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Red And Blue Ocean One Shots

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 Twisted Cannons Of Fun

Toji looked up eyeing Kensuke who was chewing on his Dim Sung. “This party’s boring man, we got to spice it up.” Kensuke eyed the others who were all eating and drinking they’d been told that Misato would be passed out drunk by now in her bedroom hence that was how this had come about. “Twister?” Toji looked up. “No that’s chicken shit…plus Hikari won’t play it.” Kensuke looked up. “Spin the bottle?” Toji eyed Asuka and Shinji who were eating. “Please Asuka will smash the bottle like she did last time.” He turned eyeing the tall British girl with dark tailed hair and glasses who wasn’t saying much but was watching quietly while playing with her mobile phone app he lowered his voice to a whisper. “How’s about we get the British geek to have some fun on our behalf?” He smirked. “I heard that she’s kind of gay…like she was kissing one of other girls behind the shed.”  Kensuke looked up. “That chicken shit I heard she was kissing some guy from class eight two weeks ago.”


Toji moved forward eyeing Rei and Hikari who were eating quietly. “Who cares she’s probably free she’s easy let’s have some fun with her.” He crawled over to Mari who didn’t look up. “Hello there saw you were bored over here we were thinking of spicing things up, you know because the party is dying.” Mari pushed up her glasses as she spoke in a sly tone. “Oh really and how’s about you just cut all the bullshit and tell me what you really want?” Toji blinked in surprise he breathed in deeply. “Well.” Mari looked up a wide smile forming. “Come of beefcake, I don’t have all day, amuse me.” Kensuke moved over to her. “We heard you like boys and girls.” Mari looked up. “I might not that its any off your business.” Toji leaned over her shoulder. “Prove it.” He raised his hand. “Kiss every girl and boy in this room.” Mari leaned up looking him straight in the eye. “What’s in it for me?”


Kensuke put his hands together. “Our eternal respect.” Mari smirked as her gaze shifting to his data card which was poking out of his bag. “Yeah I’d rather have that, what is that an athalon 509 data card?” Kensuke turned. “No way!” Toji leaned over shoving his friend aside. “Ignore him! You get it if you kiss everyone in this room including us, no cheek pecks full on kisses and that includes Asuka, Rei and Hikari.” Kensuke smirked. “Good luck with Rei she’s frigid and Asuka will break your face and Hikari is a prude.” Toji turned sharply. “Shut up man Hikari is not a prude!” He turned back. “So is it a deal?” Mari looked up. “Yeah.” Kensuke felt a smile form. “So us first.” Toji leaned forward. “Yeah us first then the rest!” Mari breathed in deeply there were times when she used to hate the fact that she had missed so many years of her life being stuck inside a core and her body being frozen as a teenager but looking back she wouldn’t have been able to play around like this in the eighties as it would have been frowned up so but much had changed and now maybe she just wanted to make up for lost time even if it meant doing childish things.


She grabbed Toji’s t-shirt pulling him forward giving him a slow burning kiss oh yes playing with teenage boys was such fun she stopped pulling away watching as the deep blush appeared on his cheeks as he started to fidget. She felt a smile form as she looked at him. “One day your going to make someone very happy.” She turned eyeing Kensuke. “What about you Geekazoid you any good, or do you just like to pretend that you are?” Kensuke swallowed. “Well em.” She grabbed his collar yanking him forward kissing him softly ignoring Hikari’s shocked voice as she caught on somewhere in the corner as to what was going on. She pulled away from Kensuke not thinking as she shoved him over. “Your good but you need work.” She stood up seeing that Hikari was now standing opposite looking enraged as she spoke. “What you are you three doing?” Mari turned to her giving her a wide smile as she stood up. “We are playing kiss roulette want to join in?” Hikari eyed her. “You’re so weird.”


Mari put an arm around her shoulder moving her so she was out of ear shot of them as she spoke in a whisper. “There doing this stupid bet I have to kiss everyone…I want to win.” Hikari folded her arms. “I’m not being part of this stupid game.” Mari raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you want to prove to Toji that you’re not all sugar and spice? You know he might like that.” She watched as Hikari eyes started to dart as she began to digest that statement. “Really he’d like that?” Mari felt a toothy grin form. “Sure he would.” Hikari raised her hand as she spoke though with a stutter. “I’ve never…em kissed a girl before.” Mari’s smile widened further. “That no problem just let me lead.” She leaned forward making the kiss slow and sensual as possible before pulling away. “Your good I’m sure Toji would enjoy a kiss from you.” She was about to say more only for Asuka’s voice to shatter her thoughts. “What are ficken doing four eyes!?” Mari slowly turned to her. “I’m playing a game princess want to join in?” Asuka folded her arms. “Join in as in kiss you…I don’t do scheisse like that?”


