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Length: 13:34

Download link: here, with thanks to paraka  


Reader's notes:


If there was ever a story that called for voices, it's this one, and as you might imagine, I had a ridiculous amount of fun with it. Please feel free to picture me cackling in delight both while recording and while editing. As a very...sensitive...person, I do somewhat relate to this fic. I too have been moved, emotionally, by the Seijou third years' looks character development.

Incidentally, I just rewatched the episode where Kunimi has to speak for Kindaichi because Kindaichi is crying too hard. With this story in mind, it is even more glorious. Thanks to the author for a) being hilarious and b) letting me record this.


P.S. why are there so few official pictures of Kunimi and Kindaichi


P.P.S. why am I complaining I love this manga panel