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FFA Madness

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Title: Potion Making
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 15
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/Harry Potter
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: and TtH
Series: FFA Madness #12
FFA Pairing: Dawn Summers/Severus Snape
Spoilers: None
Summary: Severus is saved by a rather unusual potion

Severus Snape opened his eyes two months after the Final Battle. Quickly glancing around himself revealed both the fact that he appeared to be in the Intensive Care unit of St. Mungo's and that there was an unknown brunette girl asleep in a chair by his bed. He must have made some noise moving about to have the woman waking up and glancing over at him. Seeing he was awake, she smiled widely. “Oh good- you're awake finally. The docs here hoped the latest dose of that potion would help,” she commented before jumping up and dashing off, presumably to notify the Mediwitch assigned to this ward. Snape merely sat up against his pillows, Accioed a glass of water and contemplated his current situation. Unlike what he had thought, apparently Nagini's bite had not killed him and the Mediwitches here were trying out a new potion on him that this young woman had helped with, or perhaps told them about, since, based on her mixture of American and British accents showed she'd spent much time in America before coming here. He could only assume she had graduated from one of the American schools, since from the looks of her, she was a bit too old to still be a student. There was a bit of commotion outside the ward and then the doors swung open to show the mystery woman accompanied by a Mediwitch he remembered as having been competent in Potions when he'd taught her.
“Ah, Mr. Snape, so glad to see it all worked as well as Miss Summers predicted. She assured us the Key energy infused into the healing potion would suffice,” Mediwitch Davies explained. Off of his arched brow, she explained that Dawn could better explain the process and that she'd be back to check on him later. The moment she left, Dawn merely waved her hand, whispering Silence and Severus could feel a hum about his bed that reminded him of the conversation quieting spell.
“So, Miss Summers, I have you to thank for my recovery?” he asked.
Dawn smirked. “In more ways that one- see, I'm not even from your dimension. I'm traveling around the multiverse with my Anchor, a friend and fellow witch called Willow and-”
“Nonsense! Transdimensional travel is useless without the Key that was guarded by the monks of Dagon and since they all died out years before, I know there is no one to help you find it,” Severus countered with a touch of his usual sneer.
Dawn merely shrugged as she continued to grin. “No need to look- I'm the Key, and it was my energy that gave your body time to heal with the potion they have here already.”
“The Key? A human girl?” he queried, highly doubtful.
“Yup!” she exclaimed cheerfully. “The monks of my dimension sent me to be the little sister of the Slayer and then once chaos was averted and our lives settled down after Sunnydale collapsed, my sister Buffy suggested I learn how to control the powers that made up the Key and Willow volunteered to help be my Anchor after things with Kennedy went belly up.”
“And the reason you offered to save my life?” he asked tersely.
“Pure coincidence, Mr Snarky Pants. See, Willow had this idea that all authors throughout the multiverse tap into a bit of it when they write- seeing what is reality in one timeline and writing it out as fiction. And since I loved reading Harry Potter as a kid, when Willow suggested I think of a timeline to travel to first, I thought of you- how I would have loved to save you,” she explained and Severus was amazed to realize she'd done that all in one breath.
“Well then congratulations, Miss Summers- you've accomplished your mission,” he snarked.
“Not entirely. See, Willow wants to go home now, but I still want to jump around for a bit. So I figured I'd ask if you'd like to tag along with me for a bit while you recover and I pop you back here when you've had enough. Whatcha say- wanna go play Doctor Who?” she asked, holding out a hand for him to shake.
This should be interesting, but who is Doctor Who? he thought as he shook her hand.