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Teaching JJ

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On the ride back from the bookstore, Emily was suddenly struck with a realization as harshly as though she'd been hit by a lightning bolt. "Ms. Parsons," she mused aloud.

"I'm sorry?" JJ asked, visibly confused.

"In the flyer, Spencer - the kid next door - said he was working for a woman named Ms. Parsons. Yet today he called her Ms. Winters. He's been living there for a while; how could he get the name wrong?" Emily shook her head. She knew Spencer. She knew that he hadn't made a mistake. That he had been trying to tell her something important. "Listen, Alexandra, why don't you go upstairs, take a Xanax if you need to, and I'll go next door to talk to him about it while you relax?"

"Sounds good," JJ replied, flashing a grateful smile. It was clear she needed a break. She's new to this, Emily reminded herself, and she doesn't fully understand that when you're undercover, you aren't supposed to have the luxury of 'taking a break.' Give her time. Don't push her. And, most of all, do not let this case break her like they broke you when you were undercover. Don't you dare let that happen to her. Not to her, not ever to her.

After parking the car and kissing JJ on the cheek, Emily headed next door, knocking tentatively. An elderly woman answered the door. "Hello?" she asked suspiciously.

"Hi there," Emily said, flashing a bright grin at her neighbor. "I'm Vivian Cook. My partner, Alexandra, and I just moved in next door, and -"

"Oh, you're the ones I saw moving in the other night! I believe you've met my renter, Spencer, already. I'm Sarah Parsons."

Parsons. Not Winters. Emily's instinct had been correct.

"Come on in, dear. Would you like some tea? I can get Spencer to fetch it for you." Before Emily could protest, Ms. Parsons was calling toward the back of the house, "Spencer, darling? One of those nice ladies from next door is here."

"Actually, I came here to talk to him," Emily explained apologetically. "An issue with our backyard. Although I would absolutely love to sit and talk with you another time, I'm afraid we might have had some deer grazing on our lawn and I could really use his advice before they tear up the entire garden."

"Oh, of course!" Ms. Parsons exclaimed. "There he is ... Spencer, why don't you let this nice girl - Vivian, was it? - show you the havoc those deer have been wreaking on her yard. If you ask me, the best solution is a rifle and a good aim, but Spencer here won't even let me do a little target practice every now and again."

"There's a good reason for that, Ms. Parsons," Spencer said gently, raising his eyebrows.

"Oh, phooey! That one time I shot Johnny in the leg? He recovered just fine," she insisted vehemently. "Anyway, you run along and see if you can help these city folks with our country problems and when you return, perhaps you could read to me? A little Proust, maybe?"

"Absolutely," Spencer promised, following Emily into her yard.

"Nice trick with the ink," she muttered quietly, her dark eyes darting around her.

"I knew you'd figure it out," he responded in a low voice.

"Ms. Parsons. Not Winters. Tell me the significance," Emily implored, keeping her eyes fixed ahead as though they were discussing the garden.

Spencer tucked his brown hair behind his ears and shifted closer to her so that their shoulders were touching. "Possible unsub. Ashley Winters. Massive orders of sex toys sent to her address. You'll see her ID tomorrow at Kitty Corner."

"Got it," Emily said, adding in a loud voice, "Oh, so that's not from any deer after all? Just an uneven lawnmower before we moved in? Well, that's good. I'd hate to have to chase deer off the property. I was a vegetarian for ten years, you know."

After they parted ways, awkwardly waving good-bye, Emily opened the door and leaned against it, frowning. There had to be more to the profile than just a large delivery of sex toys, right? After all, how many sex toys had she ordered from Babes in Toyland in the past? Emily hated being so close to her team and yet so far away. She wanted so badly to be in that room, brainstorming with them ...

And yet, as her eyes strayed up to the white-carpeted stairs and the half-closed bedroom door, right now she wanted to be in that room with JJ even more.

Quietly, Emily crept up the stairs so as not to awaken JJ if she'd taken a sedative to calm down or if she was merely resting and trying to process the experience of being undercover.

And that's when she heard the sounds. Grunting. Covers shuffling. Muffled cries of pain.

Emily instinctively reached for her gun - forgetting, momentarily, that she didn't have a gun anymore - and instead grabbed the nearest item from the cabinet in the hallway outside of the bedroom. A metal candlestick. Not the most lethal way to take down an unsub, but between her FBI training and the element of surprise, she felt confident that she could hold her own in a fight, even if that fight involved a small metal object against an armed weapon.

She burst into the bedroom, candlestick raised and fully prepared to crack down on the intruder's skull, when she blinked in surprise, realizing that there was no intruder. JJ was the only one in the room, and the sounds she'd heard were JJ trying to prop up the Lesbian Sex book with her left hand while masturbating furiously underneath the blanket with her right.

While Emily tried to compose herself, JJ guiltily flung the book to the side of the bed and raised both of her hands. "What are you doing?" JJ demanded. "You scared the shit out of me!"

