone calls me Tails because of my ..

Chech - your Tails because you have two Tails , should I be called purple because my furr is purple

Tails - actually your name is pretty spot on in a few ways, you may not know it but there's this movie called Alice in Wonderland that you should probably check out

We walked until we came to a beach. Chech walked into the water and I followed beside him.

Tails - I thought cats hated water

Chech - not me , I love it

Tails- Sonic hates the water , he never learned to swim

Chech - you know you talk about Sonic a lot

Tails - well yea, he's my best friend, he's like a brother to me, he is a brother to me , when my family disappeared he found me and took care of me, I owe him a lot

Chech - sounds like you really love him

Tails - I do

We stopped walking . It took me a moment to realize what I had said.

Tails - as a brother, as a friend, as a brotherly friend roommate type thing

He laughed at my ranting , he was messing with me. I pushed him and he pushed me back. I pushed him again and he went into the water, he caught my tail and pulled me down with him. We both laughed as we splashed around. And just as the laughter ended I could feel that he hadn't let go of my tail yet. I turned my head and he was looking at me with that grin. It was as if time stopped, I was frozen, I didn't know what to do. He started to lean in and I did too , slowly I shut my eyes and felt his lips meet mine. I laid back as he got on top of me . It was a long kiss so long his tail and both of mine started to coil together. Eventually he broke the kiss and stood up. I laid there catching my breath. I've had to run a some unnatural speeds but I've never been so out of breath before.

I opened my eyes and he was standing over me offering me a hand to help me to my feet. He helped me up and we laughed the whole thing off. But our tails were still coiled as we walked on.

I couldn't help but kill the moment, me and my big brain just couldn't let things be.

Tails - I don't mean to move too fast , are we moving too fast because I don't wanna do that

I was lucky that he saw past my nervousness.

Chech - I like you Tails , your funny, your smart , you know a lot of interesting people which says a lot about you , and you seem innocent

Tails- innocent?

Chech- things might have changed since I've been gone but most guys would have tried to get me in bed by now , and with the way your looking at me now and you have been all night I bet you wouldn't mind if that's where this led , but one kiss is enough to get you heated

Tails- wow .... thanks .. I think

Chech- Tails there's a reason Eggman was capturing people

Tails- yea because he was evil and that's what he did

Chech - it's more than that , I'm not just a pilot

Tails - what do you mean , what else are you

Chech- I'm a spy

Tails- a spy?

Chech- eggman didn't come into power alone , he had help , he put people in all sorts of positions to help him get power

Tails - you worked for Eggman

Chech- I was a spy that he planted in an airport so he could gain plans for specific aircraft, after he used me he captured me and froze me

Tails - why tell me this

Chech- because I'd hate to start a relationship with secrets and lies

Tails- a relationship....

Chech - I know now that what I was doing was wrong and I've had to pay for it , can you look past this

I didn't know what to say but as I looked into his eyes and felt him grab my hands with his own the words came easy.

Tails - sure I can, we all have things we've done that were not proud of

Chech- your just saying that

Tails- no really, I've done things

Chech- I don't see you being a spy for an evil genius

Tail- nothing like that but I've had my moments

I was just getting to the good part when i heard Sonic snoring. I didnt know how long he was asleep for but I stopped my story as I realized Sonic had fallen to sleep and probably would be better off not hearing how the rest of the night went. It was probably for the best Sonic not know Chech's secret as well .

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I didn't think I could get so close to someone so quickly, then again I never thought I'd give anyone a chance because I thought Sonic didn't know I was gay. It still bothered me that I was seeing someone who once worked for Eggman , and I knew that Sonic wouldn't take it any better. But over those next couple of weeks me and Chech were really clicking so I tried not to focus on negatives.

I dont think Sonic knew what it would be like with me seeing someone. Sure he set me up with Chech but It became clear that he wasn't expecting certain changes. I wasn't home when Sonic came back from his weekends out on the town. I wasn't always in my work shop anymore. And I know Sonic hates it when I sleep at Chech's apartment in the city.

I remember the first time Chech invited me back to his place, I was nervous. After seeing each other for so long I couldn't help but worry he wanted to move beyond a few kisses goodnight and hello. I assumed Chech had his share of partners. I on the other hand had never been in a relationship with a guy before. Then remembered he was frozen for a couple of years, so maybe he wasn't ahead of me by as much as I thought.

It was Saturday night , Chech and I were going to a party. Chech's work friend , Julian, was celebrating a promotion.

Tails- So you've known him for 2 years

Chech- 6 actually , I was frozen for a few though

Tails- you know you never told me how old you are

Chech- well it depends, do you want the answer with or without frozen in a block of ice years

Tails- ether is fine

Chech-on one hand Im younger than you are , but on the other I gusse you could say Im older than Sonic

Tails - you love making me wonder

Chech- everyone is better with a little "wonder"

I had gotten used to walking with his hand in mine and our tails wound up together. I always seemed to be gazing into his eyes and over time I tried less to hide it because I knew he was doing the same.

We arrived pretty late to the party , Chech and I lost track of time as well as our direction as we had been walking through the city. We were so late that as we walked into the party most of the guests were walking out.

Chech- looks like we might have taken to long a detour

The party was held at a beach house , and no one was inside the house rather they were on the beach . Most of the food was gone and the the torches on the beach were starting to go out but the moon light on the water was beautiful.

We found Julian camped out by the water. Around him were plenty of cans and bottles. He was a larg red panda who looked about Sonic's age.

Chech - Julian , I see you've had a good night

Julian clearly had too many , as he turned around drunkenly he dropped his drink in the sand and lifted his arms to give Chech a hug.

Julian- Chech , i know you like to be fashionably late but I thought youed make it for the cake

He huged him so tightly I couldn't see anything but Chech's tail sticking out of roles of furr. When he let go Chech had to catch his breath.

