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  • Sin Corps (Sin_Corps_Army_Reborn) by zero_kun

    15 Jun 2019


    Here at Sin Corps we write all that is Sin from rape, underage, incest to torture and gore. There is no kink, fetish or Sin that at least one of us will not write. If you like dark sexual graphic content then this is up your alley.

    We accept all additions, following the rules of course.

    Want to join the writing group that created this work? It is full of sinful writers called Sin Corps Army Reborn! It is open to everyone! So if you want to pop in and talk to our members and maybe write with us you can! Even if you want to just try it out and you realize the group is not for you that is alright! The link is this If you would care to join Sin Corps you can join our Discord sever.

    (Open, Unmoderated)