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Fruit Of Her Labor

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Takes place in Chapter 13’s ending

A young pregnant girl walk inside the hotel room and turn on the tv… It’s news on live…

She sees an old man with…the 2nd ajin in the chair…She stills down and listens to what Satou is going to say…

She felt her unborn moved and she look down at her belly and giggle a bit…


She look at her cellphone at a video called Government’s abuse of Ajin.

She saw black particles coming out of Tanaka and her eyes widen…

“Satou…wasn’t lying” she muttered as she cling to her stomach…

“If the government found out about me…what will happened to my kid?” she said as her brown eyes are beginning to be filled with tears as she looked down at her stomach…


At the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The expecting mother look around as she sat at a bench in a shade… She gasped when she saw black ghosts everywhere, she even saw one with wings.

She smiled as her black ghost comes out, her black ghost looks plain except for her many elegant ribbon-like tendrils on her back and on it’s stomach…her tendrils are moving around…The young mother didn’t noticed that other ajins are watching her strange and frightening black ghost.

But there’s barely any people anywhere and it’s not even for the protest…

She felt another kick inside and she laugh as she stroke her belly.

Later on, she heard a voice from a black ghost with a mouth.

“Glad you could make it…I’ll tell you what the real rendezvous point will be from now on”


and most of Chapter 15

The fireman notices that the girl among them is pregnant when she remove her jacket and Kou immediately shows concern for her as they are going upstairs…

“This is no place for an expecting mother either” said the fireman.

“I know but I need to see what that old man have to offer…” said the young mother.

The fireman sighs.

“How far is your pregnancy?” asked the fireman.

“5 months and first child” said the mother.

“…I see…I’m a parent myself, I have a daughter and if anything happens I’ll protect you alright…” said the fireman.

“Thanks…I appreciate it…but another thing… my baby is an ajin as well” said the mother.

Everyone’s eyes widen and Kou was surprised…

“How did you know?” said the fireman suspiciously.

“…My ex killed me for being pregnant…pushing me down out my window into that alley into the broken glass…my baby still moved after I wake up…” said the mother as a tear dropped out her eye.

Kou gasps in shock while the fireman shows pity to her.

“I’m sorry that you have gone through that” said Kou sadly.

“…at least my kid is still with me” said the girl.

“I’m Kou Nakano and you?” asked Kou.

“Yuki Mori” said the young mother softly.


“Isn’t this the first time you’ve seen such a lovely view, everyone?” said Satou.

Yuki is sitting down as she look at the other ajins in confusion and she saw that the men all staring at her…

“The sight of the ajin, all gathered here like this?” said Satou.

A man with glasses stand forward to Satou.

“It’s not like I’m your partner or anything yet, I want you to explain how you plan to…...raise awareness regrading the ajin’s rights. Yes I want to hear that” said the man.

“Well the plan is pretty simple really, it’s doing all that is in our power and trying hard to…. Perform a massacre” said Satou.

Takahashi and Gen are laughing while smiling. Okuyama remained silent. Everyone else are in shock. Yuki’s eyes widen and her maternal instincts make her cling to her round stomach.

“That broadcast granted us time, the government’s suppression, citizen’s apathy, I, for one, am through being lenient, if you guys and girl get involved, they will no longer be apathetic and it will…make them acknowledge our power” said Satou.

Yuki raised an eyebrow, thinking about this…

Gen and Takahashi laughed.

“Haha, even though we’re gathered up, we’re still a handful of people” said Takahashi.

“Is this really planned out” said Gen.

“Will you do it?” said Satou.

Satou’s smile gives Yuki’s chills down her spine but calms down for the sakes of her baby

Gen and Takahashi are smiling but Yuki sees that they seem nervous about this…

“Are you insane? We should never do something like that!!” shouted the fireman.

“Of course, I don’t aim to get approval out of all of you” said Satou.

“The opposing ones are you and you…” said Satou pointing out the two other ajins in the group.

Satou looks at Kou.

“What about you? What will you do?” asked Satou.

Kou is sweating a lot.

“I’m against it” he said.

“Ah… I see…that’s too bad” said Satou looking disappointed.

Satou looks at Yuki’s belly which she covers with her arms then at her face…

“And you?” asked Satou to Yuki.

Yuki begins to think…

What should I do?” thought the expecting mother.

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Yuki clinches her fists….remembering how cruel her boyfriend was to her and her baby…

“I’ll do what I can to help parents hate me...and my ex rejecting me and our...I mean my child...I have no one else to turn to...and if I were to be discovered, I...I don’t want to think what would the government do to my baby...” said Yuki darkly as she looks down her belly.

Yuki looks to Satou as she wipes the tears from her eyes.

“I will do what it takes to protect my child...even if it means going to war with humans in order to keep my baby safe...” she said.

Ayami and Kou looks at her in shock.

Satou smirks.

“Well...that settles it” he said.

“The ones opposing are welcome to leave” he said.

The men were going to the exit but Ayami is staying while glaring at Satou while gives a quick look of worry towards Yuki.

