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Hunting The Past

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Katsuki stood amidst the fallen corpses of his clients. Former clients now, to be more precise. His hand clutched his phone hard and his body shook with an unsatisfied rage, a fire that was just beginning to burn with nothing stopping it from growing to the point of engulfing his very being.

Every fucking time.

He's known for being one of, if not the, best bodyguards in the United States’ north west region. Surprising, given his young age of twenty-three, yet at the same time unsurprising given his training. He worked very hard to get where he was career-wise. He didn't put all that effort in for it to blow up in his face as much as has been happening recently.

He brought his phone up to his face again, loosening his grip and feeling a small pain once the pressure on his skin was released. The glowing screen still had those words on them. Each time it ranged from a taunt to an apology when he got a message from this person.

u can take the rest of the night off now

He never saw anything when it happened either. There was never anyone in the vicinity but himself and the people he was supposed to guard. He could be walking his client from a building to their car and they would be shot in the head. One time he even watched a person he was guarding take a cup from the cabinet in their own home, fill it with water from the sink and fall over dead from poison after drinking it.

How did this killer always get by him? He's asked other people who he works with if anything strange has ever happened to their high profile clients before and they never have anything for him. It was like the person was targeting him specifically.

His phone buzzed again and he opened the new message. His eyes narrowed and his grip tightened around the device once again.

plz leave so i dont have to kill u too

He could feel his mind working a mile a minute at this point. Why were they asking him to leave this time? Why were they trying to be so polite after killing a room full of people? A few other things ran through his mind, but the one that stood out in front of all others...

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Katsuki questioned the message itself. He knew the person sending it wouldn't be able to hear him but he could hardly refrain from blurting the thought out. "You think you can kill me?!"

His grip caused a small crack in his phone and he stopped himself before the device was completely broken. When he moved the phone to his pocket he could feel the indent left in his skin from the hold on it. A quick glance showed the red marks left behind, the same shape and size as the sides of his phone, and he looked around the room again.

He was protecting a group of clients while they had a meeting this time. Not an uncommon job. Underground leaders of gangs, mobs and other types of groups would seek such protection when meeting with each other. Often the bodyguard could act as a sort of 'mediator' should things get too heated. Mediator, in this case, being the one who simply makes sure none of them harm each other without threat of being grievously injured themselves.

One was crushed to death under a giant stag's head that had fallen off the wall above his chair, another poisoned from his own cup of scotch, the third impaled by a pool cue that was somehow sent flying across the room and the last shot in the back of the head during the chaos.

His phone vibrated again. Another message.

i rly need u to leave plz

"What? Are you fucking in here right now?" Katsuki looked over his shoulder with a maniacal grin. He could put an end to all of this tonight. "Come kill me then. Come right on out and let's fucking settle this."

He spun around in a circle, his head darting every which way with that psychotic, ear-to-ear grin plastered on his face. He couldn't find anybody that was ever willing to challenge him anymore, so this would be more than welcome. He's been aching for a fight for a long, long time. "Come on. Far be it from me to back down from the first asshole with the balls to try me. Quit being a fuckin' bitch and come out."

His phone vibrated again, but instead of checking it he placed it on the table next to one of the bodies. He had little interest in a conversation now. All he wanted was to catch the person who has been making his life hell for the past few months.

"You can see me, right? Obviously you can because you know I'm still in the room. So you can probably see how fucking pissed off I am right now. And I know you can fucking hear me because you keep texting me. So you can obviously hear how fucking pissed off I am, too. You want to talk? Come fuckin' talk." Another vibration. Katsuki kept his back to the phone and cracked his knuckles while walking around the room. Words wouldn't satisfy him now. His entire being ached for the chance to put an end to this game of hide n' go seek. "And stop with the goddamn messages you worthless motherfucking shitrag! I said come talk. I'll stay here all fucking night until you come out. You want me to leave, so there's something in here you want, right? Come and fucking get it."

The sound of his phone vibrating on the table caused him to flip the entire piece of furniture and look around the room again, his grin disappearing and his fists clenching. He just needed a sign for where they were. The smallest hint. When his breathing calmed some and he went completely still he got the hint he was looking for.