Chech- Im sorry, we got sidetracked on our way here

Julian turned his attention to me .

Julian- and who is this

Chech- I almost forgot you haven't met before, Julian this is Miles my boyfriend and Miles this is Julian my best friend from pilot school

Julian- its nice to meet you Miles

Tails- oh you can call me Tails

Julian- well you must be some fox to get this cat off the street Tails

Chech- whats that supposed to mean

Julian- you've been on the market for a while Chech, sure you were in the freezer for a moment but even before then

Chech - Well tonights not about me , its about you

Tails- we bought you a gift

Chech- it was his idea , you know me I would have just brought more drink

Julian- more drink is always appreciated

Tails - Chech told me how much you love Hawaii, so I made you this

Chech pulled out a button sized gadget from his pocket and handed it to me.

Chech- your gonna love this , he made it himself

Tails- Chech gave me the idea

I set the gadget in the sand and stepped on it. Out popped a barrage of lights that created a holographic wall of a Hawaiian sunset.

Julian- wow , you made this

It looked even better than planned. With the moon on the ocean and the holographic sunset beside it Julian seemed to be at a loss for words.

Chech- Tails is an inventor, he's even worked with that super hero Sonic

Julian- I thought you looked familiar, how on earth did Chech manage to get you to himself

I blushed so hard.

We didn't stay too long seeing how the party was ending when we arrived. We left Julian to his sunset as we headed back into the city.

Chech- that was a really nice idea

Tails- you gave it to me

Chech - I didnt think you'd actually make something like that, your pretty amazing

Tails- your amazing

He smiled at my blush and we caught each other in a long gaze.

Chech- come back to my place

Tails- what

Chech- you've never seen my place and its late I'd hate for you to have to go home when im justa few blocks away

Tails- your sure

Chech- yes I'm sure , unless you dont want to

Tails - no no , I want to I do

Chech- perfect

I wish I had on my gloves , im sure he felt how sweaty my hand was as he guided me to his apartment building.
Every step of the way my heart beat seemed to get louder. As i looked over at his cheeky smile with those devilish fangs and that soft glow in his eyes the thought of intent grew.

It seemed that in three blinks we went from the street to the stairs to inside his apartment. He flipped on the lights and everything stopped.

Chech- this is it , what do you think

His smile went from cheeky to nervous and there was no wonder why. His place was run down. Holes in the walls , shattered windows and furniture that looked as if it was molding with a smell to match were only the most apparent things to catch my eye.

Chech- I know its not much compared to were you live but after I was frozen people started to use my apartment for things I never would have allowed and now that im back ... well Its a work in progress

I felt so bad knowing that he had to live in a place so torn apart, but in the middle of my thoughts I saw his nervous smile . He wanted so badly for things to be good enough and you know what , it was.

Tails- its nice

His face lit up as he huged me.

He sat me on his couch , that I had to try very hard not to smell , as he got us something to drink.

Chech- I would have moved but after I came back this place was the only thing I could afford

Tails - its fine really

He came back and sat next to me before handing me a glass of something nameless but sweet.

Chech- I know its bad Tails , and its really sweet that your trying to look past it but I can see you trying not to smell the couch

He looked me in my eye and I the same to him before we laughed. He set his cup down and used his tail to grip mine and put it to the side as he gently griped the side of my face and kissed me deeply.

In that reck of an apartment on that old smelly couch we shared the warmest kiss for such a long time.

That was the first night of many like that. I fell to sleep with my head on his shoulder and woke up to his head leaning against mine.

I got up as quietly as possible to stretch. I walked around his apartment and it seemed at every turn I found a new problem. When I got to the kitchen and tried to get a glass of water I found myself with a glass of metallic sludge. I had to do something, I started working. I fixed whatever I could with what he had. I fixed his fridge and sink before he finally woke up.

Chech- Tails, is that you

He got up fro. The couch and met me in the kitchen as i was working on a few lights.

Tails- I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself

Chech- what , what are you ...

As his eyes adjusted to the morning light he started to notice what I was doing.

Chech- you've been fixing up my kitchen

He took my hand and pulled me in close. I didn't notice at first because he wears pants but when he pulled me up against him I felt he was awake in more than one way. He kissed and nipped at my neck as ground himself against me lightly. He was trying nit to force himself on me but he was in the mood.

Chech- tell me to stop and I'll stop

I moaned lowly as i felt him take my hand and work it into his pants slowly. He looked into my eyes as i gripped him with my soft fuzzy hand and before I could could take my next breath he was doing the same to me.

Chech- say the word and Ill stop

I didn't stop him , he was gentle and soft with me taking his time as if he knew what I was thinking before I thought it. And i did the same. When it was done we were laying together on the kitchen floor.

Tails - I think I can really help fix things up

He laughed.

Chech- you just had sex for the first time and your first thoughts after are home improvement

Tails- how ... how do you know that was my ...

He kissed me and I stopped talking.

Chech - I love you Miles

Chapter Text

It became routine for me to stop by and even sleep over Chech's place. I realized that I was probably the only one who knew what he was going through. Outside Chech was a smooth sly type but at his place I saw the side of him he didn't let others see. He was struggling and trying desperately hard just to get by and fit in. He was a cat out of time , and even though he adjusted quickly to being in a new era at times it was still clear he was behind.

I offered to let him move in with me but he turned down my offer . He said "I don't want to be the guy who moves in with his boyfriend because he cant survive on his own". So we worked on fixing his apartment together. Sonic didn't like the idea of me working on Chech's place , but he didn't know what condition it was in. He thought that Chech was using me to upgrade his place and every time I started to tell him the truth I remembered how Chech's pride would probably be hurt.

