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Scar Tissue

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"But who is it?" Draco asked with his high-pitched voice for what seemed to be the hundredth time. His father didn't roll his eyes, didn't sigh, didn't say anything for a while. He had explained to his young son, who was about to turn ten, that he had to meet someone, which was the case, but he didn't really go over the details with him. Draco had simply followed his father a few days later, late in the evening, before they could finally go home after a very long day. Draco was excited to meet someone apparently important. He was already used to meet people from the Ministry of Magic and to overhear conversations he probably shouldn't hear. It was a part of a sort of routine.


"You'll just stay quiet in another room," Lucius simply said. Draco didn't seem satisfied and he crossed his arms, still following his father as fast as he could with his still short legs.

When they arrived and that Draco sat on a couch in the room he would be in to wait for his father, Lucius repeated, "Quiet."

Draco simply nodded, giving his father a little smile, which was not given back. Lucius closed the door behind him and Draco waited. It seemed like he was going to be there for an eternity but he didn't move. He stayed on the couch, moving his legs back and forth and looking around him without making any noise, like his father asked. He was going over what he would do once at the manor again. His mother was probably going to make him play piano again. His father really didn't care about that stuff, he was making him fly and study. Still, Draco could see his mother liked to spend time with him like that, so he was learning with her. His father was probably going to work anyway. Draco put his hands on his legs, going over the song he was learning in his head to be sure he would get it right with his mom, pushing his fingers against his pants.

It shouldn't have happened this way, that's not what was supposed to occur. Still, Lucius and the man he was talking to had to hurry outside the room when, after hearing some muffled noises, Draco's scream reached Lucius' ears.


Lucius was certain there was nothing to do. A little boy like him, bitten like that. No, he couldn't survive. And so thought Narcissa once Lucius came back with his son in his arms, uncounscious.

But before that, Draco couldn't stop screaming and crying, bleeding.

After Lucius had used strong Blasting spells to take care of the werewolf, which went through a window before it escaped, the man he was meeting helped him. Lucius teared apart the already damaged and bloody shirt Draco was wearing and he used a mixture of powdered silver and dittany on the fresh wound to seal it and stop the bleeding. It was too late anyway. Lucius gritted his teeth, seeing his son losing consciousness. He slowly stood up before he grabbed the man by his collar, making him suddenly move backwards and pressing him against the wall. When he loosened his grip on him to take his wand from his cane, he pressed it so fast under his chin that the man didn't have any time to move. Lucius was furious.

He asked how a werewolf had been able to enter the house, to receive an answer he was actually expecting. It was living there. Of course, that's why he directly had what they needed for Draco's wound. Lucius would have killed the man if it wasn't for his son's moan, calling for him. It was the first time he had heard Draco calling him "dad" in years. So, he turned around and approached his son.

Lucius looked at his pale face and his untidy hair, sweat and tears rolling down his face. He took Draco under his legs and his back and slowly lifted him up. Then, he walked without looking behind him and he left the manor, keeping Draco in his arms all the way back home.


Dobby was the one opening the door, ready to welcome his masters back home. What he saw horrified him, he couldn't even say anything. Lucius didn't look at him, if Dobby hadn't stepped backwards, his master would have kicked him out of the way. Lucius made his way in his home and Dobby disappeared to call Narcissa.

As Lucius was climbing the stairs, he looked at his son. He was even paler than before, his eyes were red and his mouth was slightly opened. He could see his bare chest barely moving and he looked in front of him again, keeping a straight face. He heard quick footsteps, he knew Narcissa was trying to get to him, she was coming closer. But he kept walking towards Draco's big room. He walked in as Narcissa finally arrived.

"Lucius!" She said breathlessly. Lucius didn't say anything, he stopped in front of Draco's bed and carefully placed him on the mattress, a hand under his little head to place it properly on his pillow. Even with all that blood on his injury, his shirt, his pants and his hands, Draco seemed peaceful, tiny on his huge bed. Narcissa came closer, falling on her knees next to the bed, already crying. She sobbed when she got a glimpse of Draco's right side, where the fangs had hurt him. She took his little hand, also covered in blood and her head slowly reached the blanket as she loudly cried.

After a few seconds, she felt Lucius's left hand on her back and when she found the courage to move her head to look at him, she saw him staring at his son. He wasn't crying but she could see that his cold expression had changed a little. He wouldn't break, but his heart had. His right hand was holding firmly Draco's left hand, both of them being on his belly. Narcissa slowly moved to be closer to Lucius, letting her head rest on his shoulder as she sobbed again.