Tap tap tap

The faintest tapping could be heard inside the room. His head spun around to the direction the noise could be heard in. A second or two passed by after the noise halted and his phone vibrated on the other side of the room. He slowly made his way over to where the noise originated from. A corner of the room with not much in it. A coat rack, television and an open window.

Outside? Katsuki leaned out of the window, looking in every direction for someone or something, but spotted nothing.

He has to be in the room somewhere. A cursory glance upwards brought into view a ventilation duct on the top of the wall. He stood on the chair to reach the duct and his fingers wrapped around the cover and pulled roughly, but it came off with surprising ease. He examined the cover then, seeing the screws were already undone.

More tapping, definitely coming from inside the vent, and his phone vibrated again.

"Don't try to talk me out of beating your ass black and blue now you shit. I know you're in there," Katsuki told him, his voice echoing off the metallic walls. He poked his head in and almost fell backwards when a gunshot went off. The sound rang in his ears incessantly even after it was over and he could've sworn he saw someone inside the small space when the gun flashed. "Fuck. You're really trying to kill me, huh? Whatever. Use the fucking gun if you want. Just come out here. Because that metal scrap of shit isn't going to save you. I've had plenty of shitrags try to shoot me and none of them ever got me before."

More tapping ensued and Katsuki clenched his jaw. He refused to go get his phone right now. This was the closest he's ever been to figuring out who this person was and he wasn't about to let them out of his reach now. Instead of getting his phone, which vibrated yet again, he snatched up the coat rack and jammed it in the ventilation duct, feeling it hit something soft. He pulled back and jammed it forward again, feeling resistance this time. The person trying to push it away no doubt.

"Look here assface; you may have a gun keeping me from reaching in there and pulling you out by your fucking throat, but that doesn't mean I won't stand here and fucking jab you with shit until you come out. You can't fucking live in there forever." He heard a small sigh come from inside the air duct and the sound of shuffling. Katsuki grinned again and pulled the coat rack back, waving his hand in front of the ventilation duct's entrance. If they were going to shoot again it'd be better if it hit his hand instead of his head.

"Oi, you finally coming out? About fucking time." The moment he finished his sentence he figured out the sound was of them moving away from him, rather than towards him. He jammed the coat rack back inside furiously, hearing it clang against the metal inside. "Get the fuck back here you worthless sack of fucking shit! I'm not fucking done with you!"

He abandoned the coat rack in the vent and ran to the door, snatching his phone off the floor as he went, to enter the hallway. He stopped and listened carefully, trying to hear where the other person went, but heard nothing. He took a guess and crossed over into the next room, kicking the door open, and spotted them frantically crawling back inside the vent.

Katsuki dashed across the room to grab them, stopping short of the vent when another gunshot went off from inside. He couldn't get a hold of them if they stayed in an enclosed space like that with a gun. He'd never be able to maneuver around in there.

The tapping started again.

"I'm not looking at my goddamn phone! Talk with your fucking mouth if you want me to listen!" Katsuki slammed his fist into the wall, baring his teeth and glaring daggers at the duct. The tapping stopped the moment he yelled and he waited for a verbal response, but only silence followed. The fuck is with this guy?

After some time he peeked his head in front of the vent, staring in and seeing the figure of the person in the air duct. It was too dark to make out any features and it felt like he was staring at a silhouette instead of an actual person. Though he could very clearly make out the pistol that was currently aimed directly at his forehead. But it wasn't being fired, so that was a start.

Now if I can just get my hands on them...

They began typing on their phone again. He could just barely see that it was one of those prepaid phones that people generally disposed of after use. The brightness of their screen was dimmed as low as possible so as to not light them up too clearly, though he could vaguely make out the bandana they were using to cover most of their face and their big eyes focused on the screen.

Brown eyes, Katsuki mused. He tried to make out any other noticeable features to remember, but couldn't find anything else in the dim light.

Even while they were typing the gun stayed pointed directly at his head. When he tried to move slowly the typing stopped and the weapon followed him precisely. When he stopped moving the tapping began again.

