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FFA Madness

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Title: Homecoming
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 15
Fandom/Theme: Angel/Merry Gentry
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: NeverNormal, TtH, Ffnet
Series: FFA Madness #23; Guarding the Princess #11
FFA Pairing: Faith/Andais
Spoilers: None
Summary: Andais has some questions for Faith and Meredith
Author's Note: I'm really excited about my FFA collection now- think I'll end up having close to 70 stories here by the time I'm done...all these wonderful pairings that have my muses jumping up and down in excitement. You can also track my progress on this and my other stories at my Nevernormal blog, if you are so inclined.

Faith had had her hands full the past few months between her little girl and helping Giles recuperate. So when Doyle notified her that Andais had requested a personal meeting, she'd told Frost she didn't think she could handle it right now. That had been a hard thing to adjust to- telling people she cared about what was really bothering her instead of bottling it up until she exploded like she used to do. Her husband had reassured her the rest of the guard would look after Princess Cordelia while Mom and Dad went to go visit the nasty Queen.


Both were mildly surprised when the sithen lead them towards Andais's personal chambers rather than the throne room, but ever since Meredith had awoken the sithen when the magic began returning to the Unseelie, Faith hadn't questioned a single thing the faery mound decided to do. When the doors opened, the couple immediately bowed into the deepest bows they could, which for Faith wasn't that easy, considering her balance was rather off these days, what with the pregnancy she and Frost had just found out about the week before.
“Apparently, my subjects have as much good news for me this day as I do for them,” Andias greeted them with a cat who found the cream kind of voice. This put both of them on edge, so Frost simply acknowledged that “Yes, my Queen, we are expecting again.”
“Wonderful. Blessings from the Goddess abound. Evergreen, come greet your kinswoman,” the Queen said with a good bit of glee, if Faith was any judge of her mood.
A slight woman of mixed heritage, judging by her pointed ears, came out of the alcove hesitantly, then, catching sight of Faith, abandoned all sense of decorum and ran to her, crying out “Faith! I thought I was the only one here,” in a surprisingly rich Texas accent.
Faith shook her head in bewildered surprise, coming up from her curtsey in enough time to catch the fae and a moment longer to process what she had just said. “Wait a sec- Fred? Angelus, er, Angel, told me you'd died when Illyria took over,” she blurted out.
“Oh, ah know. The Goddess Herself answered my plea to not waste away because of what Knox had done and gave me a new body and life here as a handmaid to Queen Andais,” Fred explained in a rush.
Faith glanced over to Andais, leery of this rush of sudden good fortune. “What else would you have of us, my Queen?” she asked, being careful to keep her anger at being manipulated again out of her voice and off of her face.
Andais smiled thinly. “Your newest addition from your world as well, he is a researcher, is he not?”
“Yes, my Queen. He was my Watcher in Sunnydale,” Faith responded, confusion furrowing her brow.
“Excellent! I have need of his services for a time, if you can spare him to us.”
Frost winced in sympathy at Faith's startled reaction. “We would, Queen Andais, but he is still recovering from his injuries.”
“Very well. Notify me when he is healed. As for Evergreen, I am sure she would be wonderful with the children,” Andais insisted with a wave to dismiss them.