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Our Family

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Jon was all ready for work, and about to go out the door when he realized he didn’t say bye to Ponch. He walked back to the bedroom and placed a kiss on his forehead. “Bye, sweetie.”

He thought he’d get away fast, but Ponch grabbed Jon and pulled him close for a kiss. Ponch sat up, and wrapped his arms around Jon. “Jon, I’ll come by later today…” Ponch said.


“Well everyone wants to see the twins, right?”

Jon grinned. “You’re really gonna take them out in public?” he asked surprised.

Ponch playfully pushed him. “Jon they’ve literally been out in public a million times. Just not over there,” he said.

Jon just laughed. “Alright, come around lunch time. I’ll make sure to take my lunch break at the station…wait you sure you wanna go now? They’re gonna try to get you to come back…”

Ponch smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Then he hopped out of bed and headed for the bathroom in a hurry, not answering Jon’s question. Jon just smiled then went out the door.


Around lunch time a group of officers gathered around in the break room. Grossie had overheard Jon on the phone saying Ponch was coming with the twins, and he spread the news around. A few minutes of waiting impatiently had passed and soon Jon walked through the door carrying Jillian.

Grossie and the others crowded around. “She’s so cute, Jon!” Sindy said playing with Jillian’s hands a bit. Jon just smiled.

“Where’s Ponch? I haven’t seen him in ages?” Bonnie asked.

“He’ll be here soon. He’s saying hi to Sarge. Tyler really likes Getraer,” Jon replied.

Bear smiled. “You’re kidding?”

Jon just laughed and shook his head. Jon then noticed Bonnie, Jeb, Bear, and Grossie all seeming to get really excited. He turned his head and smiled.

“Ponch!” they exclaimed and rushed to give their friend a hug. “We’ve missed you so much,” Jeb told him.

“We can’t wait till you come back to us,” Bear added.

“Yeah, do you know when that will be?” Bonnie asked.

Ponch just stared at them. “I didn’t realize I was missed that much…actually I was thinking about staying home a little longer…” Ponch replied.

“What? Why?” Jeb asked.

Ponch stared at Jon for a few minutes before he finally said anything. “Well I wanna be with the twins…and uh…me and Jon kinda don’t feel like hiring a baby sitter quite yet. They’re still really young…”

“Ponch,” Grossie said in a somewhat whiny voice. “You have to come back sometime.”

“And he will,” Getraer said joining the conversation. “We just talked about it…it might be another year or so though.”

“What? Another whole year? Ponch…you…the twins are like almost a year old already. You can hire a baby sitter now, can’t you?” Came Bear’s reply.

“You guys really want me back that bad?” Ponch asked a hint of surprise in his voice.


“Well…okay…but yeah like Getraer said it might be a while. I could come in and work around the station a bit…but I’m not patrolling again yet.”

“Ponch, come on you love to ride your motorcycle and patrol with Jon,” Sindy said joining in.

“And he will do that again soon, guys. Just give him some time to relax. Geeze,” Jon said.

They all turned to Jon. “Don’t you want him to come back to work?” they asked.

“Well of course I do! But um…riding motorcycles is outta the question for now,” Jon replied.

All the officers looked rather confused. “Come on, Ponch…”

Ponch, Jon, and Getraer all shared the same smile and eye roll. That didn’t go unnoticed.

“What’s going on?” Bear asked.

“Ponch, are you not coming back?” Jeb asked.

“Guys, calm down. I promise I’ll come back…it’s just…well the doctor said no motorcycles.”

“Why? What does your doctor have against that?” Jeb demanded. Grossie on the other hand was already figuring it all out.

“He’s got nothing against it, Jeb…it’s just it’s dangerous. Did he let me ride a motorcycle while I was pregnant with the twins?”

Jeb shook his head no.

“Then this isn’t much different.”

All eyes were on Ponch now. “Wait…you’re not coming back for a while…because…” Bonnie started.

Jon squeezed his way through the crowd to stand next to his husband. He gave him a side hug. “Guys, me and Ponch decided to have one more kid,” Jon announced.