They pushed the phone forward, next to their weapon, for Katsuki to read the words.

plz look at ur messages. i dont want to fight

"I said if you wanna fucking talk to do it with your shit eating mouth," Katsuki growled. The unknown person shook their phone in their hand as if to simply repeat the message it had on it.

Katsuki tried very hard not to make a grab for them for multiple reasons. They were out of reach and he would have to jump pretty far into the air duct to get them, meaning they would have more than enough time to react. They were still pointing a gun at his head, which could kill him instantly the second he tried to jump in. But most of all they seemed reluctant to actually kill him, as they've clearly had more than enough time to do it in the past minute. That last fact intrigued him regardless of how pissed off he still was about them killing a good chunk of his core business.

He begrudgingly pulled out his phone and checked the many messages that were sent to him earlier. Six text messages awaited him, all from the same number.

i dont want to kill u. plz just leave

i dont want to talk. i want u to leave

ur too scary to talk to when ur this angry

look u even flipped a table how do u expect me to come out after that i bet u want to kick my butt

plz go away b4 someone gets hurt

do u ever listen? ur so mean just go away!!

Katsuki stared at the messages incredulously. In a nutshell: They threatened to kill him, changed their mind and didn't want to kill him, refused to talk, continued messaging him even after refusing to talk, vaguely threatened him again? Maybe?? Then called him mean after they were the one who brutally murdered four people within ten seconds of each other.

He glanced up from his phone, his mind still swimming in utter disbelief, at the person whose gun was finally lowered and the phone returned to their front. They were staring back at him expectantly, lying on their back in the vent with the gun resting between their legs and pointing downwards. A sign of peace, perhaps.

"What the fuck are you expecting here? You've been killing the people I'm supposed to be fucking protecting. You're literally the opposition to my whole fucking career. You think I won't get fucking pissed? You think I'm going to let you waltz the fuck on out of here without any retaliation at all? I'm not your fucking partner or anything. It's my job to stop assholes like you and right now it's my job to take you to the police. Preferably alive if you'd like to avoid me murdering your ass tonight."

They started typing again and Katsuki slammed his fist on the ventilation duct's wall. The pistol was snapped up to attention and aiming at him again, but he ignored it after hearing they had no intention of killing him as long as he didn't give them a reason to. Instead he continued to glare ahead at the silhouette. "Why don't you talk with your fucking voice?! Are you a fucking mute or what?" They waved the phone into view again, Katsuki growling the whole time they typed, and he read it over with great annoyance.

theres something in the other room i need and i cant afford to be imprisoned at this time. i cant let u know who i am right now and i would very much like for both of us to stay alive. im sorry for causing u trouble but plz trust me and leave now

"I'm not fucking leaving until you come out. I have you trapped and there's no way you're getting away you fucking shit."

Another sigh was heard from the air duct. Katsuki watched them pull their phone back and begin typing again.

sorry about this

He felt a sting in the back of his shoulder and he spun around, ready to take down whoever was there. He spotted a small, old woman holding a tranquillizer gun in the doorway and staring at him. Then as it clicked in his mind what was about to come out of this he slipped his phone into his pocket and slammed his fist against the wall. The strike was weak and the sound reflected that fact. His body was already beginning to feel heavy and he found it hard to continue standing.

"You fuck... fucking," he tried to say. He dropped to his knees and lurched forward, catching himself from falling by placing his palms on the wooden floor. He fought the urge to close his eyes, but his entire body felt so heavy now. His arms were beginning to feel weak and he tried to hold himself up as best he could until he fell forward and landed flat on the floor. His eyes fluttered open and shut as he fought to keep awake, but to no avail. The world was beginning to blur and everything was going dark. "Assholes..."

"Goodness he has quite the mouth on him," the little old lady stated while entering the room. She flipped Katsuki over and examined him. "He's very stubborn and heated. Are you sure about him, Midoriya?"

Izuku crawled out from the air duct feet first. When he landed on the floor he pulled the beanie covering his hair off and pulled down the bandana covering his mouth.