The idea was to just fix things up but we couldn't help make a lot of extra improvements to Chech's apartment. We finished fixing the main problems a long time ago but found that we we're clicking over working together. His apartment was something I would take pictures of and put in a scrap book with my inventions. Chech finally had a place he could invite people back to without worrying what they might think, but I was worried about what Sonic might think if he saw it. Sonic already was hinting that he believed Chech was using me. If he saw how high tech and upgraded things were he'd surly be less than convinced of Chech and I being real.

It didn't help that Chech gave off an alpha male vibe all the time when around Sonic. I could feel how Sonic was beginning to be tired of the guy he set me up with. And after we finished fixing up his apartment it seemed like his cool sly attitude gained an ego. I didn't mind much because I knew it had been a while since he had anything to have pride in but Sonic was another story. Sonic is known for his big ego , its a part of who he is and most times its harmless, but it doesn't mix well with other egos. It was like a "there can only be one" scenario , where there was only enough room for one ego in the house . So me and Chech started only meeting at his place.

Tensions were really high one Friday night. Sonic didn't go out like he usually did but I was with Chech at his place. It started with a phone call from sonic.

Sonic - hey Tails

Tails- hey Sonic , whats up

Sonic- so I'm back home and I thought maybe I could help you out with some of those inventions you've been telling me about

Tails- oh

Sonic- yea

Tails- well the thing is I'm with ...

He stopped me before i could even say Chech's name.

Sonic- oh its fine

Tails- I'm sorry, I thought you'd be out tonight like usual

Sonic- yea , no I'm still planing on going out ... I just , you know thought you and me could hang out

Tails- I would come home but

Sonic- Tails its fine , I understand your with your new .... boy friend

Neither of us said anything for a while and it didn't help that Chech was siting next to me on his couch hearing the whole thing.

Sonic- you know Tails I know I set you guys up together but I didn't think ..

He paused and it was then I knew Chech was listening.

Tails- Sonic, maybe this isn't a conversation to have over the phone

Sonic- I know you really like Chech but , well your never home anymore and your always working on something for him

Tails- Sonic, this isn't the best time

Sonic- I know you say he's a good guy but I don't see why he goes to you every time he needs something done

Tails- Sonic please

Sonic- I feel like he's using you Tails

Tails- Sonic

Sonic- .... I just don't want anyone taking advantage of you

Tails- I know

Sonic- I'm sorry

Tails- its alright

We hung up and it was the longest most awkward silence ever between me and Chech. We were snuggled up together with me under his arm and my tails acting as blankets.

Chech- do you feel like I'm using you

Of course those were the words that broke the silence.

Tails- no , of course not

Chech- you have done a lot of work on my apartment and I haven't payed you for anything

Tails- we did a lot of work , we fixed things up together

Chech- half the stuff we fixed or put in is nothing I knew how to make work, and we add something new almost every time your over

Tails- sure maybe I did a lot of the harder things but you needed it and I'm happy to help

Chech- I don't know if I needed a coffee machine that has a built-in toaster

Tails- you love coffee and toast in the morning

Chech- what about the color TVs

Tails- you needed to upgrade from black and white

Chech - maybe but did I need one in every room

Tails- what are you saying

Chech- Sonic might be right , I use you , things started off as you helping me but I let you keep going even when things were beyond good and that's the same as using you

We broke apart from one another on the couch and didn't say much after that. I was getting ready to go home shortly but before I could there was a knock at Chech's door.

It was Sonic.

Chech- Sonic , what are you doing here

Sonic- I thought maybe you guys could use some company

Another thing you get used to when living with sonic is how he really is just a phone call away. With his speed all it takes is a call to get a location and he can be over in minutes. Before that night I never saw his ability to be where I was as in an instant as a problem. I wished he would have waited for me to come home, especially since he set a fire that me and Chech were trying to put out.

I was standing near the door about to leave before Sonic arrived, when he entered he turned me back around. He sat me and Chech back on the couch with himself between us. He put one arm around me and one around Chech.

Sonic- so this is the place

Tails- yea its not much

Chech - nonsense , I have everything here and more , probably more than your house too

There was that ego , its like Sonic being around flipped a switch.

Sonic- yea I doubt that , tails keeps our place pretty suped up

Chech- well he has been spending more time here lately

Sonic- Tails makes it sound like he doesn’t do much when comes over , how much of this place did he build

Tails- hey you guys maybe me and Sonic should be getting home

Sonic took back his arms and turned to Chech , they all but cut me out of the conversation completely as if i weren't there.

Chech- does it matter, he's mine and he likes to build stuff for me

Sonic- he's yours?

Tails - you guys I really think...

I couldn't get a single word in.

Chech- yea he's my boyfriend, hes with me , he's mine, isn't that right Tails

Sonic- hes my brother not yours

Tails- Sonic we should go home

Chech- why dont you just come out and say it

Sonic- say what

Chech - you wish you hadn't set us up together because he isn't yours anymore


I had it , I stood up and spoke over the both of them.

Tails- that's enough

They both were heated and ready with another come back for each other but I spoke before they had the chance.

Tails- Sonic I did everything I did for Chech because I wanted to , he didn't use me, sure he let me get carried away but its no different from all the things in our house you let me get carried away with building

Chech grind as if he had won.

Tails- and Chech I don't get why you have to boast yourself up so much every time Sonic is around , I love you but I don't belong to you

It took me a moment to realize what I had said but when I did so did Sonic and Chech.

Chech- you love me

Tails - yes

We both blushed a little and he hugged me in front of Sonic.

Chech - I'm sorry, I cant help but wonder sometimes if there's anything between you and Sonic

Sonic- what

Chech- I see the way you look at him sometimes, and you say hes your brother but you told me yourself nothing is in writing, he just took you in

Tails- me and Sonic? That would never happen, Sonic isn't even gay

Chech- but if he were

Tails- that's not what I mean

Sonic- Tails and I are close but we would never

Tails- we could never

Sonic- maybe we should all take a breath

And we did, it was silent for a while but even though we all dropped multiple bombs just moments ago we weren't in a bad silence.

