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It's A Date

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Yuuri was past the point of being nervous. Sure, he was one to be nervous about many things when he wasn’t skating on the precious clear gold that was the ice skating rink, but this was far greater.

The one and only Viktor Nikiforov, famous professional ice skater from Russia, his coach, had asked him out on a date.

It started off so casual too.

He had finished practicing with Yuri and Viktor a few days prior. The mood was that of a peaceful one, at least when the Russian Yuri decided not to swear in Russian when Viktor kept smiling at him. Maybe he'd been staring too much at him. But there was still so much about Viktor he wanted to know. Behind the soft smiles he gave him, or the subtle winks he'd give him, the praise he'd tell him after he managed an especially difficult quad set. His eyes,

his smile, his hair—just being Viktor. You could say he was more than surprised when Viktor asked him to stay behind during practice. Yuri gave the two a look before he scowled and turned to walk off, muttering something or the other.

Yuuri made to tell him goodbye but he’d already quickly left.

His attention was taken by a voice near his ear. “Yuuuuri.”

The black-haired boy jumped and turned to look at the man behind him.

“Y-Yes?” The Russian seemed to be thinking of something and for a moment just stared at him. Yuuri gulped and played with his fingers.

Suddenly a sound of happiness was made as Viktor clapped his hands together. He'd gotten something, and Yuuri was unsure of if he should be afraid or curious right now.

The older of the two grabbed his shoulders and practically beamed. “Stay right here I want you to watch this, ok!”

“Ok?” Watch what he'd wondered. Yuuri didn’t have to wait much longer as Viktor quickly took to the ice rink again. He watched entranced as the other skated effortlessly, as if it were as simple as breathing. He turned this way, spun his legs that way and even made sure o glance at Yuuri every now and then to see if he was watching.

It wasn’t until Viktor started finishing the second row did Yuuri realize he was making words in the ice.

He leaned over the railing of the ice rink to get a better look.

“Will…you...go..” He adjusted his glasses and blinked.

His eyes widened. “O-On a…date.”

He swallowed as Viktor finished up the last row. His voice was soft as he read the last lines. “With me?..”

Viktor stopped for a moment to eye his work and turned to look at Yuuri. He smiled happily as he skated back over to him. “Well, what do you say?”

Yuuri's face was beat red at this point and he just wanted to curl up into a ball and scream. He didn’t miss the tinge of red covering Viktor's cheeks, but he was purely convinced that was just from skating.

Yuuri shyly nodded, the relief clear on Viktor's face. He smiled and reached for his hands. “A date it is then! Haha. Come on, let’s go eat dinner with everyone.”

Yuuri nodded and let Viktor lead him back home.


Of course the news travelled fast. According to his mom he'd been blushing a lot near his coach lately so it seemed ‘obvious’. Yuuri was quite sure the triplets had something to do with this though. Regardless, his mom had been more than supportive mentioning the date whenever she could, his sister mad that he'd gotten THE VIKTOR NIKIFOROV to ask him out.

“Are you sure??” His sister would constantly ask him, only going away when Yuuri swatted at her.

Even Yuuri was unsure of why someone like Viktor had asked him out. He kept these thoughts to himself though and let the days go by. The date was set for Friday and here he was already in his bedroom on Thursday night, staring at the ceiling.

Yuuri was surprised when the blonde Russian busted in his room, magazine in his hands. He gave Yuuri a look as he sat up quickly and walked over to him.


The magazine landed on his bed with a soft thud and Yuuri simply blinked at it. “What's this for?"

“Fucking dumbass. Open it to the back!” Yuri grumbled at him. He turned away from him slightly but Yuuri could see the Russian blonde eyeing him from the corner of his eye. He looked from him to the magazine in confusion but grabbed it anyway and turned to the back. He was surprised when he read the headline.

How To Prepare for A Date:- A Guide For Girls!

“Before you talk shit about this it was all I could find, ok! Don’t think of this as anything more. I just don’t want you to make a fool out of Viktor…and don’t wear anything stupid, ya hear?” The boy continued to ramble on as he walked towards Yuuri's closet.

Yuuri almost snorted at that. Have you seen Yurio's fashion sense??? Oh well. It didn’t seem like it, but Yuri genuinely wanted the date to go well for both him and Viktor.

Said boy was wading through his closet, holding up clothes and comparing, putting some back in the closet and leaving others on a nearby shelf. “You call this fashion?”

A small smile graced the older boys face. “Thank you, Yuri.”

The blonde sputtered at this and frantically turned around, dropping the clothes in his hand. He cursed and picked them up. “Whatever. Read the magazine.”

