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FFA Madness

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Title: An Uncertain Twist
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 15
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/In Death/Highlander
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: and TtH
Series: FFA Madness #5; Uncertain #1
FFA Pairing: Faith/Eve Dallas
Spoilers: None
Summary: Faith finds another Immortal as she finds her First Death
Author's Note: This series is because I wanted to branch my muse out from just writing Alissa and/or Castle and so I scoured the FFA list for ones I liked and hadn't been done yet. I think I ended up with a list of about 28 pairings I'll be ending up doing, though I have three written that when I post them here will be linked to the FFA pairings...all else will go here...enjoy :D

As much as she was loathe to admit it, Faith still loved New York. It had been through a lot over the years, even the worst of the Urban Wars, but still came back swinging. Hell, someone had tried to blow up the Statue of Liberty a few years back and it hadn't worked. Right now, though, she was busy following the faint “signal” in the back of her head that she'd learned over time meant that a Pre-Immortal was nearby. She'd managed to narrow it down to a bank of buildings that had last been in use before the Urbans when she heard someone yell out “Eve!” and someone else yell out “Shit” all right before a woman who'd been dangling on a third floor ledge, if the guy hanging out of it was any indicator, landed by her feet, on top of a rather beefy looking guy. Faith ran over to check for her pulse, knowing in her heart that she wouldn't find one moments before tall, beefy and Irish ran out, grabbing on to the other woman's hand.
A ghra! Darling Eve, talk to me!” he demanded.
Considering the trauma and shock, Faith figured the other woman would wake up quicker than all seemed to depend on how violent and traumatic the First Death was for Immortals, or at least that was Faith's theory. Hers had happened while fighting one too many Xan'th demons and getting a claw straight through the heart- she'd taken four hours to wake, and all of the Gang had assumed that amount of time was due to her Slayer healing.
She nodded in agreement at her mental guess when the fellow brunette gasped for breath and the Irishman gathered her close. “Ah, Eve, I thought I'd lost you for a moment there.”
“Uh, actually, you did,” Faith commented, leaning up against the front of the building, legs crossed and stretched out in front of her. She merely smirked when Eve's police issue aimed at her.
“That's bullshit! This little punk broke my fall!” Eve demanded as her husband helped her stand.
Faith just shook her head. “Hate to break it to ya, but it didn't work- you died for a few minutes there,” the Immortal insisted.
Eve marched towards her, fire in her amber eyes. “If that's true, why am I not still dead?”
Faith held her hands up in surrender as she pushed herself away from the wall. “Look, I would say just finish processing your crime scene here while I take Irish over here back to where ever's comfortable for you guys and I can explain when you're done.”
Eve glanced over at Roarke, one of those silent married couple conversations going on, before he nodded.
“I'll have Summerset serve tea while we wait for you,” he stated calmly and Eve grinned wolfishly. If anyone could keep an eye on this unknown woman, it would be Roarke's majordomo.