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FFA Madness

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Title: Family Connections
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 18
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/In Death
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: NeverNormal, TtH, AO3
Chapters: 2/2
Series: FFA Madness #33
FFA Pairing: Buffy/Eve Dallas
Spoilers: None
Summary: Eve finds out something about her past

“Well, the bad news is there are plenty of Elizabeth Summers, even with her specifications. Arthur Whitby, however, is a singular individual. Born in Perth Australia in August of 2025, he was a mere child during most of the Urbans. Hired as a clerk while still in primary school, he has risen in the ranks through the years to become the Undersecretary to a Liam Chase at a London based business known as the International Watchers Initiative. Mr Chase, incidentally, is listed as the Chief Financial Officer of said company,” Roarke informed her, pulling up a picture of Chase. “Now, having had a little free time while I looked up this information this afternoon, the International Watchers Initiative is quite interesting, which is why I wanted to be on the Unregistered. I've been peeling layer upon layer of security off, which isn't surprising, and I keep finding links to them or people high up in their organization in nearly every major country so far. One of the main things I've managed to uncover so far is that they were one of the first companies in the States and Britain to start relief efforts near the end of the Urban Wards. But a large portion of their funding seems rather tied up for a securities company,” he commented absently.
“Well, you keep at that angle, and I'm going to go talk to Miss Summers,” Eve said after a blistering hot kiss from her husband.


She was still on her way when Morris called, relaying the information that the same ancient composite had been found in the wounds in both victims, and that the other victim's full name was a Jason Harris. Eve thanked him as she pulled up in front of Elizabeth's brownstone. The petite blonde ushered her inside and into a tastefully decorated living room. Picking up a nearby tablet, she handed it to Eve. “I'm not the best at art, but this is the girl I saw in James' apartment,” Elizabeth explained.
Eve copied the drawing of a tall, slim, blue haired woman onto her PPC before handing it back. “Do you know the woman?”
“No, not that I can think of,” she replied with a shake of her head, as she motioned for Eve to sit down and took a seat on a couch opposite Eve.
“Do you know If Jason had been having any trouble at work lately? At home?”
Elizabeth shrugged. “I know there were a few things at work he wanted to revamp.”
“Where did Jason work?”
“International Watchers' Initiative. His grandfather was one of the founding Council members about 60 years ago, I think.”
Eve asked her a few more questions, but nothing else set her instincts flaring like the fact of where Jason had been employed. She was heading back home when Roarke called her. “I'm not sure what the bloody hell is going on, but I must have tripped an internal alarm of some sort.”
“But, I thought that wasn't possible with the Unregistered!” Eve exclaimed.
“Nor should it, but all the same, there's suddenly this redheaded woman on the screen thanking me for my continued interest in the Watcher's Council and that someone would be contacting me shortly. Now, it's like the company doesn't even exist on my computers,” he growled, frustration clear on his face.
Eve whipped back around to head back the way she'd come, but the away message was on, and without more to go on, a frustrated Eve could only leave a message requesting Elizabeth to contact her as soon as possible.
Calling Feeney up in EDD, she relayed a request for his department to look into exactly what the International Watchers Initiative was and what they were doing these days.
By the time she got home, Roarke was in the middle of a punishing workout routine, so Eve took her frustrations out on one of his better built workout droids. After showering, which had taken longer than Eve had anticipated by the sheer fact of Roarke pushing her up against the shower wall and screwing her until she was limp, Summerset notified them that there was a Liam Chase and a Jesse Summers at the door. The couple glanced grimly at each other before Roarke told Summerset to put them in one of the smaller living rooms.