Yuuri shook his head fondly. “I am I am.”



Yuuri yawned as his surroundings started to become clear. He fell asleep after he’d finished reading the Date Tips, even flipping through the magazine after that to see what else was in it. Yuri had picked out a surprisingly ok outfit for him and immediately left, telling him to wear it like he meant it before walking out.

Huh, maybe he was trying to say be confident and comfortable. Whatever the message Yuuri was happy and thanked him as he left his room, and that’s the moment his head fell back on the pillow, sleep welcoming him with open and inviting arms.

He was up now though, and the bundles of anxiety littering around in his stomach were going haywire. He was going on a date with Viktor Nikiforov. The guy who is pretty enough to be a model. The guy who’s a professional world renown skater. The guy that came all the way to Japan from Russia just to coach him, to be near him and now he wanted to date him.

But how could he?

Why would he want to go on a date with someone.. Like him?

Yuuri blinked tiredly and rubbed his eyes. He heard somewhere that calling your anxiety ‘excitement’ can help lessen it. He honestly wonders how he'll be able to get through this.

At breakfast Yuuri could feel everyone’s eyes on him and Viktor, especially Viktor.

Cheerful banter ran across the table between everyone which made him a little more relaxed and the food was as good as ever.

He'd be ok.

A reassuring smile from his mom sitting across the table told him he would.


Yuuri was not ok.

After breakfast Viktor had gotten a hold of him and told him he could start getting ready to leave and that he'd meet him at the front of the house.

So here he was outside and dressed. It was still very chilly out, so it only made sense to wear his beanie. He had on a simple black shirt with the saying ‘MILK' in white letters on it. A pair of red sneakers to go with his black jeans and a blue coat. He made time by watching the way his breath turned white in the cold air, steam hitting his glasses every other second.

Yuuri could hardly contain his anxiety. He really hoped he looked alright. He heard a knock and looked around, his eyes landing on the window behind him. His family, including Yuri were there peeking at him from behind the doorway. They mouthed good luck, giving him thumbs up and smiling knowingly at him.

He flushed and covered his cheeks.Yuri gave him a look, whether it meant ‘Don’t fuck this up, or good luck’ he was unsure.

He didn’t have time to dwell on this as they all seemed to hear a noise, disappearing from sight. His eyebrows rose in confusion before seeing Viktor step out.

Yuuri simply stared.

Viktor was wearing a long-sleeved black and white striped shirt with a pair of tight black jeans. He had on a set of red converse shoes and a gray sweater tied around his waist.

“Oh! Cute!” He beamed in English as soon as he saw Yuuri. He eyed him again for a moment before he walked forward, Yuuri meeting him halfway.

“Ah, did you say something, Viktor?”

“Nothing at all~ You look very pretty Yuuri.” Viktor smiled at him.

“What? M-Me?”

“Yes, you always look beautiful. Especially when you skate. You’re always interesting to watch Yuuri.”

Yuuri hummed and looked to the side. There was a group of children playing near the bridge, a worried mother scolding them for getting too close to the edges. He smiled.

“You look really, really, really good in those.” He inhaled and quickly turned back to the taller man. “Not like I was eyeing you or anything! Just uh…” Yuuri was already cringing at himself. What was he even saying.

“Why thank you.” Viktor teased. “I admit I was also eyeing you. Haha.”

Yuuri covered his face in embarrassment.

“Its fine Yuuri. Are you ready to go?” Without turning around he smiled. “Yuri's been spying on us all this time, when he should be practicing, but I just wanted to know how you’re feeling.”

Yuuri jumped as he heard the Russian yell from somewhere in the house and suddenly it was quiet.

Maybe they should go…

He nodded and smiled. “Is there anywhere you want to go first?”

Viktor clapped his hands together. “How about the beach? We can sit and talk for a while then get some food. Does that sound good for starters?”


“Awesome let's go!”

Wait starters? Yuuri yelped as Viktor grabbed his hand and lead the way. It was almost if he had lived here his whole life rather than Yuuri. He smiled though as Viktor urged him along, the chilly wind hitting his face. But he paid no mind to it as he ran. Their hands were locked together tightly.

The two collapsed on a bench; Yuuri a little more out of breath than the other. The puffs of air were heavy and white in the air, and mixed together before they rose and dissipated into the sky.

Viktor laughed. “That’s one way to get the blood pumping.”

Yuuri giggled and sat up a little more.

They watched the waves for a while in a comfortable silence until Viktor started to stare at Yuuri. Yuuri shivered and unconsciously turned to look. He was met with the soft gaze of Viktor’s ocean blue eyes.

Yuuri flushed and looked away. “Is there something on me?”