"Of course. Have I ever steered us wrong before?" She glowered up at the him and Izuku quickly waved his hand dismissively, looking away. "D-don't answer that. Just get the car and let's take him to his home before he wakes up. I'll carry him, granny."

The old woman smacked him across the face with the tranquilizer gun, jabbing a finger in his direction. "I told you not to call me that!"

"R-right! Sorry, sorry!"



Katsuki awoke to harsh banging on the door to his room. His head was pounding and his eyes felt like they were on fire. He blinked rapidly and tried to hone in on the voice that was yelling at him through the door while rubbing his eyes. No matter how much he rubbed the burning wouldn't subside. It was a horrid feeling and he could only guess his eyes had dried out during his slumber for one reason or another.

"-upid brat! You're not sleeping in late again!"

He squinted over at the clock by his bed, attempting to make out the digital numbers through his bleariness.

11:46 AM

The door to his room was kicked open and he flinched at the sound, grabbing his head and glaring at his mother who was closing in on him. Her scowl and heavy footsteps accentuated her growing anger at seeing him still in bed. It was rare for him to sleep so late into the morning and so the worst was automatically assumed of him.

"I don't care how hungover you are. You don't skip out on meetings. Get downstairs now."

"Not fuckin' hungover," Katsuki drawled out, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and pulling at his V-neck shirt because why is it so fucking hot. He attempted to stand and stumbled forward, catching himself on the nightstand. "Tranquilizer."

His mother's expression changed instantly. Her brows unfurrowed and she came forward to help him stand up straight, grabbing his arm and pulling it over her shoulder. He tried to shove her away, believing he didn't need help, but was hardly awake enough to do so yet.

Fucking shit. How strong of a dosage did they use?

"What about your clients?"

"Dead." Katsuki's hoarse voice held no remorse in it. It was beginning to become a normal thing for him to say. More normal than he ever wanted it to be.

His mother clicked her tongue, helping him towards the door and down the stairs to the bar. Before the door to the meeting room was opened he pushed himself away from her, standing on wobbly legs and holding his fists at his sides. He refused to let the others see him in a pitifully weak state when he was supposed to be the best of the bunch. It was bad enough his continued failure would have to be announced and there was no reason to give them more to rub in his face.

She rolled her eyes at his show of 'strength' and pushed the door open, moving to sit at the head of the conference room's table. Her husband was working behind the counter of the bar at the moment, but there was rarely a need to worry about any business so early in the day.

"Hey, Katsuki! Rough night again?" Eijirou called out to him the moment he crossed the threshold into the room.

"Fuck you," Katsuki retorted sharply. He moved slowly to his chair to keep his composure and not let anything seem too out of place. His footsteps were light enough that, even with his heavy combat boots on, everyone could barely hear him at all.

"Seriously, you look like crap. Are you alright?" Denki asked, leaning forward with his elbows on the table to get a better look at Katsuki.

Katsuki pulled his chair out and sat down carefully, giving Denki a harsh glare in response. Everyone dropped the subject with that, knowing if they kept pushing they would just end up angering him.

"Now then," Katsuki's mom began, pulling a few vanilla folders towards herself and opening them. Each contained a plethora of papers and when she opened the first one a few could be seen with Katsuki's name on top. "Starting with Katsuki's clients: As he told me on the way down here, they did not survive the night. So authorities will need to be contacted about them."

Katsuki could feel everyone's eyes on him as his snapped shut and he grit his teeth. He knew if he opened his eyes and looked at any one of them he would instantly snap and in his current sluggish state he wouldn't be able to so much as get out of his seat, let alone start something with anybody here. Though he could feel his body slowly catching up to his mind and soon enough he would be good to go.

"Was it the-"

"Yes," Katsuki cut Eijirou off sharply. Everyone here was fully aware of the person that was picking on Katsuki. None of them have yet to have a run-in with whoever was doing it. "I almost caught the piece of shit, too. I had them trapped and someone came and saved their worthless fucking ass."

"Did you get a look at them? Maybe we can go find them!" Denki suggested, suddenly getting pumped up at the idea of going on a hunt.

