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Female Warriors

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1| Beginners guide to the duties of a Knight

Prologue| No matter what, never mess with Team Day



*Helios Honor POV*


I couldn’t believe it! I just couldn’t believe that Fair would agree to something like this, without my, the leader of our team, opinion.

I sighed. To be honest, I was only the team leader in name, but still…

Our team –the renowned ‘Team Day’– were working as maids – Maids for crying out loud– in this strange church because of Fair…she’s too kind, way too kind for her own good! Normally, I wouldn’t really get so big-headed about our strength and all –that was ‘Lone Wolfs’ job– but…this…it’s…it’s just completely ridicules! We’re supposed to be training for the upcoming Adventurer’s Tournament!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not pissed at Fair, I’m pissed at that Pope guy. I just know he tricked her!

Damn it!

Sighing, I surveyed the clean hall.

Finally, it took me a whole hour to wash the floor!

I was about to start with the next one –the main hall of the ‘Sanctuary of Light’, I think it was called– when someone barged through the side door, causing the piece of wood to creak as it swung against its hinges. Instinctively, I brought my hand to the hilt of my sword before relaxing it once I realized it was Chikus Blaze.

Chikus Blaze…he was one of the Knight-Captains at the church –don’t ask me why they have Knight-Captains in a church, or even Knights ‘cuz nothing in this place makes any sense to me– who were apparently a big deal here.

It seemed as if he was talking to me but I was only snapped out of my inner-thoughts when he grabbed my arm and started pulling me with him to who knows where.

“Hey, wait a min-“ I began, only to be cut off, something that usually happened to me when I was talking with Flare.

“We need to go quickly! You’re the only one with enough holy magic to stop it” he stated, letting of my wrist once we walked outside.

Huh? Holy magic? And didn’t they tell me to just clean the halls until one of the Vice-Captains comes to dismiss me?

Oh well, fighting sure seems better than cleaning, any day.

We sprinted through what seemed to be a garden when a loud voice roared, followed by multiple screams.

“What was that?” I asked, puzzled.

“I already told you, they’re attacking the citizens but there aren’t enough knights to hold them.”

In my mind, the only words I heard were ‘attacking the citizens’ and without thinking I sped off towards the commotion.

The church sure was a lot bigger than I thought it was. From the ledge I could see how many attackers there were since the whole structure was built like a castle, elevated above the rest of the city. I decided to jump down. It would have taken days –I’m not joking– if I used the stairs and that would have wasted valuable time.

Still in mid-air, I saw that below me, there were some un-dead creatures battling against a few holy knights. Instantly, I drew my sword as I twisted my body, creating a sweeping motion that allowed me to cleave off all the heads of the skeletons in a 2-metre radius as I flipped my body over to land neatly on my feet, ready in my fighting position.

“Sun!” One of the holy knights called, most of his subordinates were, for some reason, stunned.


I scrunched my brows in confusion and was about to turn to the knight but another of the creatures lunged towards me using a spear, aiming for my heart. Swiftly, I blocked the on-coming attack.

Hmmm…this one’s actually quite good…

Now that I took a look at it, this particular un-dead looked very different compared to the other, much blander and weaker, skeletons. It had rather fancy armour and a strange mark that slowly crawled across its forehead. Smirking slightly, I enhanced my thick-work boots with a weak wind spell, slightly increasing my speed as I swung back my blade, causing the spearmen to stumble back as his weapon was flung sideways, creating an opening. Attempting to take opportunity of this, I rushed forwards. However, I underestimated the opponent. Without a second to spare, he brought the 3 metre long spear down but I easily countered this by holding my sword up, tilting it at an angle so that his spear would slide, making him stagger, effectively using his own strength against him. While the un-dead spearmen failed to regain balance, I spun my sword round, using the motion to gather force, and sliced right through his stomach, dissecting him in half.

Only after I defeated the skeleton, did I notice the holy knights gape at me as if I grew two heads. I frowned.

“Hey, you gonna fight or what?” Mockingly, I asked before rushing to the crowd of un-dead.

