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Choose Your Own SorMik Adventure

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The path towards the ruins was lush and green, standing in stark contrast to the grey stone which served to mark the place where something ancient had once stood. While the stones were weathered and blistered with age, it was still an easy feat for Sorey to figure out their worn secrets pointing towards a hidden door. It was almost enough to make him forget everything else. Giddy, Sorey followed the markers to the point where large stones were primed to slide apart, the ivy disguising every crack and crevice that otherwise would have pointed out the discovery. Such a well hidden place was surely still intact, perhaps even unlooted unlike so many he'd seen. He could not wait to press the disguised release and descend through the open door.

To Sorey's surprise, the inside was well lit with torches. He had no difficulty making his way down, more light promised at the bottom as he slowly came into the first of the ruin's rooms. It looked to be a temple with iconic scenes depicted on the walls, the room echoing with the roar of unseen water. Light bounced around with a blueish hue but, unlike with the torches on the stairwell, Sorey could not pinpoint its source. It was beautiful either way. The whole place seemed to sparkle like gemstones. Sorey touched the engravings lovingly as he slowly followed the sound of running water deeper into the underground structure.

That was not the only sound he could hear, though.

The further Sorey walked, the more easily he could hear what sounded like a struggle happening several rooms ahead. It seemed he was not alone in the ruins, though the lit torches had already caused him to consider as much. There was no clashing of swords or screams, but the groans and strangled shouts were testament enough to the conflict ahead. Someone was in trouble, it seemed, and Sorey alone was there to help.


Charge head-first into danger?
Go quietly and try to judge the scene first.