After that night Sonic was still concerned about Chech using me , but he tried not to worry. And I finally knew why Chech had such an ego around Sonic , more so why he was so possessive of me around him. At first the idea of me and Sonic was just too unreal to even consider but then I started thinking about it. Was it really that outlandish of a concept?

Chapter Text

Christmas has always been my and Sonic's favorite holiday, and its always been an important one too. Sonic lost his brother Manic and his sister Sonya to Eggman at a young age. Not long after he lost his siblings we were thrown into one another's life. The first Christmas I can remember is when Sonic and I knew we would be together for a long time. I know I can never take the place of Manic or Sonya, and I'd never try to, but Sonic became the big brother I needed and was happy to find.

Now that there was no Eggman to cause trouble we didn't have to worry about our plans being ruined every Christmas. Its funny, back when Eggman was around everyone would be together all the time . Now days everyone is off on their own. But Sonic wouldn't let being separated by a few oceans or cities stand in the way of spending Christmas right. He hand wrote letters to our friends inviting them to our house for Christmas. Rather than let the post office deliver the letters Sonic delivered them all on his own .It only took him 3 days and 2 nights to deliver them all at top speed.

He invited everyone but there were a few people we knew would most likely come.

Silver and Blaze , the time travelers, were still new to our time period. Where they came from the world was in ruins, so Christmas would naturally be something new to them. They let us know they would be coming shortly after Sonic delivered they're invitation.

Ash and Mina mongoose were sure to come since they lived in Green Hills near me and Sonic. In a way they were Our closest friends at the time. They lived close by , we grew up together and Sonic and I could always go to them for help.

Then there was Amy, Rouge, Cream and Cheese , and Antoine. Amy would never miss a party that Sonic invited her to. Rouge agreed to come if we could convince Knuckles to. Cream and Cheese actually found out about the party from Amy.

Antonie was so surprised that Sonic invited him to a party since they hadn't spoken in such a long while. Antonie was so close to Sally still so getting an invitation to a party was beyond unexpected, but he said he would come.

But Sonic also invited a few people who were less likely to come. How could Sonic not invite everyone?

He invited Shadow. Shadow and Sonic weren't exactly friends but they hadn't been enemies for a long time. Inviting him was probably a waist of a letter, Shadow liked being alone. As much as he might have changed Shadow and I still were never friends. He only ever showed respect to Sonic, and he always treated me like a kid.

Sonic also invited MK , monkey Khan. We became friends with MK during our travels through the Iron Kingdom. With his obligations as the leader of half a nation it was unlikely MK would be able to make it to a Christmas party.

Sonic had a hard time getting a letter to Knuckles, but he did. Knuckles lived on angel Island, the floating Island, the Island that floats in the middle of an ocean. As hard as it probably was for sonic to get a letter to Knuckles , completing the task might have been for little to nothing in the long run. Knuckles was the protector of Angel Island, so it was rare for him to leave it or the master emerald that kept the Island afloat.

The last letter Sonic delivered was to the one person I thought for sure he would leave out. Sally Acorn, she and Sonic broke up shortly after the defeat of Eggman so that Sally could rule over her kingdom. No one ever talks about it but Sonic was never just a vigilante, he was a Knight to the Acorn family. When Sally ended things with Sonic he gave her a choice, stay together or loose him completely. In the end Sonic left the service of the Acorns and left there kingdom as well. That letter was the first communication Sonic and Sally might have had in three to four years. Who knows if she actually read the letter or not.

It was a few weeks before Christmas , Chech and I had been together for a good amount of months and it seemed we were approaching the year mark. I still needed to ask him if wanted to go to the Christmas party with me. It wouldn't be the first party we've gone to together .But Christmas is a big step.

He would meet all of my friends which is like meeting my family . My friends are leaders and big people in the world. Sally and MK are leaders of Kingdoms , Knuckles is the guardian of a mystical ancient Island, Antonie is a highly decorated retired general. On paper my friends are perfect , but in reality they can be a bit much to handle all at once. Sally and Sonic have a complicated history that is beyond messy. MK has an ego to match Sonic's. Antonie is always nagging and does everything over the top. Knuckles is gullible and short tempered. And what if shadow is there . Silver and blaze are from the future and can do magic so they are bound to be a whole other level of crazy.

What if I don't ask Chech to come , who would he spend Christmas with? I've never even heard of his family. He doesn't have many friends.

I had to think of all these things while me and Sonic worked to expand the house. We were adding on a bunch of new guest rooms to the house and making the kitchen and living room bigger. With Sonic's speed and the worker bots I mad to help out it wasn't much work needing to be done. But I knew that when we finished I'd have to make a decision, invite Chech to Christmas?

Chapter Text

I made my decision, I was going to invite Chech to the Christmas party. I was nervous, but I thought we were close enough. I thought I'd surprise him , I waited outside his front door for him to come home after work, I was there for a while. He found a job at the airport, he couldn't fly but he was around planes. I knew he got home late most nights so I gave him some time , but as the night went into the next day I got worried. I called Him and he answered, he told me he'd been home all night. I didn't tell him I waited for him outside his door all night , I guess I felt embarrassed to say I took so long to call and that I wasted so much time. But I knew for sure he had not been home. It ruined my plan but I told him about the Christmas party over the phone, if nothing else he said he'd love to come.

But why did he lie, and where was he all night? It was Christmas time , maybe he was planning to surprise me with something, that's what I told myself. Regardless of what the answer was time moved on and guests started arriving.

