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Our Accident is Life’s Intention (HIATUS)

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The assailants were quick to knock me out after I smashed a foot to another guy’s balls. As I dreamed, I let my mind go numb. I wanted to believe it was a dream, that I was safe in bed, Sans curled beside me. However, the uncomfortable position was a dead giveaway that I had been kidnapped…again.


I let go, the numbness that I had felt when I first met Sans taking hold of me. The darkness was a comfort now, and I let it consume me. I didn’t have much hope, even if Sans found me again. This wasn’t Tom’s doing. He was blunt, never thinking anything through.


The way this person went about his plan was the exact opposite. Even their voice was intelligent. I knew that voice, but I couldn’t remember who it belonged to.


It doesn’t matter anyway.


~ why do you say that ~


They will probably kill our children before Sans has a chance to save me.


~ you think so . you have very little faith in yourself , it seems ~


I guess I do. I don’t have bravery. I lost that years ago. And I don’t have magic, so I can’t protect myself.


~ maybe i can lend you some assistance , dear . but i will need something in exchange , if you wouldn’t mind ~


I don’t even know who you are.


~ i am w . d . gaster , sans and papyrus’ father ~


What? Their father…? They never mentioned you. Well, Sans implied once, but never went further into it.


~ everyone except my eldest forgot my existence because i was erased from reality . but as this is the void and neither reality nor time exists here , it cannot reach me . however , you have appeared here twice now through your connection to my son . you have the power to free me from this place . in return , i can protect you and help you escape . does that sound fair ~


Why were you erased? I want to know if I would be releasing a bad person.


~ to answer your inquiry , i fell into my creation , the c o r e . now, think back to what sans told you about me . from how he behaved , do you think i am bad ~


He looked lost and depressed. I see, he misses you.


~ it is partially my fault that i had a negative impact on him . i spent too much time in the lab and neglected my family . i will never stop regretting leaving my boys by themselves . without another parent , i was the only one they had . it was my biggest mistake ~


Okay, then let’s bring you back so that you can help me and see them and your grandchildren.


~ thank you , dear . hold on just a little longer ~



“Wake up, dear Raven.”


I opened my eyes to a familiar set of eyes. Backing up, I trembled in the presence of someone who I hadn’t seen in years.


“Bill, why…oh god, I knew I recognized that voice. But I thought you hated your brother!”


Bill McMillan was Tom’s younger brother, a far smarter man who was far more his father’s son than Tom was. While the older relied on brute force and fear created in such a way, Bill was cunning, witty, and far more devious.


“What did you do to Sans?”


“Oh, the fat skeleton, you mean?”


I glared at him meekly.


“Not to worry, dear girl. I didn’t touch him. I am aware of what killing your bond-mate would do to you.”


“What about the monsters you kidnapped?”


“They are in an abandoned silk warehouse, completely unharmed. See, I don’t plan to take the monsters down just yet. You have been a great asset to them, so I think using you to rile them up will lead to far better results.”




He placed his hands on either side of my swollen abdomen, grinning at me.


I squirmed and cried, “No, don’t touch me! Don’t! Leave me alone!”


“Hmm, you’re almost at your due date. They are quite active, aren’t they?”


Oh god, he knew I was having twins!


“Stop, why are you so involved in this? You hate Tom…”


He chuckled, “I do hate that big moronic sack of meat. He was to inherit Father’s company, but I made a deal with our old man that if I could successfully kidnap you at the very least, that the company would be mine. I helped develop the Fainting Spell, which is what we call that smoke that knocks out monsters. Father was very impressed and so when he retires, the company is mine. And I will be sending Tom to a zoo so he may live out his days as the animal that he is.”


I trembled under his sadistic gaze. This man was far scarier than Tom ever hoped to be. Intelligence went much farther than strength, whether in a physical fight or in a show of dominance. Bill had his life down and he had the deal with his equally cruel father to thank.


“However, Tom is here, and I want to see the look on his face for the next step.”




He hoisted me up by my tied hands, leading me in front of him outside the room. I tried to struggle, but the angle my arms were tied made any struggle painful. Bill had everything thought up perfectly.


“Oh, brother dear, guess who is joining us today?”


He led me into a room surrounded by guards that matched the description of the people who kidnapped the monsters. In the center of the room was a table. At the table, nursing a glass of water, was Tom.


“So, ya were successful, eh?” He looked up at us, glowering as took in my swollen abdomen.