"No. They were fucking crawling around in the goddamn air ducts. When I tried to get them they fucking shot at me with a pistol. Motherfucker texted me the whole fucking time, too."

"Wow," Eijirou commented, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. "That's like some spy movie-type stuff. Pretty weak he wouldn't come out and face you straight-up, though."

"Alright boys, we can gossip later. Let's finish the meeting first," Katsuki's mom interrupted. "I will speak with Naomasa after the meeting and inform him of the deaths of Katsuki's clients. Moving on, Denki, have you collected payment for the job from last week yet? I'm tired of the IOUs they're giving."

"No ma'am. I'll speak with them again today and let them know we won't be waiting any longer."

"Good. What of your clients from yesterday afternoon?"

Katsuki's head fell back and he slumped in his chair, tuning out the conversations in front of him. He knew nothing of relevance for himself would be said during this meeting. There was rarely ever a time when something happened that he actually had to pay attention to beyond giving his own reports.

The bell above the door to the bar rung as it opened slowly. A timid looking green haired man in baggy cargo pants, a white T-shirt and red shoes entered. His large eyes travelled around the room, landing on the barkeep behind the counter before he smiled and approached.

"Hi! I heard there's a, um, protection service agency somewhere around here? Am I in the right place?"

"Why, yes. This is the place you're looking for," Katsuki's father answered, giving a warm smile in return. "My wife handles that part of our business though. You'll have to wait until they're done with their meeting in the back to speak with her. Could I offer you a drink while you wait?"

Izuku shook his head while taking a seat on a bar stool. He laid his head in his arms on the counter and closed his eyes, trying to get comfortable while he waited. "No thank you. It's still a bit too early for that. Plus I don't drink much."

"Understandable," Katsuki's father replied, leaving the young man to do as he pleased. He went back to watching the television on the wall behind the counter, flipping through channels. Normally they'd leave it on one or two specific channels but during this time of day when there were little to no customers at all he could watch what he pleased.

Not long after the door to the backroom bursted open, causing the lone customer to sit up straight and stare in that direction, and Katsuki stormed through, yelling over his shoulder at the people still in there.

"Because it's a waste of my fucking time! What the fuck do I need to hear this shit for anyway?!" Katsuki stopped mid-stride when he spotted the other person sitting on the bar stool. They both stared at each other hard, neither backing down from the other, until the man gave a nervous smile suddenly. Katsuki scowled at him in response, shoving one hand in his pocket and turning to face the person. He could see a snake in those big, green eyes. Something that he wanted nothing to do with. Whoever this guy was the innocent face wasn't fooling Katsuki and Katsuki wanted him gone. "What the fuck do you want?"

"Please be nice to our customers, Katsuki. How many times do we need to tell you this?"

"Oh, you're Katsuki Bakugou!" He stood from the bar stool and began making his way over, his eyes taking on a new light upon hearing the person's name. His hand was held out as he approached, waiting for a handshake. "My name is Izuku. It's a pleasure to finally meet-"

Izuku was cut off when suddenly his arm was pulled behind his back. In the span of a second he found himself being pinned on the floor with Katsuki's knee on his upper-back. Izuku fought the smile that tried to creep onto his face. It was both thrilling and scary to see the man he'd heard so much about in action. Obviously it'd have been infinitely better to see him attacking someone other than himself, but this was fine for now.

Then he could feel Katsuki pulling his shirt up and his urge to grin was gone. He didn't bother to struggle, though, as he didn't want to cause more of a scene by fighting him here.

"And just what the fuck is this?" Katsuki questioned while pulling a pistol out from the hem of Izuku's pants. He waved it around in front of Izuku's face, clicking the safety on and off. "Feels too heavy to be empty. Safety was already off. What's up with this shit, huh?"

Katsuki felt the gun snatched out of his hand and glared over his shoulder to the group huddled around them. His mother held the weapon between her index finger and thumb, glowering down at Katsuki until he released Izuku and stood up. Denki helped Izuku up and patted him off.

"Sorry about that. Katsuki is a little... temperamental."