Mari moved a step closer to her seeing that Shinji was now standing the only one who wasn’t was Rei who was watching quietly in the corner but not speaking her red eyes were clearly studying the situation though. “You are so rude do you kiss Shinji with that mouth?” She turned to Shinji who suddenly looked unsure and embarrassed. “We don’t kiss.” Mari eyed Asuka whose deep blue eyes were burning in to her. “Oh so she can’t kiss then?” Asuka turned the anger in her voice as spoke through gritted teeth. “I can kiss perfectly fine!” Mari leaned closer not caring that she was suddenly in side her personal space. “Prove it princess kiss me right now or are you afraid?” She breathed in deeply. “Or I can just kiss Shinji first you know because I’ll be getting to him next…your choice?” She moved back only for Asuka to grab her tie yanking her forward if anything the kiss was searing fire some and it suddenly ended as Asuka shoved her back suddenly blushing as she fidgeted uneasily trying to recompose her herself.


She smiled as she stepped over to Shinji. “Now it your turn...” She felt her smile turn to a softer one. “Good looking guy like you bet you get all of the girls.” Shinji looked down a soft smile forming. “Em…no not really.” Mari leaned closer being as soft and gentle as possible. “Pity because I think Asuka really like’s you….” She gently met his lips kissing very softly ignoring the sound as Asuka started to rant and fire off curse words as she pulled away. “You two should talk about that sometime.” She stepped away watching as he desperately tried to recompose himself seeing that Rei was now looking at her. She breathed in deeply seeing a sadness appear in her eyes maybe because she thought she wasn’t part of this or would be ignored. She slowly sat down opposite her realizing that she had to be soft and honest with this young girl because she wasn’t confident and she was so used to being on the outside. She ignored the arguing that had suddenly started up mostly caused by Asuka who was trying to hide the fact that someone had gotten to her and it had put a kink in ego and pride. “Rei is it?”


Rei looked up speaking quietly. “Yes.” Mari turned looking in to her eyes. “There playing this silly game they want me to kiss everyone.” Rei looked down sadly. “But not me.” Mari leaned over her speaking softly. “Yes you.” She breathed in deeply taking hold of her hand which had delicate fingers. “But only if you want to.” She looked up slightly. “Have you never been kissed?” Rei shook her head. “Then would you like me to kiss you?” Asuka’s voice suddenly cut through the air. “Tell her to hit the road wonder girl!” Mari ignored it getting a little closer though trying to be as none threatening as possible. “It’s up to you.” Rei looked up putting her book down. “I would…I want to know what its like.” Mari eased up her hand putting it gently on her face. “I’ll be gentle I won’t hurt you I promise.” The red eyes blinked up Rei didn’t speak. She leaned forward gently meeting her lips it was slow, soft sensual she felt the sudden strange twinge of something familiar and suddenly the world was melting away around her as if nothing existed as it hit her all at once.


It was like kissing Yui it was soft loving and compassionate like the feel of warm winter sunlight under cherry blossom. Suddenly she no longer cared for the game anymore it didn’t matter to her this girl was somehow like Yui and she had no idea how only that it felt like coming home she even smelled of Yui’s LCL and yet she had no never noticed it before. She stopped pulling away seeing that maybe she wasn’t the only one who was feeling the strange desire the other girl was blushing and looking at her strangely. Toji’s hand suddenly went over her shoulder as leaned over. “You win the bet!” Mari didn’t think as she shoved him off as hard as possible. “Fuck off I’m busy!” She ignored his surprise and confusion as she shifted a little closer looking in to the smaller woman’s red eyes which were darting. “What your full name?” Misato grabbed Pen Pen’s beak before he could make a noise, even her half drunk state watching this whole thing unfold and it had been better than pay for view.


Gift for DarkBluePhoenix based on his AU fanfiction character canon