“Indeed, I have. Quite a pretty lady we’ve got here, with pretty jewelry to go with her.” He turned me in place and let the meager light of the lamp hanging above Tom hit the metal wedding ring on my left hand.


Tom scowled. “Whatever, bro. Good job fetchin’ ‘er! Now hand ‘er over ta me!”


Bill chuckled. “Oh brother, that is not why I called you here.” He looked beyond the bulky man at a guard, nodding once.


“I have you here for another reason altogether.”




My captor pressed himself into me, his hand groping my body suggestively. I screamed, wriggled in his grip, trying to break free despite the pain of his hold.




The younger brother laughed, biting my ear, his hands continuing to maliciously caress my chest before moving down. When he reached my hips, his brother was being held back and I was crying, limp in his hold.


I had never felt so disgusting, so abused, so useless. I was a toy in a game that didn’t even involve me in any way other than revenge. The numbness began to take me again and again, I let it. Letting go was easier than dealing with the fear. After everything I had been through, I deserved that much…




~ hold on . open your eyes once more ~


I did as I was told and was faced with the cracked face I had seen all those months ago. Two pierced hands were placed on each side of my head. The hands and head were connected to what appeared to be black goo.


~ i will need to take control of your body . if i try to fight as myself , the gas will take a hold of me . do you trust me , dear ~


I just want to get out of here. I want to be with Sans.


He nodded once and then seemed to leap into my eyes. From there, the feeling of power and safety enveloped my Soul, body, and everything I was. I couldn’t remain conscious and let Gaster take control.




“This is not over yet, Raven. That man will try again to take you or the children you carry. I did a lot of damage, but I need to lay low for now, dear. I have wiped your mind of what Bill did to you so you only have a vague idea. I promise I will return to help you when the time comes. Sans is almost here. I leave you with a note for him, explaining everything.”


“Okay,” I mumbled sleepily. “Thank you, Gaster.”


The skeleton nodded once before standing and walking off. I could make out his tall, lean figure, a cloak of some sort trailing behind him.


I closed my eyes, drifting in and out until I caught on to the sound of panting.


“babe!” It was like a stampede. “oh stars, thank you!”


I was pulled into a familiar embrace, droplets falling onto my cheeks.


“are ya okay? how didja escape?”


“Can’t remember…Gaster saved me.”


He tensed, the air thick. “what?”


I opened my eyes and looked up at him. His expression was a mixture of thankful and pleading.


“Void, talked, saved me, wiped mind of bad stuff, left a note for you. Don’t know where…but told me they’d be back. I know who got me and monsters. But I gotta sleep. ‘M so tired. Sorry.”


“it’s okay, babe. just rest. tell me after ya sleep.”


I turned in to kiss his clavicle before finally falling back into unconsciousness.





He had been terrified when he had woken up to find his mate was the only one who had been taken. He could feel her presence in his Soul, but beyond that, he had no leads. Whoever had taken his wife was far smarter than he anticipated, which meant one thing; this wasn’t Tom. It was someone far more dangerous.


When he had received a text from his mate’s phone, he was shocked and bewildered. There were guidelines of where to find her and a message from her rescuer. When he had found her, he was even more shocked to hear his father’s name on her lips.


Only now, after finding and rereading the note left by Gaster, did everything start to make sense: Gaster had been connected to his wife since Sans and she had bonded, he had been watching over her and their children this whole time. Furthermore, the former royal scientist had made a deal with her that if she allowed him temporary usage of her body, which allowed him just enough physical contact with magic to reform his original self and return to reality, that he could save her.


He had basically taken over her body temporarily and used his magic to help her escape. Afterwards, due to the trauma inflicted on her, he had used a memory wipe. Sans had inspected her body when he had taken her back home and had found several ugly bruises littering her body. Toriel had fixed them immediately and given her a bath while he continued to decipher the note his father had left.


Gaster informed him through his note that he must remain unknown to everyone else for now, just in case any further attempts on Sans’ mate should occur. His old man would continue to watch her from afar. Sans was advised to find and purchase a place to be used as a hideaway in case they needed to escape to a place that no one would find them.


However, what worried Sans the most was his father’s final warning. Apparently, because of Gaster’s influence on her body, something had changed within the human girl. Gaster had not specified what happened, but made it clear to be on the lookout.


