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Gunshot Wound

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You could feel yourself becoming woozy because of everything that was going on around you. Saeyoung was lying on the floor nearby, unconscious due to blood loss from his arm. His own twin was stood before him, holding a gun in his hands whilst he yelled out rather incoherently. To your right, Vanderwood was struggling to get out of the grasp of the disciples of Mint Eye whilst shouting for Saeyoung using his agent codename. Then… There was what was right in front of you. Rika… The very Rika which you were meant to replace within the RFA, the very Rika who was supposed to have committed suicide by jumping into the ocean, was angry, ordering for Saeran and Saeyoung to be dragged away so that she could go ahead with ‘cleansing the sinner’, who just so happened to be V, and then to bring you and Vanderwood into Mint Eye as new disciples.

As Saeran yelled something more, you felt the grasp of the disciples holding onto you loosen as the order to give him some of the ‘medicine of salvation’ echoed around the room. You were able to stagger forward a slight bit, the panic you were feeling making you lose your balance somewhat. Though you were still being held onto, it was a bit of a relief to feel further away from the bodies of the disciples.

By the point that the disciples had finally let go of you, things had began to take a turn for the worst. Saeran now had the gun pointed directly at V… And you didn’t want to see any more hurt, any more fear, any more betrayal. Saeran’s yelling just felt like throbs in your head by that point, but you could get the gist of what he was saying and doing. He was blaming V for everything which had happened.

Sure, you understood where Saeran was coming from… But V had done good too, but was simply blinded by his love for Rika – figuratively and literally. If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t have been allowed to become part of the RFA. If it weren’t for you becoming a part of the RFA, Saeran would have kidnapped you and made you a part of Mint Eye much earlier. On top of that, if it weren’t for V giving Saeyoung his phone to send the coordinates of where you were to Jumin, then you wouldn’t have had hope that you would be saved soon.

Soon enough, you found yourself moving and talking without even realising when you had started. “Saeran… Stop this! This… This doesn’t need to happen! Don’t shoot him! He’ll have his reasons behind what he has done, just as you do! Just as Saeyoung did! Just-!”

“Shut up… Shut up, shut up...” The gun was shaking, but now it was pointed directly at you. “Just… shut up!”

A sharp pain suddenly erupted from your side, and the shock stopped you from being able to do things as simple as blinking and breathing for a good few moments.

After the initial shock had passed, your erratically shaking hand moved to touch where the pain was. You then glanced at your hand.


Saeran had shot you…

“I- I’ve got you!” A pair of hands suddenly grabbed hold of the top of your arms before you fell to your knees on the ground. Whoever this person happened to be was trying to keep you stood upright. “I can’t see you… But I can hear your breathing. Don’t worry… I won’t let any member of the RFA die, whether they’ve been a member for two weeks or since the start…” It was V… The very person you were trying to defend.

“…! Sinners…!” You could hear Rika’s utterances repeating as V tried to make sure that he was holding onto you carefully enough.

As the pain began to spread through your body, likely because of the after-shock, you found yourself crying as you fell backwards into V. You could hear Vanderwood in the background starting to yell out in panic because of the state which both you and Saeyoung happened to be. Moments later, you could hear shouting and thuds all around you, and that was the only thing which you could concentrate on besides the pain.

“Jumin… This must be Jumin. He’s brought lots of people with him… I’m sure that we can get somebody to look at your injury...”

The next few minutes were a blur to you, the pain and voices becoming nothing more than a throbbing headache for you as you were lay down on the ground, head on what you could only presume was V’s lap. Only one brief conversation actually managed to make its way into your ears.

“V… Is that?...”

“Our new member… Yes… She got shot by Luci- Saeyoung’s brother, I think… I can’t see so I’m not sure.”

“This isn’t good,” you felt something be pressed against your injury, presumably to stop the bleeding. “I did not want us to meet under such conditions.” You then felt a hand on your shoulder, and your hazy eyes managed to meet those of the person who was with you and V. “At least you’re awake. Try and stay awake. I’ll make sure that you and Saeyoung get to hospital as fast as you can. We brought a helicopter here so it should take no more than an hour.”

You forced on a smile through the pain as you began to feel your eyes fall shut. “Thank you… Jumin...” You felt one of V’s (or was it Jumin's? You at least think it was V's) arms then move to underneath your back, and the other underneath your legs. “And… y- you too, V...”

