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Herman and His Hermits on An Adventure

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Peter The Hero
"LET ME GO!!" I yelled, racing across the service station parking lot. My assailant was behind me and had almost caught up when I rammed into something with such force I fell over on top of it.
That's when I realized it was a person. And not just a person but a very handsome boy... I blushed but then remembering my situation I scrambled up and hid behind him.
"What's wrong Love?" He asked in an adorable Manchester accent. I didn't say a word. I didn't have to either. He saw my attacker coming up behind me.
Why are you bothering this poor girl??" My savior demanded.
"She was our prisoner but she escaped. We're taking her on a little trip..."
I hid further behind the boy who put a protective arm out in front of me.
"I can't let you have her." He said bravely.
"We aren't taking orders from you, pipsqueak." My larger captor snarled.

With that the boy whispered to me to go to the car behind me and there would be other boys to help me.
I did what was told.
As I was leaving, I grimaced hearing knuckles hit skin time and time again.
But soon I got into the car and locked the doors.
I saw the other boys who looked surprised to see me.
But they didn't make a huge deal of it once they saw what was going on outside and each gave me a warm smile, introducing themselves.
"Hello! I'm Keith and this is Karl, Barry and Lek!" The boy closest to me smiled.
I smiled back.
"I'm Cara. It's nice to meet you all. I'd have hoped to meet you under better circumstances but as it is this will be fine."
The boys all nodded.
Suddenly we heard a tapping on the window.
I whirled around ready to get out and run but it was the other boy!
"Oh and that's Peter!" The boys all chorused.