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Proper Playground Behavior

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It's funny, that Will feels so nervous about this when he and Hannibal became an item in the first place due to a shared cannibalism fetish, but here he is, getting a cold sweat at the thought that now is absolutely the time. Neither of them are busy, the Asylum event Will guiltily wants to go to is a week away, and Hannibal is staring dreamily into the fire and sipping brandy. Will fiddles with his own glass, and sighs.


"Come and sit beside me, dear," Hannibal murmurs, raising his arm and gently pushing Winston until there's enough room for Will. "You want to ask me for something and you're afraid I'll be offended, I can tell. Ask, Will, there is not much that you can do to offend me."

Will snorts quietly, and settles next to Hannibal, snuggling in against his side. "That actually does make me feel a little better," he mumbles, nuzzling Hannibal's shoulder.

"Good," Hannibal purrs and kisses the top of his head. "I have a feeling this disclosure or request is sexual in nature, am I right?"

"You are," Will says, and sighs. "Christ, we pretend to eat each other pretty regularly and sometimes actually do, if blood counts, and here I am freaking out about age play. I'm being pretty silly, even if it is the kind with fucking."

"Ah," Hannibal says, and rubs his back. "I have no objection to age play. Not even the kind with fucking."

Will chuckles, and kisses his neck. "Thanks, honey."

"Which side of the dynamic do you prefer to be on?" Hannibal asks, and Will can feel himself blushing.

"Uh. Usually the caretaking side, but with you it might be about fifty-fifty," he mutters.

Hannibal chuckles, stroking his hair. "Well, you are my beautiful boy, but I'm sure you'll make an excellent papa." He kisses Will's cheek, giving him a one-armed hug. "I haven't been little in a very long time, so I'll need a while to find my way there again, but I am more than willing to try."

"So if I ask to you come to the Playpen Meetup next Saturday, you might say yes?"

Hannibal laughs. "I would be delighted, Will. I sometimes went to those before I met you, just to watch everyone being adorable."

"I'm so lucky you're as much of a freak as I am," Will says softly, leaning on Hannibal and taking another sip of his brandy. It's pretty good, another little luxury insinuated into his life by Hannibal.

"I'm always glad to see anew how well-suited we are for one another," Hannibal purrs, and kisses the top of Will's head.

"Dork," Will mutters, and Hannibal just laughs.

They don't do anything about it that weekend, but on Monday Will comes home to a plate of sandwiches with the crusts cut off, a glass of chocolate milk standing beside it. He swallows hard, and glances over at Hannibal, who is apparently completely engrossed in whatever is slowly cooking on the stove.

"This will take a while," he says softly, looking over his shoulder at Will. "I thought you might like a snack."

"...Thank you, Daddy," Will says, and washes his hands like a good boy before he sits down.

The sandwiches are ham and cheese, and of course pointlessly good. The chocolate milk is obviously carefully made from something much better than Hershey's syrup, and Will savors it. He doesn't feel exactly little yet, but it's coming on, and he sits and nibbles carefully, feeling like they ought to talk about this more and like he really, really doesn't want to. Hannibal just hums to himself before putting lids on everything and drifting over to kiss Will's cheek and stroke his hair. There are only a few crumbs left on the plate, and he smiles.

"Better, darling boy?" Hannibal murmurs, tucking an errant curl behind Will's ear.

"Yes, Daddy," Will whispers. "I, uh..."

"I know that we haven't talked much about this. I just want to spoil you a little bit," Hannibal says. "We'll talk about anything more serious, little one."

Something about the name makes Will shift in his seat to cling to Hannibal, face hidden in his chest, and Hannibal rubs his back, murmuring to him in Lithuanian. Will sighs, nuzzling him. "I love you, Daddy," he says softly, and Hannibal sighs, taking Will's hand and pulling away just enough to lead him to the bed, where he gathers Will into his lap, cuddling him and telling him what a beautiful and sweet boy he is, and how much Daddy loves him.