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Are We Enemies?

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There was a war waging between two clans and it split the planet in half. The Guardian, Master Fu watched over all of the planets and the earth was in dire need of saving. He sent two peace keepers to intervene that were betrothed as babies. The peace keeper, Prince Adrien from the cat planet ‘Felus Catus’ and the peace keeper, Princess Marinette from the red bug planet, ‘Coccinellidae’. Due to the distance away from the warring earth, the peace keepers had to be sent as toddlers asleep in stasis. It was determined that by the time the children reached the war wrecked planet, they would be 8 earth years and dangerously close to their first metamorphosis.

“Master Fu, do you think it’s wise to send her as a two-year-old toddler? I’ve spoken to Plagg from Cat planet. He has the same concerns for his kitten.”

“It’s the only way, Tikki; the earth is dying because of that vile creature, Hawkmoth. He wants to subdue and rule the entire planet and make all inhabitants his slave. We have to rescue our brother, Nooroo, and return him home to the butterfly planet before he’s drained of all of his power. Sending smaller children, I found, is better because those humans tend to be more caring, protective and compassionate towards smaller humans. This will give Adrien and Marinette time to learn everything about humans by living like one of them, ultimately succeeding in defeating Hawkmoth”

“But we are ancient beings, here; we don’t grow old as fast as humans do. Our children will age like the humans on that planet; surely we could send two older beings that are not heirs to the universal throne”

“I understand how hard it is for you and Plagg to send away your most precious possessions, but each planet must send their heir in order to show their people that even the king or queen of their planet is willing to sacrifice that which is most precious to them.”

“The Peacock Planet ‘Pavo Cristatus’, and the butterfly Planet, ‘Rhopalocera’ already sent their heirs and they weren’t strong enough to defeat Hawkmoth. The power of destruction and creation is the only thing that will bring an end to Hawkmoth’s reign.”

“How will they know what to do or who they are or that they are betrothed to one another, who will teach them what it means when they go through their metamorphosis? How will Plagg’s kitten be able to control his heat if he has no one to teach him? They will call her a freak when she sprouts wings and be scared of him when his eyes change and his teeth get sharp and what if someone like Hawkmoth gets ahold of them and use his power of destruction and her power of creation the way he uses Nooroo!”

“I shall send the Miraculous ear rings with Marinette that will guide her, and send the Miraculous ring with Prince Adrien to also give him instruction”

“And if Hawkmoth tries to take them?”

“The gems will stay hidden at all times and will call to them when the time is right”

“It’s not right Master Fu! We shouldn’t try to save a planet that doesn’t want to be saved! What if something happens to them; what if they don’t return to us”

“Tikki, it’s not the Planet’s fault or the beings that dwell upon it, it’s Hawkmoth’s greed for power. Besides, we’ve walked in his shoes thousands of years ago, so we cannot be too quick to judge. As for the children returning home to us…it’s the guardians’ decision.”

“You’re right Master Fu…please accept my apologies”

The next day, Tikki and Plagg flew from their planets to the guardian planet to prepare their children for departure. Master Fu placed the gems inside of their respective pods and the gems fused into the pods’ walls and galactic symbols covered them up.

The toddlers were fighting over a mouse toy and when Princess Marinette took it away, Prince Adrien yowled and whimpered. Marinette heard him cry and she started to cry too.

Tikki and Plagg looked at Master Fu as if begging for him to change his mind.

“It’s for the best, they will be fine,” he assured the king and queen.

The parents placed their kids in the pods and closed them up with tears. Sleep took over the children and Master Fu launched the pods into space for their long voyage to earth.

Six years later, the connecting pods hit an asteroid field and they broke apart. Princess Marinette’s Pod crash landed on one half of the planet and Prince Adrien’s pod landed on the other, far from the warring clans, but it didn’t stop the clans from noticing the fireballs that flew across the sky and crashed into the earth. The troops went out to investigate.

A small woman was gathering fruit in the field when she heard the crash and a little girl crying not too far from her location. She followed the sound, until she found the little girl. Not too far away, the pod itself was collapsing in on itself, until it was as small as a rock and transformed to resemble one.

“Hello, little one…where is your mommy?”

Marinette looked up to the sky.

“Oh my, had she been killed in the war and you’re all by yourself now?”

Marinette started to cry, she didn’t understand what the strange creature was saying. Mrs. Cheng took her hand and pulled her into a hug and Marinette whimpered softly. the sugary sweet smell that came from the strange creature reminded her of her mother, so she felt comforted.

“Can you tell me your name, and who gave you such interesting clothes?”

Marinette said nothing, all she did was whimper and scratch at her neck.

“Is something itchy?” Sabine checked her neck and found a shiny necklace that had a red dot and the name Marinette on it.

“So your name is Marinette? Well, Marinette… It’s no good for a little thing like you to be out here all by yourself. I’m going to take you home with me and give you a nice warm home…My husband, Tom; is going to love you, and if no one comes to claim you, we will be your family, and your name will be Marinette Dupain-Cheng!”

On the other side of the planet, young Prince Adrien cried as well, as his pod also collapsed down and changed into a rock. He hit the rock over and over with his hand trying to get his toy mouse. He cried louder in frustration, because the rock wouldn’t give him back his toy.

“Master Hawkmoth, there seems to be a male child out here. He probably came from the other side. Do you want me to kill him?”

“He’s a child, you moron, do you see his parents? Is there anyone else around?”

“There is no one, sir; we’ve already checked”

“No, don’t kill him, bring him to me; we need more troops to overtake the Dupain regime!”

“Right away, sir!”

The Akumatized soldier picked up the screaming boy and carried him back to his master. Once he arrived at the Mansion, He put the crying boy down in front of his lord. “Master, here is the child”

Gabriel flicked his wrist for his soldier to leave, and the soldier bowed, turned and left the room.

Gabriel walked around the boy, admiring his features, sun blonde hair, green eyes, the size of an eight-year-old, and his innocence. He reminded him of his beautiful wife that he lost in the war. He presumed that if he had a child, then his child would have looked like the boy. He called for his head maid, and she came in quickly bowing before him.

“Nathalie, I’ve taken a liking to this boy, set up a room in this castle for him and change him out of those dreadful rags and put him in something that reflects… me!”

“Right away my lord”

Nathalie took the scared boy’s hand, but paused at something glimmering around his neck. She pulled the chain that was on his neck and a metal necklace popped out.

“My lord, what shall I do with this necklace?”

Gabriel walked over and took it from her before reading it. It had a paw print on it and the name Adrien

“So your name is Adrien? Okay Adrien, I will allow you to keep that name, but your last name will be Agreste and people will know that you are my son”


Back at the guardian planet, Master Fu received a signal from the pods that they received some damage, but the children were fine, although; unfortunately, split up. The pods beeped for five minutes signaling that they were now in camouflage mode, until the scheduled time.

The necklaces showed Master Fu the location of the children, he smirked when he saw Adrien’s location.

“Hmm” He stroked his beard… “well, that was unexpected…In the house of Hawkmoth himself? This will definitely be a challenge, if he turns the cat prince against his bug princess”