Breathing hard, adrenaline still pumping through her veins, Emily sat down on the edge of the bed and managed to reply, "I heard noises. I thought it might be - I thought you might be in trouble ..." She dropped the candlestick and reached over to pick up the book that JJ had tossed aside. "So please, do tell me which chapter excited you so much that I could hear you from the bottom of the stairs?"

JJ blushed and stammered, "I - I wasn't. I was just flipping through."

"Hmmm," Emily murmured, carefully placing the two ends of the book on the bed to see which pages stood up based on the location of the newly-cracked spine. "Either it was 'S&M: An Advanced Guide' or 'Tribbing 101'. And I'm going to take an educated guess here that you're not interested in being bitten and whipped with a studded collar choking your neck."

JJ blushed. "Those pictures ... not the S&M ones; the other ones ... They're just so ..."

Emily glanced at the images of women engaged in tribbing: the first set of pages, depicting a step-by-step series of how to do it in the missionary position, were stuck together, indicating that those were the pages that JJ was holding so tightly while she was touching herself. "One of my favorite things to do," she sighed to herself, lost in the memories of how her first lover had shown her the sense of intimacy and connectedness such a position could bring when she'd mounted her and rubbed their genitals together. How, after their breakup, Emily had often brought herself to orgasm by humping a pillow, a technique she'd never considered before meeting Stephanie.

Suddenly snapped back into reality by JJ's expression - a mixture of curiosity and ... wait, was that jealousy? - Emily swallowed and asked her, "What part of it turns you on so much?"

JJ averted her gaze, raising her knees to place her arms around them. "I guess ... the way it's like making love to a guy ... except there's a tenderness there that I never felt with a guy before ... and the ... the ..." Her breathing accelerated and her voice turned into a whisper. "The idea of ... of you pressed up directly against me like that ..." She shivered involuntarily. "I didn't know ... I didn't know how to ask you ... how to ask you for it ... so I just imagined it ..." Another shiver passed perceptibly through her body.

Listening to JJ describe her fantasies had turned Emily on so much that she shifted her weight on the bed, trying to clamp her thighs together to reduce her growing arousal, which only served to place additional pressure between her legs and enhance her excitement. Acting on pure instinct, she stood and pulled off her clothing, standing silently in front of JJ. It was her move now. Her decision.

JJ spent a moment staring at Emily's body, taking in her full breasts, her perfectly-proportioned hips, the damp triangle between her legs, and then without hesitation she removed her own clothing, placing her head on the pillow and lowering the covers, legs slightly spread, so her body was in full view of Emily's appreciative - almost worshipful - gaze.

"My god, you are beautiful," Emily murmured, climbing on top of JJ to leave long, lingering kisses on her neck before working her way up to JJ's desperate, greedy mouth. Their bodies were already naturally moving together as their kisses deepened, sucking on each other's lower lips, their tongues exploring one another's mouths like it was the first time. Their breasts pressed together, nipples hardening almost painfully with each gyration.

JJ's pussy was soaked, and as they slid together, their wetness mingling, Emily let out a cry of pleasure, instinctively arching her back and spreading her thighs slightly to allow for more direct contact. When JJ's body trembled underneath hers, Emily felt it throughout her core. "Spread your legs a little more and put your hands on my lower back. Use them to press me into you as hard as you can," she instructed breathlessly. "And don't stop moving against me."

"I couldn't even if I wanted to," JJ groaned, spreading her legs wide and gasping at the initial clit-to-clit contact. Her fingers dug into Emily's lower back, driving the pace and movement of Emily's hips against hers. Oh god, it felt so good, so fucking good ... JJ had her head thrown back, her blonde hair splayed all over the pillow and an expression of pure ecstasy on her face. Her eyes were closed and meaningless noises escaped her throat.

"Look at me," Emily demanded, grinding up and down against her at a rapid-fire pace. "Look at me."

JJ opened her eyes and stared into Emily's dark, dilated pupils as she gasped, "I'm so close ... Oh god I'm so close ... It feels better ... better than anything I've ever -"

"I'm fucking you ... Mmmmnnnnhhh ... I'm fucking you so hard," Emily moaned.

"Yesssss," JJ hissed, her blue eyes lighting up in excitement. "Fuck me, baby."

"I'm -" Emily struggled to get the words out; she'd never talked dirty like this with JJ before. "I'm fucking you with my clit. My hot, wet, throbbing clit ... Can you feel it? Can you feel it throbbing against you?"

"I can feel it," JJ whimpered. "I'm so close ... Oh god ... It's your clit ... pressed against mine ... Oh, god, you're fucking me with your clit ... Oh my god ... Oh yes, oh please god yes ..."

That's when JJ howled, "I'm coming!" and Emily pressed her hips into JJ's soft flesh, humping against her at an accelerated speed. She felt the first convulsion of JJ's orgasm against her own body, and it was like every convulsion that rippled through JJ also sent shockwaves through Emily's body. It was like, even though she wasn't having an orgasm of her own, she was still coming with JJ, right down to the very last shudder that left JJ laying completely limp, one of her hands resting on her forehead above her closed eyes.

