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Choose Your Own SorMik Adventure

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Sleep is a timeless plane of existence that manifests as an eternity and yet remains unflinchingly fleeting. A moment in the mind can be ages in the world just as lifetimes can be lived through dreams in the blink of a tired eye. Time has no rhyme or reason in the confines of unconsciousness. It is a realm outside of all influence and never more completely than it was for Sorey.

In his endless dreams there were always fields of green and a turquoise sky so clear and beautiful even the clouds drew back in awe. He dreamed of mountains and ruins, of laughter and of song. He loved the way the wind sang through an empty hall, the lilt of a refrain through the tree's canopy, the chorus of rain against stone and earth. He loved the absence of loneliness as he spun around under the sun with another's hands held tight in his own, capes fluttering in the wind as pointlessly they revolved like two stars drawn towards each other. Lavender eyes squinted with laughter but never drifted in their gaze from his own.

Sorey dreamed of a world where humans and seraphim could live together. His literal dreams were no different from the one that first called him to sleep.


That's enough. It's time to wake up.
Just five more minutes...