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MonChevy OneShots

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Philippe was stood in the middle of Saint-Cloud. He was not his usual calm, collected and dignified self though. The room around him was a mess, objects strewn around the floor. He was almost in tears and his usually steady hands and voice were shaking and clumsy.

He was just about to move an entire bed on his own when his long term boyfriend The Chevalier De Lorraine entered. At first the younger man was appalled that Philippe was making such a mess of their bedroom. But on closer inspection he became confused and then upset. For his darling mignonette was clearly distressed. "Whatever is the matter my love?"
"I l-lost my new hair pins." Philippe whispered. The Chevalier wanted nothing more than to laugh at his darling boyfriend. This whole fuss was about hair pins! But luckily the Chevalier had more sense than to make a joke of it all just yet. The hair pins must be found first.
"Were they special? Why don't you just wear different ones?" he suggested gently.
"Because they were a present from Louis and I simply MUST wear them with this dress!" he said both exasperated and dispondent. Only then did the true magnitude of the situation make any sort of sense to the Chevalier.

Louis was Philippe's older brother and king of France. Although he was an abdolutely awful brother. All arrogance and no love. He truly was the world's worst brother. Except at Christmas and (when he remembered) Philippe's birthday. But Philippe loved him anyway despite his brother's absolutely astounding self-centred callousness. So that was why the pins were so special. They were Philippe's way of knowing and convincing himself for another year that Louis did love him really and was just too busy being king to be the loving older brother that he should have been. Philippe always treasured these gifts as much as, if not more so, than anything else in the world - even his darling Chevalier.

The hair pins had been the latest gift and, although the Chevalier thought it was a poor exchange for a decent, loving brother, it was only natural that Philippe was so distressed at losing them.
"You know, Louis probably would not even notice if you did not wear them. And he needn't know it's because you misplaced them, my darling." He knew instantly that this was the wrong thing to have said. But it was too late now. All he could do was comfort Philippe as the tears finally spilled over.

The Chevalier crossed the room in two strides and pulled Philippe to him stroking his dark hair as he apologised profusely (although insincerely for it was the truth) for speaking ill of Louis. That was when he noticed the flowers. He smiled and quickly kissed Philippe before rushing over and grabbing them. He dried them off on the bed sheet before turning to Philippe and proudly announcing "my darling mignonette. Welcome to plan B!" as he quickly bit effectively wove and braided the flowers into Philippe's hair.

Once he was done he turned Philippe round to face the mirror. Both men were pleased with the result and Philippe even managed to stop crying. The wonderful man who's arms he was currently in had managed to make it look almost exactly like the pins! It was perfect and as much as he hated to admit the fact, Louis would never know the difference.
"L'archmignon to the rescue once again!" Philippe said as he turned round and kissed the laughing Chevalier.