First was Silver and blaze , their arriving before anyone else helped put a few finishing touches on the house. Silver was able to decorate all the trees in the yard and Blaze melted snow into sculptures. After everything was done and neither Sonic or I could find anything left to put together we all decided to go into town. With all the newly built rooms all we needed then were the guests who would be staying in them. We were going to pick up Ash Mina and Chech. Chech had never spent the night with me at Sonic and my house.

Sonic and Blaze went to get Ash and Mina while Silver and I were on our way to Chech's place. You'd think that after years of super powered battle wars people would be over flying foxes and glowing hedgehogs but as we flew over the city streets we had plenty of people looking over head.

Tails- so this will be your first Christmas

Silver- no , but it'll be my first in a place where it can be celebrated right

Tails- how did you celebrate in the future

Silver- with hunts and extra rations

Tails- oh

Silver- its so amazing just being here , seeing all the lights, the traditions , the coming together

Tails- it is something

Silver- I just wish my friends from the future could be here

Tails- I thought you and blaze were alone in the future

Silver- we fought together alone but there always survivors that we were fighting for , I suppose now that the future is safe they aren't living in a flame covered wast land but it'll be centuries before any of them are actually born

Tails- well you have Blaze, Sonic, and me

Silver- yes , and I'm thankful, but I hear this purple cat has you more than most

Tails- yea we've grown pretty close over the past few months

We landed on the roof of Chech's apartment building and took the stairs down to his floor.

Silver- I cant wait to meet him , Blaze and I have spent most of our time battling magical dangers since we've been parked in this time period, its always nice to meet new people

Tails- he's a really nice guy

We got to the the door of his apartment. it was strange it was open, wide open, so we walked in. We didn't see him so I called out for him .

Tails- Chech

No answer, but we heard a sound coming from his bedroom. We walked over and opened the door and he was there. He tried to cover himself up but I saw what I saw and so did Silver. Silver used his glowy power thing and lifted Chech off the ground stopping him from further hiding it, his chest was open where most of the inside was what you'd expect, his heart was robotic.

Tail- Silver no

Silver- what

Tails- this is Chech

Silver- your dating a robot

Tails- no ... yes ... i don't know , but put him down

Silver let him go and he fell onto his bed. He quickly closed his chest.

Tails- can we have a minute

Silver left the room.

Chech- I can explain

Tails- your a robot

Chech- no , I told you Eggman did things to me , some things couldn't be undone

Tails- how much of you is still robotic

Chech- my heart , my left arm , and a few other things but I'm not evil or anything

Tails- who wouldn't you tell me

Chech- your house mate is literally holds the high score for most destroyed robot anything

Silver knocked on the door as if it were closed .

Silver- This feels like something you two need to talk about alone, should I leave

We gave it a minute and I tried to process the new information.

Tails- no everything is fine

His face lit up .

Chech- your sure

Tails - so you have a metal arm and your heart is ... your heart is ... what is your heart

I felt his chest looking for a way to open it, my mechanical curiosity took over for a moment. But i snapped out if it when I realized I was massaging his chest.

Chech- its some kind of a battery

He was laughing and I started to as well. We left his bed room and Silver seemed to still be on guard as we went on our way.

Later that evening everyone made it back to the house. I took Chech up to my work shop.

Tails- what does the metal arm do

Chech - I don't know , it acts like a normal arm

Tails- can you feel with it

Chech- yea , but not as much as I do with real arm

Tails- and you said your heart is some kind of a battery

Chech- I have to change it out every few weeks

Tails- or what

Chech- or I cant move my metal arm , It'll get hard to stay awake, and then

Before he could continue Sonic rushed in.

Sonic- funny, not used to their being two people up here

Tails- yea

Sonic- you guy's should come down stairs you wont believe who just made it

Tails- we'll be down in a minute

Sonic left just a quickly as he came.

Chech- you cant tell anyone about this

Tails- I wont , I wouldn't

Chech- you saw how your glowy friend with the weird hair cut acted when he saw

Tails- no one will find out

I was already keeping one secret and metal parts were just adding on to it . But he had a point, if anyone else found out there would be no telling how they'd react. We made our way down stairs. The worst possible guests had just walked through the door. Shadow , who destroyed just as many robots as Sonic. Rouge, who was a professional at sniffing out secrets and knew Eggman's handy work. And last was Gama , a literal robot that worked for the government by hunting down and destroying robots made by Eggman.

They called themselves team dark a long time ago because of how ruthless and controllable they were. It had been a while since they were all under the same roof and I had to make sure they wouldn't put on a come back act with Chech around.

Chapter Text

No one was looking for robots, no one was searching for androids . It was Christmas, everyone was just happy to be back together. But that didn't stop me from keeping Chech as far away from team Dark as possible. There were so many other guests that arrived and I hid Chech in the crowd.

But so many people were spending Christmas under the same roof, so how long could I reasonably keep Chech hidden? Not everyone stayed for the night but Shadow and Rouge, Silver and Blaze , Mina and Ash , and Knuckles did. Everyone else decided to stay at a hotel for the night and come back Christmas morning. I thought the answer was simple, just keep Chech in my room all knight. How hard could that be?

He was already sleeping in my bed by the time Sonic and I turned the lights off in the house. Meeting so many people from admittedly dynamic walks of life had put him down. And it didn't help that Amy's hammer got loose in the house and hit him in the head earlier that evening. I laid next to him ready to drift into the next day but before my eyes could blink shut there was a knocking at my door.

Chech- what ... who's there

Whoever was knocking on my door was waking Chech.

Tails- its no one, go back to bed

I got up as quickly as I could to answer the door. I opened it and and standing just outside the threshold of my bedroom door was Shadow.

Tails- Shadow , what are you , what did you ...

He looked past me through the doorway at Chech in my bed. I tried to step in his way and block his view.

