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'A Happy Ending' || An Undertale Story

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Now. Who would be first?

They had just been starting to settle in. They had all gotten homes and they had started to feel welcome in the surface.
Toriel, Frisk and Flowey had lived in the same house, Frisk was constantly begging Flowey to come up with them, and after a long time, he did.
Sans and Papyrus got their own home, nearby Toriel's, but also nearby the new established Grillby's, as well.
Asgore got his own home, sadly by himself. Alphys and Undyne pay him constant visits to tell him about recent anime and manga. Undyne and Alphys live together, more nearby Asgore than any other monster.
Some humans have been terrified by the existence of monsters, others trying to get them back underground, but it wasn't like they didn't have supporters as well.
Jobs have been quite hard to find for the monsters, but it was to be expected, as humans do not adapt to large changes very well.
Bratty and Catty had to get jobs, too. They didn't make a good living of selling garbage on the surface. They are both babysitters now, actually, hired to watch Monster Kid so they don't get in any trouble.
Mettaton and Napstablook live nearby Alphys and Undyne, they sometimes get fans at their door every once in a while.
Jerry didn't get a job and really couldn't get a job. He didn't care, anyways. I don't care about him, either.
The Froggit families moved to a more swampy location, Whimsuns following them as well.
Woshua Families and Shyren moved to more of a humid area.
Tsundereplanes, Pyropes and Vulkins also moving to a rather sweltering place.
The monsters living in the core really just lived wherever they liked, Knight Knight getting a watching duty for a police station.

They had really all gotten their happy ending. Frisk knew what was going to happen next, and they were trying to extend that happiness for a long period of time.