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The Group Chat AU That Nobody Asked For

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- Frank Iero added Mikey Way and Tré Cool to math squad 


Tré Cool: frank we’re in the same classroom????

Frank Iero: i needed something to entertain myself

Mikey Way: guys ur making my phone go off really loud

Frank Iero: sorry
actually no im not sorry

Tré Cool: mikey just turn ur phone volume down?

Frank Iero: yea mikey just turn ur phone volume down… dont make me feel bad bc of ur lack of common sense

Mikey Way: wow thanks a lot guys mr davis just threatened to take my phone away all bc of ur silly group chat

Frank Iero: lmao we know we saw him

Tré Cool: mikey!!! just turn ur sound down
if u look at the side of ur phone
u will see a + and a -
and if u press the - button

Frank Iero: how long do we have until lunch

Tré Cool: ur sound will become quieter so mr davis cant hear it
wow thanks for interrupting me frank t(-.-t)

dont send messages
that are all spaced out
like this

Tré Cool: i
i want

Mikey Way: we have 34 minutes until lunch btw frank

Tré Cool: guys should we add the rest of the squad then it'll be squad squad instead of math squad

Mikey Way: no
gerard billie ray and mike are all in history with miss fuckface and she confiscates phones if they go off


- Tré Cool added Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way, Mike Dirnt, and Ray Toro to math squad 


Mikey Way: oh u added them anyway


- Tré Cool renamed the group squad squad


Frank Iero: no tre thats a terrible name


- Mikey Way renamed the group no tre thats a terrible name


Tré Cool: mikey no u meanie
im gonna change ur nickname

Mikey Way: no tre


- Tré Cool changed Mikey Way's nickname to meanie


- meanie changed Tré Cool's nickname to no tre


meanie: 2 can play at that game

no tre: yes hello id like to file a complaint i dont like my nickname

Frank Iero: i dont even have a nickname 


- no tre changed Frank Iero's nickname to i dont even have a nickname


i dont even have a nickname: tre no thats too long

no tre: like my dick

meanie: tre ur 14 ur dick isnt that big :/

Billie Joe Armstrong: wtf is going on what is this

i dont even have a nickname: welcome to hell billie boy
ha billie boy

meanie: fraNK NO

no tre: fraNK YES


- i dont even have a nickname changed Billie Joe Armstrong's nickname to billie boy


no tre: billie why isnt anyone else talking
are we not good enough for them
wheres mike
why hath he betrayed me like so

i dont even have a nickname: trE I TOLD U TO STOP TYPING LIKE THAT

no tre: daddy

i dont even have a nickname: im kinKSHAMING

billie boy: they already had their phones confiscated lol i hid mine well tho

meanie: billie is gerard behaving himself

billie boy: yea
he got kicked outta class already once for doing his eyeliner in the front camera of his phone

meanie: its the first day of the year gerard calm urself

billie boy: yea i know i told him to hakuna his tattas

i dont even have a nickname: he doesnt have tattas billie he is male

no tre: did u just asSUME his gENDER?///?

meanie: away foul beast go back to tumblr


- billie boy changed no tre's nickname to tumblr boi


tumblr boi: equality is not a joke u guys :/

meanie: ha tres a tumblr boi

i dont even have a nickname: this just in: tre cool is a tumblr boi

billie boy: he was a tumblr boi she said see ya later boi

meanie: he wasnt tumblr enough for her

tumblr boi: im calling the police

i dont even have a nickname: ooh kinky ;)

tumblr boi: no frank


- billie boy changed i dont even have a nickname's nickname to franklin


franklin: thnak u bj

billie boy: ur welcome

meanie: ‘thnak’

tumblr boi: sounds like someone with a lisp saying snack

meanie: speaking of snacks i have cheetos in my bag

tumblr boi: ooh cheetos

franklin: cheerios

tumbr boi: no frank he said cheetos

meanie: omG TrE Sit doWN

billie boy: WHAT HE DOING

meanie: *disappointing
he got up and walked across the classroom and went in my bag looking for the cheetos


- billie boy changed tumblr boi's nickname to tre sit down


franklin: nooooo tre got sent out :(

tre sit down: anyone wanna join me lmao im bored out here alone

meanie: u shoulda thought about that before u went in my bag tre

billie boy: yeah tre he coulda had personal shit in there
he coulda had a condom in there

franklin: tre how do u think mikey would feel if u pulled a condom outta his bag

tre sit down: idk mikey how would u feel??

meanie: id be pretty surprised bc last time I checked there were no condoms in my bag
im 14 sex is illegal for another 4 years

billie boy: see everyone mikeys a good boy u should all take notes from him

tre sit down: shut up billie u lost ur virginity when u were like 12 :/

billie boy: *gasp* i did not
also who told u that ???????

tre sit down: mike did

billie boy: me and michael will be having a talk later..

franklin: tre hold on im coming out

meanie: oh did u finally accept ur sexuality franklin

billie boy: mikey dont be fucking rude being gay is not a bad thing

franklin: oh wow u guys are funny u should do stand up comedy


- meanie renamed the group billie and mikeys stand up comdey


billie boy: u do realise that gerard ray and mikes phones are all going off in mrs jenkins drawer right?? and theyre really loud

tre sit down: ‘comdey’
and oh my goD billie do i have to say this again

billie boy: yes tre okay ill just go walk up to mrs jenkins desk and open her drawer and turn everyones phones down im sure she wont mind

franklin: dO IT DO IT FOR THE VINE

tre sit down: yass bj do it for the vine

meanie: no billie dont do it for the vine its a trap there is no vine

billie boy: guys
guys im gonna do it

franklin: guys i need something to get me kicked outta class so i can go see tre

meanie: frank there is literally seven minutes until lunch u can see him then

billie boy: climb onto ur desk and take ur shirt off and yell THIS IS FOR MY BOI TRE and then do a backflip onto the floor

tre sit down: yes frank do it do it do it

meanie: frank this is literally our first day of high school pls dont

billie boy: lol guys i got sent out for turning everyones phones down im coming to meet u all where are u

tre sit down: we’re in math
well they are
im outside

billie boy: tre im coming to see u

tre sit down: what was that bang

meanie: frrANK I CANNOT BelieV
u are grOUNDED YOung mAn WAit unTIL ur fatHER GTES HoemM

billie boy: wow mikey did u have a stroke whats with the random capitals and terrible spelling

franklin: i got sent out :(((
but dat backflip tho

billie boy: o shit waddup

meanie: i dont like u all being out there without me :(
u could be saying mean things about me

franklin: no mikey ur the meanie here


- meanie changed franklin's nickname to franklin is an asss


- meanie changed billie boy's nickname to comdey partner


- meanie changed tre sit down's nickname to naughty 


franklin is an asss: ‘asss’

comdey partner: ‘comdey’

meanie: im leaving ur all assholes bye


- meanie left billie and mikeys stand up comdey


franklin is an asss: no mikey u dont get to leave that easy


- franklin is an asss added meanie to billie and mikeys stand up comdey


naughty: guys yee the bell just went its lunch
mikey im stealing ur cheetos

meanie: no ur not and also does this mean we can talk like normal people now

comdey partner: yes but only until the end of lunch then its group chat time again

franklin is an asss: no billie its squad chat not group chat

naughty: actually its billie and mikeys stand up comdey