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Best Present

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"What is it?" Michael is pretty sure the tree that's appeared in the corner of the living room since he left for school this morning is a Christmas tree, since there's only a couple weeks until the holiday, but he's never seen one before. Not a living one, anyway.

"It's a fir tree." Figment is draping a string of popcorn around the tree, looking at it with a critical eye. "I think I even managed the root system right, so hopefully I don't have to make another tree next year. Again." She sighs, and smiles a moment as she glances over at him. "You want to invite anyone over for Christmas, kitten?"

Michael shrugs, dropping his backpack inside the door to the room that's become his since he had arrived here as a rather bewildered cat. "Not really." He kinda wants to make sure Nate is all right, but he's not sure how his brother is going to react to finding out Michael is a mutant, or that he's been living in Miami after running away from home.

Figment tilts her head, silent for a moment before she nods. "Ok." She probably doesn't believe him, but she'll let him make the decision on his own time, and that's good.

Maybe he will see if he can get Nate away from their father, and give him a place to stay where he won't get hurt. It's the best present he can think of for his little brother.