Maybe I will get some training in after all…


*Terra Ace POV*


“Aww, it’s so unfair! There are so many bishies here that we could be talking to but we have to wash the stupid floor!” Free pouted as she stared at the wash bucket in her hands.

I sighed.

“Free-je je, you always think about bishies”

“Come on~. You gotta admit they’re bishies though, ultra bishies!” she paused for a second, putting a sly up-to-no-good smile on “May~be I could get some new material for my next yaoi book!”

“F-f-fr-free-je je!” helplessly I cried, my face burned a bright beetroot-red.

One horrendous time before we knew w-wh-what ya-yaoi was, Free-je je h-had ma-made us rea-read an extract from one of her books. The only one who wasn’t affected by t-the th-thing was Misty-je je.

Currently, Misty-je je was silently mopping the marbled floor. Back when we were just a group of friends, she used to own a library in which she read every single book. She loved any and all books, as long as it had literature, so she would spend most of her time reading books when she was not with us. But, because of this, Misty-je je hardly spoke.

Suddenly, there was a flood of people rushing through the corridor, mercilessly trampling over our hard work.

Eh! We only just finished washing it!

“S-sister, you seem to have dropped your h-handkerchief” One of the knights came up to me and Free-je je.

Once I turned round, I realized that the person holding out the handkerchief was one of the 12 ‘holy knights’.

I can’t exactly remember who was who but apparently each of them had a completely different personality. Immediately I took a step behind Free-je je as I fiddled and stared at my hands, refusing to meet the gaze of which ever ‘holy knight’ it was.

I should probably say now that I don’t find it easy to talk to people I don’t know very well and I only feel comfortable meeting new people when Helios-je je, my best friend, is with me.

It was a little funny since Free-je je always did the complete opposite to me in situations like this. She’d always start flirting.


*Georgo Earth POV*


After ordering the holy knights under my command, I discovered the young slender figure of a brunette beauty. Not only had Sun finally ‘reattributed’ for his disruptions but I had come across a superb brown-haired female beauty!

As soon as all the members of the Earth-Knight platoon left, I fished out a pristine white handkerchief, decorated with the symbol of the Sanctuary of Light.

“S-sister, you seem to have dropped your h-handkerchief” I stammered out while shyly approaching the brunette.

Once I neared the beauty, I noticed she had been blushing at something her blue-haired companion said.



It must have been Storm since blue-hair was extraordinarily rare and out of all the followers, clerics and knights, there was only one person to my knowledge that had blue hair. For a moment I couldn’t help but display a stocked expression before quickly changing it to that of a hesitant one, fit for an Earth Knight.

It was still an unusual sight. Though the image of the Storm Knight was that of a footloose charmer, the real Storm Knight was absolutely hopeless at flirting!

However, the two had already turned round. The beauty had sleek chestnut brown hair that just about reached her shoulders, two shinning hazel eyes and a slim figure. Once the young female brunette saw me she immediately hid nervously behind Storm. This puzzled me as everybody in the whole continent knows that the Earth Knight is honest and shy. What confused me further was that she was hiding behind Storm. It would make sense if it were Leaf, but it wasn’t.

Then I noticed that Storm was in fact not Storm, but another superb female beauty! She had perfect curves, a cute childish face and vivid lime coloured eyes. Even though they both looked very similar, I still couldn’t believe mistook this top-notch beauty for Storm!

Whoever the Storm look-a-like was, she was definitely very daring, if not cheeky as she started flirting with me.


“Thank you, is there any way in which I can repay you?” She asked in a seductive tone, taking the handkerchief while purposely brushing her hand against mine as she looked me straight in the eyes before winking.

“T-there’s no need to th-thank me… I-I have some s-snacks that I can’t finish in my r-room. Would y-you like s-some?” I asked, trying to sound hesitant.

Abruptly, there was a distant, but resonating roar followed by several screams.

At that sound, the brunette gave the blue-haired female a worried, but somehow, determined glance to which she returned with a nod.

“D-don’t wo-worry, the-“ I tried to comfort them however the two ignored the gesture.


“What was that?” The blue-haired beauty demanded, losing all trace of her flirty tone.