"Fuck you," Katsuki retorted. He'd take a swing at Denki too if he wasn't already in enough trouble as it was.

"You need to calm down, man. You're going to scare off business if you keep this stuff up," Eijirou insisted, putting his hand on Katsuki's shoulder and frowning when Katsuki roughly shrugged it off. "Not everybody is out to get you."

Katsuki's mom clicked the safety on and tossed Izuku's weapon back to him. He caught it, fumbling with the object for a second, and placed it back in the waistband of his pants. His shirt was pulled down to hide it again and he scratched his cheek while looking down at the ground.

"U-um, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset anyone. I-it's just for my pr-protection. I swear," Izuku tried to explain, but Katsuki's mom patted him on the head to try to put him at ease.

"Don't worry about it. If you tried to shoot up this place you wouldn't get very far at all. Now you're clearly not here for a drink, so what do you want?"

Izuku grinned at the woman, his nervousness slowly dissipating. He felt safe around her for some reason. If not only because it seemed like Katsuki was afraid to act out as much as he wanted with this woman around, then because it looked like she was in charge of these guys for more than signing their paychecks. Izuku could only guess she was the bartender's wife that he needed to talk to and nodded his head in Katsuki's direction.

"I want to hire him for a few hours."

"What a fucking surprise," Katsuki droned, shoving his hands into his pockets and heading back into the conference room.

"Good luck," Denki told Izuku, something he told all of Katsuki's new clients. "You'll need it."

Eijirou came by and patted Izuku on the back, leaning in and whispering something to him before leaving with Denki.

Izuku stared over his shoulder at them with furrowed brows. Why would he need luck? Katsuki may be rude, but he's supposed to be the best in the business from what Izuku knew. As long as he stayed professional and did his job there should be no problems at all.

Katsuki's mom waved for him to follow and they both went into the backroom where Katsuki was waiting, leaning back in a chair with his feet up on the table. His mother ignored him, sitting with Izuku on the opposite side of the room and pulling out Katsuki's folder from a filing cabinet directly behind herself.

"I personally don't care too much for the details, but write them down here anyway. It's mostly for organization and legal matters should anything go wrong."

Izuku nodded while taking the pen and form from her, beginning to fill it out where needed. He never thought paperwork would be involved in something like this, but couldn't really argue with them over it. If it was their policy then it was their policy. Although he always pictured it as something as simple as taking one of them with you and, when you're done with them, sending them back with some money.

"Um, it says I need-" Izuku started, but was cut off when the pen was snatched from his hand and Katsuki was already signing his name while hovering over Izuku's back. Izuku tensed up from the closeness, frozen from the feeling of Katsuki's breath on the back of his neck and he had to wonder just how much he was currently overreacting but he was so not used to strangers being this close. He began to relax again the moment Katsuki was crossing the room to sit opposite of them once more. "-your signatures."

Katsuki leaned back in his chair once more, pulling his arms behind his head and closing his eyes. He did his part and didn't care for the rest. He was only here now in case the client had any questions or special requests. His mother slid the paper towards herself and reviewed it, frowning when she saw what was written for the job description.

"Could I interest you in taking one of the others instead of Katsuki for this?"

Katsuki cracked open an eye when he heard this and stared at her. He hadn't bothered reading over the description when he signed but he could easily guess that it must be something important if she was trying to replace him. Because if it was important enough then that meant his client killer would strike again. The other eye opened and his gaze shifted to Izuku, who was staring at him with a half-smile.

"I don't think that'll be necessary. I've only ever heard good things about Katsuki's work and I'm willing to trust him completely for this job," Izuku explained. Katsuki glared at his appraising gaze. It was one thing to be sized up by an enemy or potential ally, but something else entirely to be sized up by some scrawny kid who could barely hold onto his own gun. "Besides, he looks wholly confident and capable to me."

Katsuki placed his hands on his knees and bent forward, narrowing his eyes at the other man. Izuku kept on staring at him without a care in the world and if Katsuki's mother wasn't in the room staring him down and mentally daring him to say something rude to his new client he'd probably have already yelled at the other by now.

