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FFA Madness

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Title: Good With His Hands
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 15
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/Harry Potter
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: NeverNormal, TtH, AO3
Series: FFA Madness #44; Hogwarts: The New Class #2
FFA Pairing: Cordelia/Neville Longbottom
Spoilers: None
Summary: Cordelia goes to the Herbology professor for advice on course curriculum

It was still a few days before the start of term and Cordelia had hit a brick wall in her lesson plans. She was trying to keep the spells taught and creatures talked about age appropriate, but she also wanted a bit more practical hands-on training for her sixth and seventh years. She’d already tried talking to Hagrid, but his suggestion of visiting the Acromantula had her asking who else could help her out without risking the life and limb of her students. So she’d wandered over to the greenhouses and propped her hip up on one of the tables scattered throughout the building and watched Professor Longbottom for a moment. Sleeves rolled up, dust smudges on his nose, he was busy re-potting seedlings at the moment. Smirking, she jumped back down and wandered closer.
“What exotic type plant are you working with today?” she asked.
Neville chuckled. “Nothing so exotic as common basil. The houseelves used to grow it near the kitchens, but I find I get a better yield growing it here,” he explained as he wiped his hands on a rag and held one out for her to shake. “Good to finally meet you in person, Professor Chase. Sorry, but I don’t get up to the castle much in the summer - my wife runs the Leaky Cauldron now, so I stay with her more when school’s not in session.”
Cordelia nodded in understanding. “The reason I stopped by is that Hagrid said you might have some suggestions for my older classes. Anything’s better than his suggestion I take the munchkins to see the spiders in the Forbidden Forest,” she told him with a shudder.
Neville just shook his head. “Uh, yeah, that would be because Hagrid had raised the damn spider since Aragog had been smaller,” he said with a wry chuckle.
Taking her hand, he dragged her towards one of the greenhouses on the end. “This is where I keep the more dangerous plants. Now, let me tell you about a few plans I have for the older years, and see what we can come up with.”


After finishing up her lesson plans and leaving them for McGonagall, Cordelia headed back down to the Apparation point as agreed.
“So, Professor, what might Hannah have planned for us for dinner then?”