“I-it seems like th-there have been a u-up rise of un-dead” Keeping in character, I stuttered.

“U-um… C-could you please ta-take us there” Finally, but for some reason still a little nervously, the brunette step out from behind her companion.

I was momentarily stunned. Judging from their clothes and by the fact the blue-haired female had a wash bucket I’d say they were maids, not clerics. Most civilians would panic at the mention of un-dead, especially the females.

“Please” The busty blue-haired female begged. “We can help”

For once, I was truly hesitant. With the look in their eyes, I could tell they weren’t going to be satisfied with a ‘no’ but I could not recklessly lead two delicate maids to a battle. That would ruin the image I tried so hard to maintain!

“There’s a lot of magical commotion from the east direction”

Inwardly, I jumped. I hadn’t noticed the third maid whom was standing right beside the other females. She had a light pink hue in her hair that obscured her eyes and wore a plain white kimono with a red stash. Though the female had a good figure, it was too easy to overlook her presence.

Strangely enough, her companions seemed not to have forgotten their comrade even if she was like a ghost.

However, I had to wonder, how did she know?

Silently, the ghostly girl led the other two females down the corridor, towards the gardens.

“W-wait!” I stammered as I yelled. “Y-you could g-get hurt, it’s da-dangerous!”

“Please don’t worry about us. We’re tougher than we look” Completely losing her stuttering, the brunette softly called.

“B-but still…A-at least…L-let me pr-protect you” sprinting towards them, I requested “I-I don’t w-want you al-all to get h-hurt”

Soon, we came to the fence of the edge of the gardens.

“There” The leading girl pointed down to the fighting below.

Without word or uncertainty, all three leapt over the small fence and plummeted down.

Once again, I was shocked. They had jumped down a 10 meter drop! If they were one of us holy knights, then it would not be unusual, but they were fair maidens and would never survive the impact!

Quickly, I tried putting up my ‘shield of Earth’ to hopefully catch the three before they hit the ground and damage their figures.

It would be such a shame to disfigure such superb beauties!

It seemed unneeded as when I peered over the edge, I saw they’d already landed. Hurriedly, I sprinted down the stairs. It was a miracle that none of them injured themselves in the impact but if I did not reach them in time, they would surely get hurt in the battle.


*Terra Ace POV*


Once we’d landed, I ordered Misty-je je to summon her ‘Nine-tailed Kitsune’ and ‘Aosaginohi’ spirits while Free-je je set about preparing her famous ‘whirlwind strike’ spell. Despite my rather shy, timid nature, I was quite confident in battle and unofficially second in command in our team.

Instantly, I molded my earth magic to cover my hands and forearms as I jumped into the density of un-dead with Misty-je je and began pummeling the skeletons.

The ‘Nine-tailed Kitsune’ and ‘Aosaginohi’ summons worked on forcing the creatures into a tight square.

“Ready!” Free-je je signaled to which we sprung away from the un-dead as her fierce whirlwind tore right through the army, completely destroying a good chunk of the skeletons.

As the debris settled, I saw the holy knight from before, not far from where we were, stare at us. His eyes were open slightly wider than earlier and he mouth was open, gaping, though not obvious.

Free-je je had already sped off, using her incredible wind magic, with her daggers drawn and Misty-je je was cutting down various un-dead with her long-sword in combination to her ‘fazing’ technique.

“Y-you…How d-did you…” The holy knight began but trailed off, unable to find his voce.

“We told you that you don’t have to worry about us. We’ve faced much tougher opponents before” I answered as I turned to finish off the rest of the skeletons.


*Deva Flare POV*


Fuck this!

I glared at Fair as she happily cleaned out the stables.

“You seriously accepted that?!” Angrily I yelled.

Fair, still concentrating on her task, answered “Of course, they saved us from a dragon and gave us treatment and shelter for three whole days. How could we just leave without repaying them?”

“This is way too much just to pay off that!” I retorted with my arms crossed as I sat on the wooden stool.

“Come on, we’re only doing a few jobs here and there” she reasoned calmly as she dusted off her apron.

