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FFA Madness

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Title: Femme Fatale
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 15
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/NCIS
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: NeverNormal, TtH, AO3
Series: FFA Madness #31; New Beginnings #3
FFA Pairing: Darla/DiNozzo
Spoilers: None
Summary: DiNozzo Finds out about the new game in town

The midshipman case had been a bust, with Ducky's best guess had been that someone had thrown the Navy man off the balcony and that person had weighed far more than anyone who had been present at the time of the murder. So after having to put a case in the cold files, to make matter worse, there had been a recent string of missing, and in a couple cases, dead people around a bar in Downtown DC near Dupont Circle called Nosferatu. Abby had told Tony how she and Xander had gone there once, but it had been too much of a meat market for them. When DiNozzo had mentioned this fact to Gibbs at the next debrief (one of the two dead bodies was a ensign that had last been stationed on the USS Harry Truman), Ziva had quipped that DiNozzo would fit right in. So Gibbs had put McGee on the paper trail, Ziva and Xander canvassing the witnesses, and he was currently being a overly sleazeball sleazeball, even for him. He could soon tell that Abby hadn't been joking- whatever flavor of the month was going on, this place definitely had it. He saw people dressed from the 20s to modern era and everything in-between.
“Ah, fresh meat!” someone said behind him, almost breathing down his neck. Tony whirled around, trying to contain the unmanly squeak he made, but the other man's chuckle said he hadn't been that successful.
“Be nice with our guests, David,” a feminine voice said as he felt someone come up on his other side.
“My apologies, Darla,” David said in a rush and then faded back into the crowd.
Tony glanced down and saw a fine boned blonde clad in a skintight red leather dress as she stuck out her hand for him to shake. “Darla. I'm the new manager here at Nosferatu.”
“A pleasure- I'm Tony.”
“Well, Tony, let me get you something to make up for the rudeness of some of my...employees.”
Tony mentally shrugged. He knew how to nurse a beer with the best of them.
“So tell me more of what it means to work for NCIS?” Darla coaxed, having moved them into a secluded booth after a couple rounds.
“Well, we all have dif-different teams to work with and I got the best one,” Tony told her, eyes slightly unfocused from the drug she'd slipped into his drink. “Especially that Ziva- she's smart and hot. Wish she'd gimme a chance,” he mumbled.
“And who else?” she whispered, her hand cool on his arm as she rubbed it up and town.
“Well, there's Gibbs, and, oh yeah, almost forgot our awesome Goth lab chick Abby and her guy,” he responded, glancing down at his empty glass with a frown.
Darla gritted her teeth and motioned for another drink. Damn idiot minion turning a military brat. At least the idiot's dusted now she thought. “Her man sounds enjoyable. Another little Goth like Abby? I love Goths- they taste of bitterness and despair. So yummy,” she purred.
“Yup, my good movie trivia buddy and all around nice guy, Xander,” Tony said with a grin as he rested his dizzy head back against the booth while Darla felt ice slither down her spine.
“Xander? Hmm I used to a boy by that name. I might even have a picture of him in my office, if you'd like to look.”
“Lead the way, pretty lady.”
“Nice decor- lots of red,” DiNozzo commented, shaking his head as the dizziness started to fade.
“Yes, so much easier to hide the blood,” she commented right before Tony whirled around and threw his blessed water bottle at her. She shrieked and went to toss him into the wall, but he had a flare out and pointed in her direction in seconds, keeping her at bay. The door was soon kicked open and Ziva tackled Darla to the ground, cuffing her with special pairs of handcuffs halfway up her arms.
Darla whirled on him. “I gave you enough to knock you unconscious!”
Tony unbuttoned his shirt to show the damp towel underneath. “Too bad I didn't drink much.” Turning to his partner, he said “Can you be sure Xander gets here with the shirts before the Slayers? I really don't need any more of them disappearing.”