Izuku took the chance to walk over to Katsuki, stopping just in front of him and holding his hand out. He grinned from ear to ear and held his other hand behind his back, waiting for Katsuki to grab his hand in a more peaceful manner this time.

"I think I'm really going to enjoy working with you, Katsuki. I hope we can get along really well."

Katsuki watched his mother leave the room. When she was gone he stared up at Izuku, glaring into his eyes. He found it hard not to attack this man on the spot for some reason. There was something about him that just felt... off. Those slightly round and freckled cheeks, that annoying voice, the harmless looking giant fluff of green hair, his easy going and somewhat timid personality. They all felt like beautifully told lies in his face. But worst of all, what Katsuki couldn't get over, the thing that bugged him most of all were those wide green eyes. Most might not notice it right away, but Katsuki sure did. Those eyes move with a precision that betrayed his own personality. As if he was always searching for something and was used to finding his mark every single time. Like he always knew just where to look. The only things genuine about this guy were his stupid smiles and facial expressions.

At this point Katsuki wasn't even convinced his name was Izuku.

Katsuki moved a single finger quickly, a small twitch, to see Izuku's reaction. Izuku's eyes darted directly to Katsuki's finger. Just what Katsuki expected of him. It was his turn to grin with his mother no longer here to protect Izuku. He grabbed Izuku's hand, moving it up and down slowly.

"You don't even need protection, do you?" Katsuki questioned him in a low voice, standing up to loom over Izuku threateningly. "You want me for something else. The fuck kind of idiot do you take me for?" Izuku's smile faltered just a bit and he let go of Katsuki's hand. When he tried to pull away Katsuki's grip tightened and he jerked Izuku closer. They bumped into each other and Katsuki held him there by his hand, glaring down at Izuku's now distressed look. "I asked a fucking question, shitrag. And quit it with the fake fucking innocent act. You're not even scared right now, are you?"

"Of course I'm a little scared right now. For a few reasons in fact. You're probably physically stronger than me," Izuku started, pulling at his still trapped hand to prove his point, and Katsuki quickly took note of the fact Izuku only referred to physical strength. "You seem pretty easily angered, you definitely don't like me, and you're kind of renowned for how dangerous you are. Plus I get kind of nervous when people get this far into my personal space without permission."

Katsuki narrowed his eyes. The first four he could believe without a second thought. The last point made him question whether Izuku was making fun of him right now or not. But he chose to ignore it and get back on topic, shoving Izuku away and standing between him and the only exit when Izuku fell on the floor.

"You still haven't answered the other question."

Izuku frowned up at Katsuki, staying seated on the ground with his hands flat on the floor behind him. "Why would you think I don't need protection? I came here to hire you just for that. I've heard there's some crazy serial killer out here in Seattle and I don't want him to attack us during our meeting. So I got two of the best bodyguards I could find, and you happen to be one of them."

"I doubt that asshole would want anything to do with you," Katsuki said, turning around and walking towards the filing cabinet to pull his folder out. He skimmed over the paper Izuku filled out and grimaced at the signature. "Why the fuck did you write your name in kanji?" Izuku stood up and took one step forward, freezing in place when Katsuki pointed at him without looking up from the paper. "Don't fucking move."

"Do you always place your clients under this much scrutiny?" Izuku asked with amusement laced in his voice. "I'm still getting used to using english and sometimes forget to write in it. I only just moved here recently."

Katsuki side-eyed him for a moment, then returned to reading the document. Nothing else really seemed out of place, although one thing stood out quite clearly from the others.

"You want me to guard government officials? Just who the fuck are you?"

"You ask too many questions. Look, I really need to go right now. But meet me at the location I wrote down on there tomorrow at noon, okay?" Izuku slowly made his way to the door leading out to the bar, holding his hands up in front of himself to show he wasn't trying to pull any tricks. "I promise you'll get to know more about me later. I have a feeling we'll be working together for a long, long while."

Katsuki watched him carefully as he left, still holding the paper in his hand and staying rooted in place. His gaze shifted back down to the document, staring at Izuku's signed name. He could already tell something bad was going to come out of this. He just knew it.