Viktor tilted his head. “Not at all. You’re just really amazing, Yuuri.”

Yuuri shook his head. Viktor was the amazing one. Who just packs up everything to meet one little useless person like him. Maybe he's still dreaming.

He played with his fingers for a while and turned to Viktor again. He licked his lips before speaking.

“May I ask what else you liked to do back in Russia other than skating?”

Viktor sat up at this and smiled. “Oh! There’s this really neat event called Volga Quest! Its an international Sled Dog Race.”

Yuuri made a noise of interest at the mention of dogs. Dogs were pure.

“Yeah and around this time Veliky Ustyug will light up the first Christmas Tree and they’ll have a play and games for the kids. Its wonderful.” Victor was bursting with excitement now and leaned in close to Yuuri. “I have to take you there one day! Maybe we can go to the Hyperborea in Petrozavodsk!”

Yuuri chuckled as Viktor excitedly talked about his home life and listened to him explain about the different festivals they had.

“They all sound amazing, Viktor.”

The silverette stared at him for a moment before giving him a gentle smile. The two stayed there for another hour calmly listening to the waves and watching the water. It would soon freeze over in another week or two.

They simply enjoyed the others company in the crisp air, making idle chatter here and there.

It wasn’t until their stomachs growled loudly that the two laughed and agreed getting lunch would be good.

“How about you show me somewhere nice to eat, my little Yurochka. Japanese food is still very yummy!” Viktor patted his stomach. “I wonder how much you'd like our food though.”

Yuuri hummed as they walked around. The first place he thought of was his moms house. Her food was amazing but it would be awkward to go there. It wouldn’t be much of a date then honestly. Yuuri shook his head. No way.

“How about the restaurant place down the road. We can eat outside if you want?”

“Marvelous!” Viktor snapped his fingers.

Yuuri laughed.

The two were seated now and had ordered something to share. Yuuri nearly died when Viktor ordered for the both of them. The waiter had stopped and blinked twice at him. Probably wondering if it was THE actual Viktor Nikiforov sitting in front of her, but Yuuri had taken it as her being shocked for him ordering. Nonetheless, she disappeared and left the two to their own devices once again. “

W-We’re sharing?” He winced as his voice cracked. Damn his nerves.

“Isn’t that what people do on dates? Ah, like when people share milkshakes. Yuuri do you think they have milkshakes here?” He was bouncing and went to grab the menu but the waiter had taken them.

Yuuri watched as he practically deflated. “We can always get ice cream later if that’s better?” He tried to re-assure him with a smile.

Viktor stared at him for a moment and smiled. “Alright. Hey Yuuri.”


“Lets take a selfie.”

“Wait right now?!? No way.”

“But your smile was cute just now! How can I resist?”

He sputtered and covered his face as Viktor scooted his chair closer. He held his phone up. “Trust me Yuuri you look very pretty. Just one pretty please?”

Yuuri stilled for a moment and slowly removed his hands from his face. “Well…maybe just one..won’t hurt.”

Viktor smiled and held up his phone again. “Rumour has it that Yuuri Katsuki's ass is totally lit.”

Yuuri snorted and broke into a laugh at that. He glanced at Viktor through his laughter. “My what?!”

But Viktor had already taken the picture. It showed him grinning at Yuuri, his hand on his shoulder, and Yuuri looking at him, a huge grin on his face from laughing. “Success.”

“Viktor!” Yuuri blushed as Viktor quickly posted the picture. Viktor flashed him an innocent smile and a peace sign.

He could feel everyone staring at them, well probably just Viktor. He hoped nothing bad was being posted.

“Can this be my new background? I’m keeping it.”

Yuuri could only sink down to the table in hopes of recovering, a giggling Viktor messing about on his phone.

When their food arrived Yuuri swore the waiter looked jealous, but handed them their chopsticks nonetheless. Viktor eyed her for a moment before smiling at Yuuri. He was a fast learner, so Yuuri had taught him to use his chopsticks when he first came here. But there was no harm in acting. “I seem to be having trouble with these…Hey Yuuri can you feed me one of your sushi rolls? Just this once?”

The Russian looked at him hopefully and put on his best pout.

Yuuri wouldn’t fall for it…not at all…not…one...bit..


“Better yet, what if we feed each other. That sounds very cute, yeah?”

Yuuri shook his head. With all these people around? “No way.” He choked out. The red dusting his cheeks told otherwise.

Viktor smiled. “Don’t worry, Yuuri. Remember this is about us. If you’re worried about what people are thinking then you should take a moment to breathe, alright?”

Yuuri slowly craned his neck to look at him in wonder, blue eyes interlocking with brown.