Tails- what do you want

Shadow- we need to talk

Tails- about

I always hated how Shadow withheld information, he would string you along only giving you what little information he thought you needed. It wasn't good during the time of Eggman and it definitely didn't translate well into normal conversation. He made you fish for answers to questions you didn't know to ask

Shadow- your latest project

Tails- I have a lot of projects...

Before I could continue Chech yelled in his sleep.

Chech- Tails come back to bed

I quickly pushed Shadow back so that I could step outside my room and close the door.

Tails- are you sure this isn't something that can wait until tomorrow

Shadow- we've been watching you

Tails- you've been watching me?

Shadow- we've allowed you amnesty and the freedom to conduct yourself freely, but you've hit something that we cant allow anyone to have access to

Tails- who is we ? Are you talking about G.U.N because I thought...

Once again before I could continue Chech yelled , this time loud enough to go through the door.

Chech- Tails

Tails - you know what why don't we go up to my lab and talk there

Shadow and I made it up to my lab. He put himself in front of me as we entered and I stood in the doorway as he looked around.

Tails- I thought you were done with G.U.N

Shadow- who said anything about G.U.N

He rummaged through my things with no real respect for the craft that wet into them.

Tails- you've never worked for anyone else at least no one else worth mentioning

Shadow- you think taking Eggman out of the world ended all of its problems and maybe it did for a while, but who do you think has been keeping new problems from showing up

Tails- if its not G.U.N then who is it

Shadow- It doesn't matter, what does is that you've shown your too smart for your own good and as your...

He paused.

Shadow- your friend I'm here to save you from yourself

He picked up a few things but ultimately left everything alone.

Shadow- where is it

Tails - where is what

Shadow- I'm being easy on you because this is your home and your Sonic's side kick

Tails- partner

Shadow - but at this point your as much to blame for what Ill have to do if you continue to deny me

Tails- Shadow I don't know what you want and even if I did I don't have to give you anything

Shadow- we have readings of a unique power signature all over town including this house

Tails- Maybe its old robots somewhere in the backyard, the wars have been over for years but people are still cleaning up old bots and machines

Shadow- This energy signature is from a series of advanced technology that Eggman stumbled on before his capture , and it resurfaced only months ago

I knew what he was talking about, or better yet who.

Tails- I'm going to bed , feel free to look around but if you break anything...

He stopped me before I could leave.

Shadow- I'll turn this house upside down to find what I'm looking for

Tails- its Christmas eve

Shadow- and it would be a shame for the holiday to be ruined by your choices

He left me in my workshop.

I hurried back to my room to get back to Chech but when I opened the door I knew he was gone by the lack of sleep talk and snoring. I noticed a light coming from down stairs, thinking it must have been Chech, I followed it. It was coming from the living room. Silver and blaze were doing something to the presents under the tree with their powers and in the process putting on a light show in the dark room. I flicked on the light and must have startled them because I was greeted by means of being lifted in the air and a fire ball held in front of my face.

Silver- oh Tails

Blaze- we are so sorry

Tails- its fine... but can you put me down

Silver let me go of course.

Tails - what are you guys doing to the presents

Blaze- its a little tradition we have

Silver- in the future there was no telling what the next day might bring so when holidays came around such as Christmas, if you were lucky enough to celebrate the tradition of gifts

Blaze- it was common to check the contents of said gifts as quickly as possible, that way you could add it to your things or leave it behind while you still had time

Tails- so your peaking at your gifts ...but what was all the glowing stuff , it looked different from what you guys usually do , there was no fire or green glow

Blaze- oh that was a looking glass spell to help us see through the gift wrapping

Tails- a spell? I didn't realize you guys knew magic

Blaze- well what did you think our powers were

Tails- well I didn't realize you knew other magic

Blaze- yes we know many forms of magic, but that's a conversation for later

Silver picked up a hand full of gifts with his powers and Blaze handed me a bunch of the ones he didn't pick up.

Blaze- these are the gifts we do not wish to have

Silver- thank you for the little robot things and the coffee machine though

Blaze- yes we love this centuries strange coffee obsession

They went up stairs with their gifts.

Tails- your welcome... I guess

I almost forgot I was looking for Chech until I walked over to the kitchen. He was sitting at the table with Rouge and Knuckles.

Tails- hey you guys

Knuckles- Tails there you are , we were just talking about you

Tails - really, I hope it was all good

Rouge- oh we just think its marvelous what you've done to help everyone spend the holiday together

Rouge and Knuckles were an on again off again couple, and in the moment it seemed they were on again. She was sitting in his lap playing with his hair.

Chech- yea , when did you have the time to build and deliver shields for ... what was your name again

Knuckles lifted a hand and point to his knuckles.

Chech- ...that's right, when did you have time to build shields for Knuckles

Tails- I didn't, I left plans for them in my lab and Sonic built them

Knuckles- well I'm thankful for whoever built them , this is the longest I've been off Angel Island in years

Rouge- you could come down more often, I'm telling you no one is after that big green paper weight anymore

Chech- its so strange, growing up Angel Island was just a myth my parents told me about before bed , the lost floating city in the sky

No one seemed to be in any danger. Rouge was caught up with Knuckles and Chech didn't seem nearly as worried as before. So I sat down.

Tails- yea I've been there and I still cant believe its real

Knuckles- It is a beautiful place

Tails- I was referring to the astronomical number of reasons why it should be impossible for an entire Island to not only float but move

Rouge- this coming from the two tailed fox that flies around like a helicopter

Chech laughed , it wasn't that funny.... at least I don't think it was.

Knuckles- you should come visit more often

Tails- I thought you wanted your Island as pure and untouched as possible

Knuckles- yea but it doesn't hurt to have one of my two best friends come say hello from time to time

Rouge- and what about me

Knuckles- of course I want you there , but you know how you get around all of the ...

Rouge- all of the what

Knuckles- ancient treasure and gemstones

Chech and I both laughed, I'd forgotten the dynamic Rouge and Knuckles had. It was bipolar to say the least.

