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FFA Madness

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Title: Not My Type
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 18
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/Anita Blake
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: and TtH
Series: FFA Madness #1; A Bigger World #4
Spoilers: None
FFA Pairing: Dawn/Anita
Summary: Anita Blake gets a little more than she bargained for when she meets Marshal Dawn Summers
Author's Note: This series is because I wanted to branch my muse out from just writing Alissa and/or Castle and so I scoured the FFA list for ones I liked and hadn't been done yet. I think I ended up with a list of about 28 pairings I'll be ending up doing, though I have three written that when I post them here will be linked to the FFA pairings...all else will go here...enjoy :D

Anita had thought that the new Marshal might be a good sight better than her last partner, but since the other two Marshals on this job were Olaf and Edward, she wasn't so sure. Marshal Summers was 5'10”, a little bit taller than Edward and most definitely taller than her, but she seemed harder than both of them somehow. So, once the women were both alone while the boys scouted out the perimeter, she turned to the younger woman, keeping an eye on the house for escaping vamps, though the Marks she shared with Jean Claude should help in that regard. “How are you able to handle all of this? I mean, I know how things were for me, my necromancy and connections to the dead, but, hell, you didn't seem old enough to drink until I saw you drink that Bringer vampire under the table last month,” she commented as they checked both personal arsenals in preparation for Edward's signal. Anita had her sword as long as her forearm already strapped to her back, knives in both wrist sheathes, her Browning HR in the shoulder holster, her Ruger LCR .38 in the rear pants holster and another couple throwing knives in the sheathes in her boots, courtesy of Godofredo. From what she could see on Dawn, there were sais on both sides of her belt, two 1991 A-1 .45s in her double shoulder holster, a Mossberg 500 rifle slung across her back, not to mention the large katana strapped to her own back that she'd told Anita during an earlier mission her friend Mac had given it to her.
Glancing up from loading her extra clips into their spots of easier access, Dawn slid her piercing gaze towards the Executioner. “Simple- I grew up in Sunnydale,” she told her then stood up and headed towards the firefight that the boys had apparently started without them.


Anita and Edward had been comparing notes about the kiss of vampires they'd just finished off when they heard commotion coming from the other side of the house. They both came at a run, only to find Dawn sighting down her body at Olaf, whose hands, Anita noted, were covered in blood, since at least Anita and Edward knew he preferred a more hands on approach for getting rid of vampires. Apparently Summers hadn't known and really didn't like it. She went to say something to Dawn but soon realized all the other woman's attention was on Olaf at the moment.
“Look here, big guy- I've ignored the grumbles and gripes about having to work with a female, cuz I know Blake is more a part of the boys club than my sister could ever attempt to be,” Dawn commented. Olaf smirked as he stared at her, but smart enough to neither move closer or go for one of his weapons.
“Slayers...such a yummy treat,” he murmured, which caused Dawn's gun to ratchet a little higher then steady.
“You FUCKING bastard! You're the one the Initiative used to try and break some of the minis!” she screamed, but her gun held steady.
“Mmm, yes, the Keyed little sister..I was hoping to have an opportunity to meet you,” Olaf commented, which had Anita knitting her brow in confusion and glancing over at Edward, who merely shook his head and shrugged.
Glancing to the side at the other two Marshals, Dawn said “Sorry to have to do this, but there's already an international warrant out on this fucker under his real name, so not even the State Department can override it. Problem is, it's one of those Execute With Due Prejudice kind, cuz this was one of those spearheaded by the Queen herself. I didn't mean to get you two involved, but I don't know if I've have taken this assignment if I'd known who I'd have to be working with.”
Edward was the one who glanced between the two combatants and asked what was on their minds. “What did he do?”
“He helped the now disbanded Initiative, a government group within the US military, kidnap, torture, and experiment on some of the younger activated Slayers. Once the military docs were done with them, they'd give the ones Heinrich here liked best to him to play with and merely disposed of the rest,” Dawn explained, her hands still steady on her gun, though her throat and eyes burned.
That's why the lack of information on Olaf here in the States! Anita thought, then turned to Edward, the horror quickly turning to rage. “You knew,” she stated.
Edward put his hands up in surrender as Anita's Browning was quickly pointed at his head. “I knew he had sealed records, courtesy of the State Department, but not exactly why. I've met a few of the Slayers and if I'd known...” he started.
“You would have still done nothing,” Olaf commented to Edward slowly. “You are as much a killer as I have been, and you cannot say you feel guilty about a couple of girls who are outlawed from doing what they think is their duty now anyway,” he said with a self-justified smile, even though Dawn had managed to switch from the handgun to the Mossberg while he'd talked. His smile dimmed a little when Edward began to grin, however. This was not his nice Ted, hale fellow well meet smile; this was Death's smile right before he cut you off at the knees.
“For once, Olaf, you're wrong. I thought Ted needed someone like Donna and, while I miss her and her kids, Faith gets me better than almost anyone, outside of Anita. So no, I wouldn't have stood by. I will now, though, since I know this particular order from the Queen means only those with permission from the Watcher's Council can carry out the warrant.”
Dawn smirked as she muttered a few words in Latin under her breath then began firing away with the rifle. Anita had thought it was an odd choice of weapons to use to execute someone, but then again, that hadn't thought they'd need to bring any of the semi-autos. Then she noticed that Olaf wasn't really moving. Granted, he was struggling to do so, but it was like he was in quicksand. She and Edward merely stood there and watched as Dawn literally cut him down to size. Once he was dead, she knelt down, gasping for breath, but that soon turned into tears and then progressed from there into gut wrenching sobs. Taking a deep breath after the storm of emotions had passed, Dawn stood back up, pointed at the body and simply said Incindiere. Olaf's body burst into flames as Dawn headed towards them.
Looking at Edward, she said “Now I know why Faith says she loves Death between the sheets,” she commented with a slight grin, before turning and hugging Anita. “Thank you for understanding. Call me when the brass wants to hear my side of the story." She then headed back to her car, grabbing the rest of her gear along the way.
Anita watched her go, then looked at Edward. “Faith? As in the only current Slayer to make Marshal? You're fucking her?”
“Not that it's any of your business, but we do a lot more than fucking together,” was his smirked reply.