“thank you, dad,” Sans whispered, eyes turning to his unconscious wife who had been sleeping for the better part of two days. No doubt the stress of what had happened and Gaster’s influence had drained her of much of her energy. And with her energy already being sapped by the twins, it was understandable. Sans had poured twice as much magic as he normally would just to make sure their offspring stayed healthy and did not take too much energy from the human side of their heritage so that their mother would not be in too much pain, if any, when she finally woke up.



Awareness came slowly, and with it, the sense of being safely tucked into my Soul Mate’s arms. Turning around, I placed a gentle kiss above the slumbering skeleton’s nasal cavity.


“babe?” The lights of his eyes met mine, his words barely a whisper. “oh, thank the stars.” He placed several kisses upon my face, covering my cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, and finally my lips with love. I giggled softly, holding his forehead to mine and enjoying the careful nuzzling.


“i’m so thankful ta have ya back in my arms, babe.” He sniffed, emotion thick in his voice. “i was so worried about ya.”


I shushed him gently. “I know, sweetheart. I’m okay now.”


He pulled away to look at me. “i do want ya ta tell me what ya remember, but only if yer ready.”


I nodded. “Yeah, I can do that. I don’t remember a lot. Just the basics…but I do want the others to be in on it so that the monsters who were kidnapped can be saved.”


His eyes widened. “y’know where they are?”


I nodded. “Tom’s brother, Bill told me everything.”


His pupils went out, “shit.”





“Dear, I am so thankful you are safe.”


I smiled, hugging the furry mother goat. “Thank you, Tori.”


“So, punk, tell us what happened?”


The group that had attended the meeting prior to my kidnapping were all situated. This time, however, both human and monster guards were stationed close by.


The canine unit had been trained to pick up the smell and would alert us if they caught the smell close by. If they did, the human guards, whom Toriel and Asgore had hired at the same time as the other assistants and I, would be there to protect everyone.


I took a breath, thinking it over. “I don’t remember a large portion because the person who saved me wiped my memory. The only thing I remember is that I was…assaulted by my captor. Uh, let me start from the beginning…”


I told the story, working around the gaps in my memory. Gaster had removed the tainted parts of my memory, leaving a brief memory of what happened. It was like it had happened to someone else. I knew what happened, but the feeling that came with it wasn’t there. In fact, every time I considered that it had happened to me, a weird calm would wash through me. There was no doubt; Gaster had left a mark on me to keep me safe.


“You m-mean the former royal scientist is still o-out there?”


“Yeah, Alph, I saw him walk away. It was right before Sans found me. He was solid, taller than Papyrus. From what I could make out, he had very brought shoulders but the further down my eyes went, the thinner he seemed to get.” I demonstrated in the air, using my hands to shape what looked like an upside-down triangle.


“And wore a black cloak or trench coat. When I saw him the first time, when I was unconscious the day I found out I was pregnant, his face was oval shaped, one eye oddly angled, with two cracks, here and here.” I tried scrunching one eye as I demonstrated. “And his smile was kinda eerie. He didn’t have a nose.”


Sans hummed. “yeah, when he was alive, he wore a trench coat to and from the lab. he’d only replace it with a lab coat. for his face, think about pap’s features, but far less cheerful, and with lights in his sockets like me. after he fell inta the core, he looked like a goop monster and his skull morphed inta what rave described. i wonder if he is was able ta become fully the way he was before.”


“Sans, y-you saw him?”


“alph, i am one of the two monsters who remembers…” He trailed off, briefly glancing at Frisk.


“never mind, it’s over with…”


I gasped. “The demon…”


Frisk and Sans flinched.


“I’m sorry! I’ll be quiet.”


Toriel and Asgore looked between the three of us.


“What are you talking about, Raven?” Asgore inquired.


I shook my head. “It’s not my story to tell, sir. I only know about it because of the bond.”




All eyes turned to Papyrus.




The tension was thick. The eyes were on Sans, who had lowered his head and covered his face.


“i…can’t.” He sobbed. I wrapped my arms around him, gently rubbing circles into his skull as he sobbed softly.


“What the hell is going on, nerd? I’ve never seen you cry! You were always smiling!”


No one responded to the former captain. Looking around, I made out the same thing on all their faces. They had known something was wrong, could feel it, but could not identify it.


“…it’s my fault.”


There was a collection of gasps as the savior of the underground stood up.


“Frisk, dear?”


“I’m sorry, Mom. Raven’s right. Th-this is my story to tell.”


“What do you mean, child?” Asgore cut in.


“My journey through the underground was not as straight through as you all know. Only Sans, Flowey and Chara know the truth.”