Tails- I guess no ones trying to sleep tonight

Knuckles- who sleeps on Christmas eve

Tails- no one in this house that's for sure

Knuckles- yea

There was a silence, that silence that always comes in mid conversation before someone says something. I should have used said silence to get up and take Chech back to my room.

Chech- so sonic and tails are from Green Hills , your from Angel Island, where are you from

Rouge- I'm a bat of the world, I've never been one to stay anywhere for long

Chech- sounds adventurous

Rouge- I'm the worlds greatest treasure hunter

Knuckles- debatable

Rouge- it doesn't count if you were born an island with treasure , but where are you from

Chech- me , I suppose I'm like you , I never stayed anywhere very long

Rouge- and what kept you on the move

Chech- I'm a pilot

Knuckles- that's crazy , you know Tails is one of the best fighter pilots in the world

Chech- yea I know , its one of the things we have in common

Knuckles- I almost forgot you two were together

Chech - we aren't too outspoken about it

Rouge- and why not

Chech- no reason , we just keep to ourselves I guess , right Tails

Tails- yea

Rouge- you know , you look familiar

Chech- familiar how

Rouge- have you ever been to the Arctic Circle

That was a very specific question to just come from nowhere.

Chech- the Arctic Circle... no I cant say I have , why

Rouge- you remind me of someone I met a long time ago, he worked for Eggman before

Tails- you think Chech worked for Eggman, Chech cant even fix a toaster

Rouge- of course not , but you have the face and the fur all your missing are a few metal parts

There was a different silence in the air that time , it was a pause. Lucky for us it was ended by Rouge's laughter, she was joking, or at the very least she didn't believe Chech could be who she remembered.

Tails- yea , well I think Chech and I should get to bed

We got to our feet.

Knuckles- alright , you guys just try to get some sleep while your in bed

Chech- we'll do that , and it was nice meeting you two

Rouge- likewise

We went up to my room. I couldn't tell downstairs but behind my closed door it was clear to see how nervous Chech was.

Tails- what were you doing

Chech- you were gone and you know I sleep walk when your not in bed

Tails- but I told you not to talk to Rouge

Chech- I didn't, I didn't mean to , your friend Knuckles was in the kitchen we started talking and then she came along , I couldn't just leave as soon as she sat down , how would that have looked

Tails- like you were tired I don't know, but what was all of that about the Arctic Circle , was she talking about you

Chech- yes, the Arctic Circle is where I was frozen

Tails- I thought you said you were under Eggmans control not working with him

Chech- I was under his control, he did things to my mind to make me want to be his slave , to make me think I wanted to work with him

We had so much to talk about , and we did, but we should not have. Unknown to me were bugs placed in my room while we were gone by Shadow. He heard every word that night and we had no idea.

Chapter Text

Christmas morning was like the good old days . We opened gifts , everyone was in pajamas, and most importantly we were all together. It was sad not having Sally or Antonie around, but Amy, Knuckles , Silver, Blaze, Mina, and Ash were there. A few other people like Cream, Vector, and Espio came by for a while too but they had to leave.

Sonic- Have you seen Knuckles I want to give him my gift

Tails- He's upstairs...with Rouge

Sonic- Oh , well it is Christmas

Tails- Yes, but I think they're in your room

Sonic- What ?!!!

Sonic ran upstairs, I don't want to think about what he probably found when he entered his room.

Blaze- So your name is Cheshire like the cat from the movie

Chech- its actually Czech with a "z" and "Ch" but the government changed it to "Chech" when I moved here for the English speakers, but then everyone started miss pronouncing my name so often that I go by Chesh like the movie cat now

Blaze- that's very interesting, I understand the trouble of long or in your case exotic names , Silver and I have know each other for years and I doubt he could recall my full name

Chech- It feels like everyone have the most simple catchy names , like Knuckles, Shadow , Sonic, Silver

Blaze- Tails Rouge Cream Vector

I didn't feel the need to hide Chech from anyone, it had been a while since I'd seen Shadow, Rouge, or Gama so there was no one to hide him from. I sat with Mina and Ash in the living room while everyone was still opening the last of the gifts.

Ash- this is a big step for you and Chech isn't it

Tails- you could say that

Ash - I remember when Mina and I spent our first Christmas together, I almost died trying to keep my family from running her off

Tails- they were that bad

Ash- I think every family is a little strange in its own way, but your a brave fox to invite a guy into a house full of people with super powers

Tails - I've managed to keep Chech away from Shadow so I think he'll be OK

Ash- speaking of Shadow, where is he

Tails- I don't know , he might have left , we had a disagreement last night so if he's gone I wouldn't mind

Ash- I thought you guys were friends

Tails- he's more Sonic's friend than mine and even that's a stretch

Ash- come on he helped you guys take Eggman down , you have to at least be able to ...

Before Ash could finish saying what was most likely a good point he was countered by the sudden sound of the front door being kicked open and shadow stepping through it wielding his usual no name energy beam big gun.

Tails- Shadow

He pointed the gun at Chech.

Tails- Shadow, what are you doing

Shadow- I know what he is

Tails- what

He shot off a beam , Blaze blocked it with a shield of fire. I ran to stand between Shadow and Blaze and that's when Sonic ran downstairs.

Sonic- Shadow buddy, whats with the big gun pointed at our friends

Shadow- do you know what your side kick has brought into this house

Tails- partner

Sonic- I'm guessing the answer isn't Christmas spirit

Silver pulled the gun from Shadows hands while he was distracted but he didn't need a gun to be lethal.

Shadow- he's a robot, an android, one of Eggman's final projects

Sonic- who? Chech

Everyone in the room started to circle around Shadow. Amy pulled out her hammer , Silver was ready to grab him if he moved, and Blaze remained standing behind me and in front of Chech with a wall of fire up.