He inhaled and exhaled making up his mind. “This can’t go on Instagram, though.”

Viktor frowned. “Ive already gotten so many cute pictures of you though..”


“Fine…come on our food is getting cold.”

“Alright Alright.”

“Say ah, Yuuri.”

Yuuri giggled. “What happened to having trouble with your chopsticks?”

“Oh, did I say that?”

Yuuri shook his head in amusement.

They were almost done eating when Yuuri’s phone frantically vibrated. The two looked at each other before looking back at each other. Yuuri excused himself and opened it, Viktor looking over his shoulder curiously.

Angry Yuri: OI


Angry Yuri: OI OI OI




Yuuri gulped and closed his phone. Texts and missed call notifications; mainly from Yuri, were flooding his phone, whether they all were from Yuri, his family or people that had seen Viktor's Instagram he was undecided.

“You took more pictures?"

Viktor frowned guiltily. “I’m sorry…you’re really cute, Yuuri.“

Yuuri wanted to hide his face again. “At least ask first.”

Viktor smiled. “I promise.“

Yuuri blinked up at him and held out his pinky. “Pinky promise. That’s what my mom and I used to do all the time when I was younger.”

“Oh?” Viktor interlocked his pinky with him. “Well, ok.”

He stood and pulled Yuuri up with him.

“Are we leaving?” The other nodded. Yuuri blinked as he saw Viktor reaching for his wallet. “Why are you getting your wallet out?”

“I thought I was paying.”

“I thought I was paying?”

The two looked at each other and laughed.

“Ok how about I pay for this, and you pay for the ice cream. Then it’ll be even, yeah!” Viktor said cheerily.

Yuuri beamed and nodded.

He put some money and the table and put his hand out towards Yuuri. “Shall we go my skating prince?”

Yuuri could faint right there. If he was a prince in Viktor’s eyes then Viktor might as well be a king.


“What’s that?”

Yuuri stopped walking and turned to see what Viktor was looking at. “Hmm?” Upon closer inspection Yuuri smiled. “They’re called crepes!”


“Yes they’re very sweet. Come to think of it I haven’t had one in awhile. People usually go for the strawberry ones,” he pointed “but I rather like the chocolate crepes. They come with sliced bananas! “

Viktor made a sound of astonishment as he eyed the glass case displays. “We have too…”


He quickly turned to the shorter of the two. “Yuuri! I know you’re supposed to be off eating a little too much but…just this once. Let’s get crepes!” He started bouncing in place. “We can exercise it off later, yeah? Two chocolate crepes please!”

Yuuri sighed. He'd already ordered anyway… Oh well. “I guess it would be bad to waste it haha.”

“Yes!” Viktor happily eyed the treats the worker gave him. “Yuuri we gotta take pictures.”

The boy raised an eyebrow.

Viktor simply winked at him. “They’re good for memory~ And you said to ask. I did!”

Yuuri snorted. “Ok ok. Where’s your phone?”

“Back pocket. Hurry, Yuuri! The crepes are calling us.”


“Yup.” Viktor smiled. “If you’re nervous there’s no need. I’m sure you’ll be doing this a lot more in the future.” He teased.

Yuuri was sure if he had a drink he would’ve spat it out. “Viktor don’t say things like that!”

“Aww, seeing you get all flustered is the best though.” Viktor blinked. “Ah but seriously the crepes are gonna drip.” G

etting the phone out of Viktor’s back-pocket was one of the longest seconds Yuuri ever had to experience. Viktor seemed quite smug that the red refused to leave his face though.

“Alright take one now and then let’s pose for one, if you’d like to.”

“That sounds ok.”

The smile Viktor seemed to produce from hearing this was blinding. How could someone be so bright?


“There’s one more place I’d like us to go, Yuuri.”

“There is?”

“Yes I’m sure you’ll like it.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see soon enough.” He smiled.

Yuuri simply looked at him and followed along. The night air had picked up by now and there was a subtle breeze blowing every now and then. Yuuri was rubbing his hands together, his puffs of white air much more visible now that the sun was setting. Viktor noticed and silently took hold of his hand. The sky was a nice shade of colors; vibrant oranges and reds, purple creeping into the mixture.

“We’re here!” Viktor exclaimed.

Yuuri grinned.

They stood in front of the skate rink. Of course they’d come here. This is the very place Viktor asked him out at.

Viktor lead him inside, both of them immediately putting their skates on. “I asked your friend to let us use the place tonight! We both like skating so I thought it would be a nice way to end the date…”

“Its lovely.” He beamed as he eyed the ice. The lights from the ceiling bounced off it, making it appear as though it was glowing.