“Satou, don’t think I’ll let you do such a thing...” said Ayami as he gives Yuki another quick look filled with worry.

“I will definitely stop you” he said.

She hears a gunshot, Kou pushes Ayami from the tranquilizer dart. Yuki then sees a familiar face she often sees on tv... Tanaka.

Yuki moves out the way as quickly as she can and gets in a protective fetal position behind a pillar. She feels bad for the other ajins but it makes since, it’s oblivious that they could tell of the hideout here if they were ever caught by the government.

“I’m sorry...I would help you...but the baby is always my first priority...” she whispered sadly.

The gun shooting stops and she sees Tanaka struggling to open the door and the pair of men against the wall laughing nervously.

“What should I do? Satou-san?” he asked

“Your aim is really bad, you hit me” said Satou and Yuki sees that he’s bleeding.

Satou looks at one of the man Tanaka hit, Yuki look away not wanting to see him suffering or even see him begging her for help.

“But, you got that guy in the right spot...I think his spleen is ruptured, if he can’t kill himself, he isn’t going anywhere” said Satou.

“What about these guys?” said Tanaka.

“I’ll put them in the barrels and leave them in the basement” said Satou.

Yuki is shock, while she pity them...She wants humans to suffer...and the things she’s willing to do to assure a good future for her unborn.


Ayami looks at Kou.

“You heard that, they’re just locking them up! Let’s go!” said Ayami.

“What about the girl?” said Kou worrying about the expecting mother.

“I’ll come back to save her!” said Ayami but deep down, he knows Yuki has suffered so much causing her to hate humans and it would be difficult to convince her.


“Ok, you two, show me what you got” said Satou giving Takahashi and Gen guns.

He then order them to go with Tanaka to chase the others that leave.

Yuki notices that Takahashi and Gen seems too excited about these guns.

Satou turns to Okuyama. “As for the other guy”

“I can’t run, the muscle in my right leg is weak from birth, even when I come back to life, it stayed the same” he said.

“That explains the cane” thoughted Yuki.

“How can you contribute?” asked Satou.

Yuki’s eyes widen in awe when Okuyama instructs Tanaka the proper way to use the gun.

“Good enough” said Satou as he turns to Yuki.

Yuki looks down nervously.

“I’m s-s-sorry that I don’t really have much t-talent but I’ll do what I can to help you Satou as long as it won’t harm my child...” said Yuki.

“Actually you have a gift ...besides your child of course...Tanaka told me about your ghost earlier, he describe it as having multiple limbs ...if that’s true, that will come in handy for our cause, we will help you create a better future for ajins...especially for your unborn” said Satou smirking.

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It’s been days since all the the opposing ajins were all caught locked into barrels except Kou who escaped. Yuki is somewhat relieved that Kou has escaped but her unborn is her main priority .

When Tanaka, Takahashi and Gen comes back with the unconscious fireman. Tanaka runs to Yuki quickly asking if she’s alright which she nod in response. Japan’s 2nd ajin put away his gun and helps her up.

She quickly took a liking to Tanaka seeing that he shows concerns for her and her baby’s safety.

Unknowing to the expecting mother, Satou have plans to used her... Not only for her multi-limbed ghost ...A pregnant ajin and an ajin baby are almost unheard of and there’s no doubt that the government will want their hands on her and her baby...Her child will be use to gain sympathy and more allies…Her child will also gain more enemies...Satou is slightly excitedly at the thought.


Several days later, they were in a different hideout now.

Yuki is laying down on some blankets, on the couch.

“You know Tanaka, you guys didn’t need to spoil me often” she said softly.

“It’s not spoiling, we’re helping you you’re pregnant after all and despite that you’re both ajins Satou’s plan will be intense for you especially since you're pregnant you must relax for your kid’s sake” said Tanaka giving her an omelette.

“Alright then” she said as she begins eating.

Whenever Tanaka isn’t practicing using his guns. He’s caring for the young mother.

He felt bad that he and Satou allow Kei get caught by the government. He feels guilty when he was chasing Kou...but the thought of a baby in those people’s hands...he can’t bare the thought of the pregnant girl or her defenseless infant going through the same gruesome experiments he had been through…

Tanaka begins to leave the room when...

“Tanaka...this would be an odd we have anything pickled?” asked Yuki while still eating her omelette.

“Ok I think I saw them earlier” said Tanaka smiling as he lightly shook his head in humor.

Okuyama told Tanaka earlier that the symptoms of pregnancy and the food cravings are just one of many.


“Satou I’m very curious...I know that girl have a pretty creepy ghost but she can’t do anything else” said Takahashi smirking.

“Especially since the bun is in the oven” said Gen with concern.

“Well...I think she’ll make this war very interesting” said Satou smirking.

Okuyama looks at them with an unsure look.

Satou thought “Tanaka sure got attach to that expecting girl very fast ...not sure if it’s a good or bad thing...I guess this is where I wait as I make my plans and play some games...”