“She is lucky to not be in any sort of critical state. No vital organs were hit by the bullet, the side of her waist was basically skimmed by it. At the moment, she is still unconscious through the shock, but we are expecting for her to wake up within the hour.” Six people were gathered outside a room in the hospital, desperately wanting to visit the patient who lay inside. “Two visitors are permitted at a time. Until we know that she is recovering, we are only allowed to permit that many.”

The group remained silent, before a quiet voice from the back spoke up. “… I suggest that we allow V to be one of the visitors… I- I would see her… But it’s my fault that she got caught in that mess… So I don’t want to face her just yet...” The remaining five turned to the one who had spoke. “B- Besides… I… I should see how Saeran is...”

“S- Saeyoung! Wait!” Yoosung went to grab hold of the hacker’s arm, but he was left to fall down to the ground because of how quickly he had left. “Ow… Saeyoung...”

Everyone was quick to look at Zen then, because of the way in which he was growling and clenching his fists due to Saeyoung running away. “I can see why he would blame himself… But he was unconscious when she got hurt! God, he should at least see how she is first!”

“Let him see his brother, Hyun… They’ve been separate for years,” V whispered, before sighing. “So… Who is seeing her?...”

“You, obviously. You comforted her up to the moment she fell unconscious, there is no doubt she will be wanting to thank you, V.Jumin suddenly stated, before glancing over to Jumin, Yoosung, and Zen. “… Assistant Kang. I think that as the only other female member of the RFA… You should see her too. You are also much calmer than these two at the moment.” He then looked at Zen and Yoosung from the corner of his eyes before rolling them. “I will have to go and see to covering the hospital costs of both our injured party planner and Saeyoung’s brother whilst you see her.” After a few minutes, everyone was persuaded that V and Jaehee were definitely the best two to visit you, as much as Zen, Jumin, and Yoosung wanted to meet you.

When V and Jaehee were finally allowed in the room, Jaehee let out an audible gasp at the sight of you lying in the bed there. You were still unconscious, of course, but you were horribly pale and your skin seemed somewhat clammy. V, however, could only focus on your breathing because of his blindness. It was heavy, and somewhat shaky, yet still… It was constant. Not as all over the place as when you were initially hurt.

V had to feel about with his cane for a few moments to try and find one of the seats beside the bed, and Jaehee bit her lip as she watched him try to reach out for you. Once he had found a few strands of your hair, he then followed it up to your face. His breath was catching as his fingers finally touched your cheek.

“… I feel so sorry for her… I should have thought of all of the risks when I heard that she had ended up in Rika’s apartment… I should have got L- S- Saeyoung to take her away from there as soon as he had told me...” V then took off his sunglasses, and Jaehee could see the tears which had formed. “I swore not to let an RFA member get hurt… And now...” The hurt on his face almost felt like too much, and V could tell that it was affecting Jaehee because of the way in which she tried to hold back her own tears at seeing you lying like that at the same time. “I… I want to see with my own eyes that she recovers… I need to see her okay.”

“V… What are you getting at?”

“You know that I am blind now… But it’s only now that I realise that I should have taken up Jumin’s offer. Only now that I have lost my sight, I really need it...” As V said those words, you had actually began to come around. “Jaehee… When you can, could you tell Jumin that I want to take him up on the offer for surgery… if it still stands, that is?”

You turned your head slightly towards the warmth on your cheek, and you can’t help but put on a smile. It was… so comforting. You knew that somebody was there, and it made you feel safe. It was the only sensation upon your body besides the dull throb of the stitches from where the bullet had caught you.

There was a quiet sigh of relief from your side, the voice which it belonged to sounding somewhat strange because you didn’t hear it over the phone or over the radio. “Good evening… It’s nice to see you awake.” Jaehee’s voice still sounded calming despite that fact. “V… Her eyes are open slightly.” You then felt the fingers on the side of your face move up slightly, and you couldn’t help but weakly giggle as you felt one of V’s fingers over your eyelid. “Be careful… We can’t be doing with two blind RFA members.”

“Oh. Sorry...” There was an awkward laugh from V as you were finally able to open your eyes, and you were met with V’s pale blue eyes, which seemed to be quite vacant besides the tears there. You presumed that was because of his blindness. “It’s nice to see you… Well, uh… feel you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more to help you besides hold onto you after you got hurt...” You noticed his other hand then reach over to the one touching your face, before it followed the shape of your body down to your hand. “I’ll make sure that you, and all of the other RFA members, are safe from now on. I promise.”