What he didn’t see was Viktor scrolling through his phone. The Russian turned up the volume to the loudest and set it down on a nearby bench.

Yuuri was startled out of his musings when he heard his partner call him.

“Shall we skate together, Yuuri?” His hands were held out to him, warm and inviting despite the coldness of the ice surrounding them.

“O-Oh.” He smiled. “Of course.”

Once again, Yuuri found himself holding his hands, looking into those vibrant blue eyes as Viktor gently skated away from the entrance, leading them further onto the rink.

He could hear the start of a song playing, the words getting louder and softer, louder and softer as they spun circles around the rink together.


“I thought it’d be nice to skate to.”

“Is this…Is that Beyoncé? This song really??”

Viktor started to whistle along. “Yoncé is a nice song.”

Yuuri laughed as Viktor dipped him and grabbed him by the waist before they both spun, Viktor successfully lifting him in the air and gracefully setting him on the ground.

Thankfully the song had come to an end and another quickly followed after.

Yuuri stopped for a moment to listen and smiled. He almost snorted when Viktor started singing along.

“Live in my house, I’ll be your shelter, just pay me back with 1000 kisses.”


“Be my lover...”

“Rent seriously?“

He shrugged and flashed him a winning smile. “I’ll cover you~”

Yuuri giggled as they slowly moved together. “I’m not that good of a singer I’ll tell you now.”

Viktor hummed. “Im sure its fine.”


“Come on, Yuuri. Listen the duet is coming up we absolutely have too!”

Yuuri bit his lip. “Ill give it my best…but don’t laugh.”

Viktor smiled, he’d gotten Yuuri to sing. To sing for him. Yuuri, the boy who had trouble making friends, the boy who’d enticed him from the moment he’d seen him. He’d inspired him and now here he was hopelessly in love with him. They were skating to a sappy love song from a Broadway Musical and Viktor honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You’re really amazing Yurochka.”


“You’re incredible.” He slowly slid his hands down to his waist to pull him closer.

Yuuri was silent for a long while and shook his head. “No. I’m just…me.”

“What do you mean?”

Yuuri smiled bitterly. “I’m still not even sure why you’re interested in me. I’m plain Viktor. I’m still quite chubby and my skills aren’t as good as they could be-“

“Yuuri Yuuri Yuuri. Don’t be so negative. I like you the way you are and so should you.” The Russian leaned his forehead against Yuuri's. “I believe in you.”

Yuuri hummed in thought and continued to let Viktor lead him around the ice rink.

“We’ll see.”

It was quiet for awhile again, the only noise switching between the crunch of their skates hitting the ice, the lull of Viktor’s music in the background and their heartbeats calmly residing as one.

“Hey, Yuuri.” Viktor said softly. His skating came to a slow glide as he watched him. Yuuri looked up. “Can I kiss you?”

Yuuri gulped and subconsciously glanced at Viktor's lips. It was still for a moment as he watched them and silently nodded. And that’s when Viktor leaned in, closer and closer until their lips met ever so gently.

They tasted like chocolate.


Yuuri gasped as they started to walk the familiar path on their way home. Viktor stopped and curiously looked at him. “We forgot all about the ice-cream.”

Viktor stared at him for a long time before bursting into laughter. “Well, then we can have a next time right?”

Yuuri smiled and nodded excitedly. “Come to think of it I guess the crepes replaced the ice-cream.”

“Those crepes were very sweet. I find myself craving the taste again.” He looked at Yuuri slyly.


“Infact, I think I will.”

Oh. Oh. Yuuri shyly reciprocated and the two shared a short, sweet kiss. He made a small noise and Viktor laughed.

“I worry about you.”

“Why’s that?”

“You’re just so kissable. How will you survive me, Yuuri.” He made a point of leaning over to kiss Yuuri’s forehead.

Yuuri simply buried his head into the mans side. Viktor quietly reached for his hands and twined them together.



“I love you, Yuuri.” He closed his eyes. “You don’t have to say it now but tell me when you’re ready.”

Yuuri shakily inhaled and moved away from Viktor’s side. He bit his lip before standing up on his toes to kiss Viktor’s cheek. “I love you, too.”

Viktor stood very still, red forming over his face. Yuuri blushed at seeing him flustered and tried to snap him out of it. “V-Viktor?!? Viktor let’s go home now. Ahhh.”

It was quiet for awhile then Viktor smiled. “Im happy…Like really happy.”

Yuuri blinked as the onsen could be seen in the distance. The lights were on all over the place and the air had become even chillier as time moved on. But Yuuri only felt warm as the two walked together, hand in hand.

“Me too.”