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Choose Your Own SorMik Adventure

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It was another perfect day in Elysia with nothing to worry about and no cares except for each other. Sorey ran down the mountain, knowing Mikleo would be close behind him, laughing as the sun kissed his face and the wind tussled his hair. There was nothing in all of the world he longed for more than the exhilaration of life with Mikleo at his side, both of them lost for breath and aching from exertion with smiles so wide it hurt their cheeks. Life on their mountain was better than anything else the world below had to offer.

Looking back over his shoulder, Sorey beamed at his companion as Mikleo tried to overtake him in pursuit, his lithe figure elegant in a run but his legs no match for Sorey's stride. Sorey laughed at his assured victory even though the destination to which they ran was a mystery. He was winning. He had won. Even desperate to win, Mikleo's face was as joyous as it was intense with rivalry. This was them. The pounding of their hearts, the rush of breath through their lungs--this was everything they'd ever known and everything Sorey had ever wanted. He'd never longed for anything but for more experiences with Mikleo at his side.


The time for dreaming is over. Let's go back.
Those were such wonderful times...