Tails- Sonic

Sonic- did you get your mind wiped again, I set Chech and Tails up together, I think I would know if he was a robot

Tails- Sonic

Everyone was ready to fight but before anyone moved Shadow stepped back and pushed a button on his cuff-links. It played a recording of the conversation Chech and I had the night before. We'd discussed his working for Eggman, his robotic parts and my keeping it all a secret. Shadow didn't have to say a word , with a single breath the circle around him shifted to Chech.

Tails- its not what it sounds like

Sonic- it sounds like Chech is an android

Tails- he told me he's not , we know plenty of people with robot limbs

Sonic- yea but no one who's worked for Eggman

Tails- Shadow has worked for Eggman, and so has Rouge , Gama is a robot built specifically to hunt you and we invited them all over for Christmas

Silver- that's a good point

Sonic- but why keep it a secret

Tail- he just wanted to...

Before I could continue Chech stepped forward.

Chech- because when I woke up in this new world people made it clear that they didn't like anything or anyone related to Eggman, and an Eggman robot was the worst thing to be

Amy- so you are a robot

Chech- no , I just have robot parts , I asked Tails to keep my secret because everyone in this room was a heavy hitter in the war against Eggman, and I didn't want his family to hate me

There was a pause for everyone to make a decision on how they felt.

Sonic- well , I wish you'd told me sooner but I understand

Silver- as a person from the future I think I can speak for Blaze and myself when I say its hard waking up in a new world , and who can blame us for wanting to fit in for the people we love

Chech- so your not going to rip me open and throw me into space

Sonic- what , no , why would you think that

Chech - I read online its what you did to metal Sonic

Sonic- your fine , I'm not going to hurt you , I don't think anyone is

Tails- so were all good

Silver- yes

Blaze - yes

Amy- so your not a robot

Sonic- yes we're all good

Shadow- Wrong

Shadow dashed through the room grabbing Chech by his throat and lifting him off the ground as he stood on kitchen table.

Sonic- Shadow come on lets not do this

Shadow- this thing , no matter how real it appears can not be trusted

Silver- its Christmas Shadow

Chech- can we talk this out

Amy- put him down Shadow

Shadow- the objective is to find and bring back the source of the energy readings

Amy- the objective was not to kill Tails boyfriend

Sonic- objective?

With a long stair shadow looked on at Amy standing with hammer ready before giving a grunt and tossing Chech to me .

Sonic - anyone want to fill me in on the whole "objective" thing

Shadow stepped off the table and walked around the room to pick up his gun as Amy spoke.

Amy- we aren't allowed to tell you who we're working for, but Shadow and I are working with a super secret organization that keeps the world safe now

Sonic- your working for a secret organization, you and Shadow

Amy- yes

Shadow- part of working for a secret organization is keeping secrets Amy, like the fact that you or I work for one

Tails - but who are you working for

Shadow- I think we've exposed enough for one day

He walked to the door.

Shadow- we need to report back to base

Amy- I think I'll stick around, It is Christmas after all

He gave another grunt before leaving. That's when Knuckles and Rouge came down stairs.

Knuckles- did we miss anything

Sonic- nothing too important

Rouge- marvelous, can someone get me a glass of eggnog

Sonic- we're guys in my room again

Knuckles - we went to Tails' workshop like you said , there was plenty of sturdy tables

Ash and Mina where hiding in the coat closet and weren't heard from for a while. They were the least combat ready of everyone in the house after all.

Everyone cooled down as they returned to the party. Sonic pulled Amy to the side somewhere to talk , probably about the unnamed organization, but I was more focused on Chech. He was gone. One second he was standing in the kitchen and the next he was nowhere to be found. Then it hit me , Rouge was with Knuckles, Shadow had left already, but I hadn't seen Gama for a long while.

Chapter Text

Before Eggman I wasn't much of a law abiding citizen , I was a thief. I could steal anything wallets, gems, hearts.

I started as a street thief picking pockets just to get by until I met this one hedgehog. I forget his name , he was green, had this real rock star vibe about him , I think he played the drums. I think he was my first real friend . He was running from something but I don't know what. I was just living in the moment so I followed him wherever he went. We wound up in the Arctic Circle. The fucking arctic circle, the place where rich people building dig fancy houses on ice islands. But despite the cold , my friend and I were making a killing.
We both had skills to get things done but I made the plans and he set the marks. Maybe we should have did things the other way around.

Until that point I had never heard of Eggman, he was still something new to the world. But my friend knew who he was. He was running from Eggman, when he eventually conquered half the globe we ran into him.

It was a big house ,a fortress really. We tried to hit it but it hit us and before we could think of a way out we found ourselves being turned into less than people. That machine took parts out of me and put cold in, and I can only imagine what it did to my friend. My mind was rewired to forget him but I couldn't, it that cold world he was the only person I knew . He was the only person I let get close , the only person I let see the real me not the overly sly cool slick cat that I used to con people out of their money.

I served Eggman for years against my will. It was like being a prisoner in my own body. Sometimes it was easier to just let myself go than to try to fight.

Lucky for me eventually I ,among many others, was set free from the mind control he had us under. I thought maybe I could return to my sand covered beaches and finally leave that frozen robotic waste land. But Eggman he couldn't stand to lose, if he couldn't have us no one would. He captured everyone before we could run away, froze us in ice , and hid us under ground. And once again I was a prisoner in my own body. But at least I could remember My friend without my thoughts being clouded by commands . For a long time its all that kept me from going insane, the thought of my beaches , and picking pockets with that green hedgehog. I guess you can say he was my first love.

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This is the end of "A Tails Tale" but you can tune Into "Sonic Waves" for more on Tails and Chech as well as other characters like silver, Espio, Sonic and more.