“What do you know of Chara?” Toriel demanded.


“When I came to the underground, the entrance to where I fell at a barrier that enhanced my dormant magic. It also awakened the Soul of another Child of Determination, Chara. They led me through the underground and for the first time, I was a pacifist. But I was stupid, and curious. When I had gone through the underground, I learned that I had the ability to Load, Save, and Reset time.


“I would save progress so that if I died, I could go back to my last save and Load it back. Or, if I was bored with the timeline, I could Reset back to the very beginning of my journey. The only ones to feel the change and remember were Sans and Flowey.


“Flowey had that power before me. He was a Soulless monster with Determination from the first fallen child. Without his Soul, he could not feel. He tried everything just to feel again. Strong emotions come from hurting others, so he went down that road. It ended up corrupting him.


“Sans…you weren’t immediately aware, were you?” The skeleton shook his head. “I thought not. You became more and more aware. But your original awareness came from the accident with Gaster. I can see him, too.


“Back to my journey through the underground. I went through pacifist, neutral – just to see what would happen if I killed some monsters and not others, and full out genocide. I was a child who didn’t understand a lot. But my choices and actions corrupted Chara. They thought that killing was the way to go. So, there was more genocide, and more pain.


“However, Sans…at one time, you spared me during our battle in the Judgement Hall. In previous times, I wouldn’t give you a chance. There was a time I did and I was forced to start over. But then there was this time. We had been through so many resets. Even though my body was that of a ten-year-old, my mind was years ahead.


“I will never forget. You saw right through me. You plead me with to stop, to think about what I was doing. You told me that this was destroying me, a kid who you knew could be good. Instead of your usual ‘do you think anyone can change, if they really try?’ it was, ‘i know you can change, i know you can be good.’ You told me to stop. You spared me and instead of trying to hug me, you fell backwards and lied there.


“I was so confused, but then you said–”


“i will forgive ya fer all the pain ya caused if we can go back ta the choice ya made in the beginnin’. no strings attached, i promise. i’m tired of playin’, i’m tired of watchin’ my only family turn ta dust by yer hands. i’m tired of revenge. let’s all be happy, kid. how about it? will ya choose love or LOVE?”


“And I chose love. Real love, not Level Of ViolencE. Sans kept his promise. I went through the Underground one more time and here we are. By leaving the Underground that last time, a new Save was made. I cannot Reset back to the beginning of my journey anymore. I can only Reset to the beginning of our lives aboveground.


“Chara is still a part of me. But we fused, so she’s a permanent part of me. Like me, Chara has a power. She can manipulate emotions.”


Frisk opened their eyes, revealing blood red irises.


“But that’s okay. We aren’t corrupted anymore. We love all the monsters and promised Sans that we would work together to protect everyone. We have used Chara’s ability so that monsters can be truly free.”


Frisk’s smile dropped and they closed their eyes.


“And that’s everything…I’m sorry.”


I looked around. Everyone who didn’t know, which was three people, was in shock.


“Are you kidding me, punk? You really killed everyone?”


The fish warrior stood, a spear in their hands. I tried to stand to stop her, but someone beat me to it.


“stop. if i can forgive ‘er, then so can you. i dealt with way more shit from the experience than you. forgive them and move on. that’s the past. we all make mistakes. don’t bring it back. if ya attack, that’s all that will happen.”


Undyne’s glare softened. “Sans…”


“i wanna live fer the future, not be stuck in the past. i want my kids ta grow up in a world that’s safe, not reeking of destruction from a kid who was tryin’ ta kind themselves. we’re all gonna make mistakes. what matters is makin’ things right. frisk has done some bad stuff. but they moved past it and kept their promise ta me. that’s all that matters. they made it right again.”


The spear vanished.


“if i can forgive after all the shit that happened, you can, too. it hurts, sure, but remember this. what do you have now to look forward to?”


Undyne looked at her Soul Mate, around the house, and out the window at the sky.


“Right…I get it. Thanks, Sans.”


The skeleton nodded, a small but genuine smile on his face.


“i hold everyone accountable for their actions. in previous timelines, i broke my promise ta tori. i did kill frisk over and over. even if everything was reset, that can never be undone. i take responsibility.”


The room was silent. But it was no longer tense with fear, anger, grief, or betrayal. No, instead, there was understanding, acceptance, and reason. When everything was said, and done, everyone agreed that the past was the past and we were all going to move forward.


We would honor the past, and remember, so that, moving forward, the same mistakes would not be made again.