"I never imagined ... I never knew ..." JJ murmured to herself. Emily gave her a moment, lightly kissing her neck and cheeks, understanding what an emotional experience this must have been for her, and when JJ finally opened her eyes, Emily wasn't at all surprised to see the teardrops falling from them.

"I love you," Emily murmured, stroking JJ's cheek with the palm of her hand. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too," JJ responded, wiping the tears away. "I don't know why I'm crying! It was amazing. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before ..."

"I know, baby," Emily assured her. "I know." And she did. She did because she remembered.

"But ... but you didn't ...?" JJ asked, the question implicit in her eyes.

"It's nearly impossible to come simultaneously this way ... despite what you see in porn," Emily laughed softly. "I felt it when you came, though. I felt it all over."

Unexpectedly, a hand reached down between them and Emily felt a finger circling her clit. Not wanting JJ to feel like reciprocation was required, she insisted, "Oh, sweetheart, you don't have to. Really."

"I want to," JJ replied emphatically. "You must be close, right?"

"Mmmmm ... mmmmm-hmmm," Emily groaned, immersed in the feeling of JJ's finger rapidly encircling her clit.

"How close?" JJ whispered teasingly.

"So close," Emily moaned. "Almost there."

That was when JJ spread her legs as wide as she possibly could and glided Emily's clit against her slick pussy - practically inside of it - while she switched from a circular rhythm with one finger to a kind of pulling motion with two. Almost as though she was jerking Emily off.

This was the first time Emily had ever done anything like this - the first time she'd ever had someone rapidly using two fingers to fluidly pinch the sides of her clit while using their own body to press her tip inside of their hot wetness - and the sensation was indescribable. She wanted it to last forever.

When JJ murmured, "look down," however, any attempt to delay her orgasm immediately went out the window. The sight of her practically fucking JJ while JJ slid her fingers up and down her clit prompted an instant, almost violent orgasm that left Emily pushing her pelvis hard against JJ's, only to feel JJ coming again, coming with her, both of their bodies shuddering and trembling as they were wracked by orgasm upon orgasm. It was like time had stopped and there was nothing else in the entire world except the exquisitely-pleasurable sensations flowing through them. Emily was still riding out her last orgasm when JJ abruptly removed her hand and struggled beneath Emily to scoot her body upward on the bed, crying out, "Oh, god, it's too much, too much!"

Emily rolled off of JJ, her head hitting the soft pillow as she waited for the ringing in her ears to subside and the fuzzy, dizzying images of the bedroom to come into focus. They were both panting like dehydrated greyhounds after a race, completely immobilized on each side of the bed.

Once Emily felt capable of speech again, she asked incredulously, "You learned that from the 101 section of a book?"

"Well, I might have peeked at the 'Advanced' part, too," JJ replied teasingly.

"Still," Emily marveled, "it's like you're some kind of natural -"

She paused. 'Natural lesbian' was what she'd been about to say, but she didn't want to risk poisoning this moment of intimate connection between them by scaring JJ away with meaningless terminology.

"Natural what?" JJ wanted to know, turning toward Emily and bending her arm to rest her head against her hand.

"Natural magician," Emily finished lamely. It was the first word she could think of that didn't carry some sort of stigma for a so-called 'straight' woman.

"Maybe I've just had a really good teacher," JJ giggled, still high on her post-orgasmic bliss.

"Well, you definitely just earned a lifetime of extra credit," Emily breathed out, raising her head to kiss JJ's soft lips.

Deep down, Emily knew she should have called JJ 'Alexandra' to remind her that, even in their most private moments, they still had to remain true to their undercover personas, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Because despite all of their dirty talk about 'fucking' during the act itself, she also knew that they - that she, Emily Prentiss, and her partner, Jennifer Jareau - had been making love. That this was the most intimate love-making she'd ever experienced before and that JJ must have felt the same way. To destroy that now with questions about whether it had been 'real' or not would have been wrong ... Wouldn't it?

Despite that nagging little voice inside of her, astutely observing: wrong for who, Emily? Wrong for this case, wrong for JJ ... or wrong for you and your own selfish purposes? Emily quickly banished those thoughts from her mind and urged, "Let me hold you, baby. I just need to feel close to you right now."

JJ smiled gratefully, like Emily had just uttered the very thing she'd wanted herself but had been afraid to ask for, and moved seamlessly into Emily's open arms, the gallop of their amphetamine-like heartbeats beating as one, the sticky residue on their intertwined legs combining, and their lips meeting again and again in loving, tender kisses.

And even though Emily knew she was disobeying Hotch's orders for them to familiarize themselves with the town immediately upon arrival, she merely stroked JJ's arm while watching her eyelids grow heavy, nodding when JJ yawned, "I'm going to take a short nap."

"I'll be here when you wake up," Emily promised, kissing her forehead.

"I'll always, always be here when you wake up."