Liam Chase turned out to be a good sight younger than his photos and Jesse had long hair and legs to go along with a dazzling smile. She approached Eve, hand out, saying “I'm sorry you both got dragged into this, but hopefully, once we explain things, you might understand everything a little bit better.”
Roarke, ever the polite host, waved the two to seats, though drinks weren't offered. Liam leaned forward, an earnest expression on his face. “We know you're a very good, trustworthy homicide cop, Liuetenant Dallas, but the Watchers' Council has to make sure our secrets are safeguarded, so when your husband started unravelling our security precautions, especially after the notification that Jason had been murdered, we felt coming in person to explain why your case was so unusual would be best.”
Eve shrugged. “Other than the unusual woman high on Zeus killing two grown men, it isn't that out of the ordinary for me,” she said calmly, deliberately downplaying things.
“It is if it was one of quite a few demons that don't care for the knowledge the Council possess,” Jesse put in blandly.
“Demons? As in women with blue hair and lots of strength?” Eve blurted out and watched Liam and Jesse trade looks.
“Could be...might even be Lyri, but why would she go after Jason?” Jesse whispered to her companion.
Eve mulled it over for a moment, then decided if these two were part of a company that could hack an Unregistered, they might have as much a reason as her to get to the truth.
Roarke read her decision in her stance and switched gears, asking the pair what they would like for drinks. After serving them, as well as pouring glasses of wine for himself and his wife, he sat back and waited for Eve to continue. “My witness said that Jason had come back to the States from London to help revamp the way your Council was working,” she told them, watching them for their reactions.
Liam's eyes narrowed in concentration. “Did they happen to mention what things he wanted to change?”
Eve shrugged. “Just something about a coming of age test needing to be reintroduced.”
Jesse paled and turned to Liam. “I can think of only one test Jason would've been nuts enough to think would work, but only the Old Guard would've heard of it.”
Liam nodded. “I know Giles refused to let Faith go through it when her daughter was threatened by the Old Council.” Turning to Eve and Roarke, he asked “Can I talk to your witness if possible? I know this is a police investigation, but if Jason was trying to bring back the Crucientum, I need to know who else could be involved.”
“What is the Crucientum?” Roarke asked, and Liam sighed.
“First, I have to explain to you about how the world is older than you knew...”


Eve turned to look, incredulous, at her husband, who was merely nodding along with Liam and Jesse's explanation, as if everything made sense now. “Vampires? Magic? What the hell is going on here?” she blurted out, not being able to take it any more.
Roarke looked at her and shrugged. “The supernatural is real,” he told her calmly.
Eve's lips thinned. “I still think it's bullshit, but I'll get to the bottom of this,” she said. Pointing at Liam, she said, “You're coming with me. Roarke, watch Miss Summers. The two of us are going on a little road trip.”
She pulled up to the brownstone moments later and stormed up the steps, Liam close behind her. When she got the same away message as earlier, she growled at the ident screen. “Look, this is my badge number and I am here on official NYPSD business. Either you open up with an activated droid or-”
“Actually, that won't be necessary, Lieutenant; this is a Council safe house. Why are we here again, exactly?”
“Because my witness, Miss Summer, is staying here house sitting for friends,” Eve informed him as he swiped his identicard and let her in the door.
Liam hummed and nodded as Eve began searching the rooms downstairs and he followed without commenting.
“Would this be her, Lieutenant Dallas?” he asked after a moment, showing her a picture on his PPC of a smiling blonde, surrounded on either side by a redheaded girl and a brunette boy.
“Yes, that's her. How did you know who my witness was?”
With a sigh, he walked over to a panel in the kitchen, pressed a button, then, when prompted, said “Angel Alpha Remember One” and part of the wall rotated, revealing a digital screen that kept showing smiling faces and then grave markers. “Buffy Summers marker,” he requested and then beckoned Eve closer.
She saw a picture of a gravestone that read Buffy Anne Summers 1981-2034 She saved the world- a lot
“So then, who the fuck did I talk to?” she demanded, slamming Liam up against the wall.
“You met Buffy,” he said simply. “My guess is that when she noticed what was going on, she went to the Powers That Be and asked to help. That, and I think she'd do anything for family,” he said softly.
Eve's eyes grew cold. “You don't know my family,” she spat out.
“Maybe not your parents, but you have the look and attitude of all the Summers women. Like I told you before, I knew them back in the day, but we can definitely look more into that later,” the vampire told her, not wanting to upset her more than he already had.
She started to head out, then turned back to look at him. “So, now we know who the witness was- who or what was it that killed those two men?”
Angel chuckled. “Allow me to explain to you and your husband about the interesting story surrounding Illyria, former Godhead of the Primordium.”