“For a month!” I huffed. “I could be sparring with Helios right now…”

“We can all spar after were finished”

To be honest, I wasn’t that angry at Fair, though I want to be, ‘cuz it was nearly impossible to be angry at someone as nice as her. But sometimes, she’s just too nice.

“Ahem” Someone was standing at the door of the stables.

Funny… I didn’t hear him open the door at all.

The guy at the door was one of the vice-captains, I think. I didn’t pay much attention to what the ‘Pope’ guy said in the morning.

“You’re dismissed for today, but I advise you not to rush home right now as there was an up-rise of a few un-dead–”

“Un-dead?” I asked, cutting him off of whatever he was going to say.

Fair looked curious to what was happening too as she perked up a little, probably worried about people getting injured.

“Where?” I questioned again before he could give me an answer.

“It was near the east of–“

As soon as I heard which direction they were, I grabbed Fair by the arm and dashed eastwards.

“W-wait! Civilians shouldn’t–“

 “Civilian?! I. Am. Not. WEAK!” I growled dangerously low, I turned sharply at the heel to face the knight. Vice-captain or not, nobody calls me weak!

After a moment to emphasize my statement, I started sprinting towards my training dummies –err, I mean, the un-dead.

Behind me I could hear Fair apologizing to the knight.

See what I mean by ‘too nice’.

The stables were on the ground level so it wasn’t that far away from the fight. When the targets came into view, I drew my short dao and quickly cast my fire spell.

Fire soon flared around my blade which attracted the attention of the targets. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, I erupted a few bursts of fire from the soles of my shoes, propelling me straight into group of un-dead. Swiftly, I swung my dao, dismembering a bunch of my targets. But the flames that engulfed my sword spiraled around me, setting the remaining skeletons on fire.

That was my ‘blazing dragon’ technique.

And you better remember it, 'cuz it might just be then end of you otherwise!

Soon another lot of un-dead surrounded me, though I smiled.

Just as I was about to spring forwards, Fair leapt into the air above my targets and pulled out her storage scrolls in a sweeping motion before 3 dozen holy-magic enhanced arrows shoot out, instantly turning the skeletons to dust.

“Oi, those were my training dummies! Go find your own!”

“Snooze you lose!” Sticking her tongue out at me, Fair teased as she rushed towards the rest of the un-dead.

Grinning, I raced forward.



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Character Introductions


Team Day


Helios Honor

Age: 20

Gender: Female
Hair colour: Gold

Eye colour: Sky blue                                             


Though she is the official leader of ‘Team Day’, she is only leader by name, holding little authority.

While fighting she likes the challenge in facing off against a worthy opponent.

Her best friend is Terra.


Terra Ace

Age: 19

Gender: Female
Hair colour: Chestnut brown

Eye colour: Hazel


Terra is usually very shy unless around her best friend, Helios. However, it’s a completely different story once on the battle field, and because of this, she is the unofficial second in command for ‘Team Day’.

Since she is the youngest, she calls all her teammates ‘-je je’.



Ryker Free

Age: 20

Gender: Female
Hair colour: Blue

Eye colour: Lime                                    


Even though she flirts outrageously with any male she considers a ‘bishie’, she can be very serious once in battle.

Free is perverted and has written a series of yaoi books.



Kix Fair

Age: 20

Gender: Female
Hair colour: Green

Eye colour: Amazon green


Fair is often described as ‘too nice’ and is unable to let any deed go unpaid.

While she acts rather motherly at times, she does have a cheeky side.



Deva Flare

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Hair colour: Crimson

Eye colour: Amber


Due to her impatient nature, she likes to rush into battles.

More than anything else, Flare absolutely hates being called weak.



Sprite Misty

Age: 24

Gender: Female
Hair colour: Light pink

Eye colour:???


People outside of ‘Team Day’ usually forget her since she is silent for most of the time, rarely speaking, even to her fellow team members.

This is thanks to the fact she used to own a library before ‘Team Day’ was created.

Misty will love any and every book she reads, which is the only reason why she can take Free’s yaoi books.