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I don't like the ending

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The books thumped down on the table loudly. In the kitchen, a startled archangel looked up. There shouldn’t be a power on heaven or earth that could get through his wards, even if someone knew where to look. Except one. It was enough to get his attention.

Half way through the rather long series, which had taken him only minutes (perks of an archangel) he was definitely paying attention. He’d recognized the Winchester Gospels on sight of course. But this was the full set. Complete and out of their time. Gabriel had only just put the finishing touches on his Mystery Spot trap. But here it was, laid out down to the last detail of what he’d decided to do.

It was a warning. And when he reached his own death scene from the loosely bound printed pages on the clearly ‘unpublished’ manuscript, he knew it was one he was going to listen to. Here was laid out the whole plan of the apocalypse, all the details, all of the places things were going to go wrong. And now the trickster archangel had the plans, he needed to decide what to do with them.

In the end, the thing that decided him was the younger Winchester. Not the youngest. Apparently fate had a little surprise waiting for the two hunters in that department. But Sam Winchester was something special. Reading about his final sacrifice, the headlong tumble into the pit, taking his brothers with him, it had caused Gabriel to feel something he hadn’t felt in a long time. A lot of something’s in fact. And with that he knew, just knew, there was no way he was going to let the story play out this way. Not if he could help it.