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Hanzo stared at the photo for what seemed like a long time as bad memories came rushing back to him. Oh yes, he recognized her; a flurry of dark rage and haunting emerald eyes that held such sorrow. Of all the assassins his clan had sent after him, she was the only one who looked at him as more than a target. She was also the one who had come closest to succeeding in her charge, but that wasn’t what had stuck with him. It was something she had said:


She was wounded and standing over him in the rain with her blade drawn, both had heard someone shout and footsteps approaching quickly, but instead of finishing it she had glanced at him thoughtfully.

“The poison will likely kill you before they can get help,” she winced, clutching at her side, “but let’s see what fate will do.” and with that, she had disappeared as quickly as she had come.

Hanzo hadn’t believed in fate, but when the footsteps drew close and two medics appeared, he had to admit there might be something to it.


Vaguely, he became aware that McCree was trying to get his attention. Shaking his head, he tried to focus back on the present.

“You okay there, partner?” the other man asked looking a little concerned, “Ya kinda checked out on me there for a bit.”

“...It’s not uncommon for people to ‘check out’, as you say, when someone is incapable of being silent.”

“Aw, darlin’ you’ve hurt me.” he pouted, “Shot me right through the heart.”

Hanzo rolled his eyes as the other man clutched at his chest and slumped forwards dramatically. “Somehow I think your ego will survive.” he couldn’t help smirking a little.

“Ouch!” he laughed, “Someone call a doctor, I’ve been shot again.”

“Hanzo, what are you doing to McCree?” Genji asked with a hint of amusement in his voice as he entered the room.

“He’s killed me, Genji.” McCree replied, still slumped face down on the table.

“Hm. That must have hurt. Should I get Angela?”

He noticed Hanzo shifting uncomfortably and felt a twinge of guilt, “She’s a miracle worker, but I doubt she could heal what I have.” he sighed.

“And what’s that?”

“A broken ego an’ I think my pride’s been sprained too.”

The cyborg laughed, “Somehow I doubt your recovery will take long.”

McCree lifted his head up, frowning, “It will if I keep getting double teamed by you two.” This earned him an amused snort from both of them, “I rest my case.”

After a moment of silence, Hanzo turned to his brother, “Why are you here?” he asked awkwardly.

“I was curious to see what all the noise was about, but if I am... interrupting something I can leave you two alone again.” he said with a hint of mischief in his voice.

“You’re not interrupting anything.” the shit eating grin on his brother’s face was apparent even if he couldn’t see through his visor.

“Oh, then what could a couple of old men like yourselves be up to at this hour?” he asked, leaning on the counter behind him.

“Wha- now listen here, Genji, I ain’t that-”

“McCree has been researching beautiful young women and comparing them to you in an attempt to make his infatuation seem less inappropriate.” Hanzo interrupted.


“...That’s an interesting strategy, Jesse.”

“I’m not jus’- Hanzo’s makin’ it sound weirder than it is.” he stammered.

“He says it’s part of an assignment Winston gave him.”

“It is!”

Genji chuckled and shook his head as he walked over to the table, “Then by all means, Jesse, let’s see your hot new assignment.”

The cowboy fumbled awkwardly, smoothing out the report and mumbling to himself, “Well you can’t really see her that well in this one so hang on a minute lemme turn the page an see what that one’s like.” he flipped the report to the last page and leaned back so they could see.

Hanzo peered at it suspiciously, and Genji visibly stiffened but didn’t have nearly the same reaction his brother had previously. Neither of them spoke.

“She’s somethin’ ain’t she?” McCree asked, more to break the tense silence than anything.

“...What is it that you want with Sarina?”


“What has Winston asked you to do?”

“Nothin’ much,” he scratched the back of his head, looking confused, “just wants me to recruit her is all.” a thought crossed his mind and he paused, “Don’t tell me you know her too?”

“Too?” the cyborg repeated stiffly.

“Well Hanzo seems ta know somethin about her. He got all misty eyed when he saw the other picture- or well- the kind of misty eyed where you look like you’re gonna shit yer pants.”

Hanzo frowned and kicked him hard, “She was sent to kill me at one point, but that was a long time ago.”

Genji sighed heavily, “I was afraid she might.” he said quietly, more to himself than anyone else.


“What'd you say?”

“...Nothing. ...Yes. I know her.”

“You got any advice for me then?”

“Jesse, I have not seen her in a very long time.” he shook his head, slowly making his way to the door.

“Well she can’t have changed that much, could she? At least give me somethin’ better to go on than what Hanzo said.” McCree begged.

He paused at the door and looked over his shoulder reluctantly, “Sarina is as wild and untameable as the seas she sails on. ...Leave her; she’s been through enough.”

Before the cowboy could question him further, Genji had vanished into the dark hallway. “...What d’ya suppose he meant by that?” he asked, glancing over at the elder Shimada.

Hanzo shook his head, “I do not know. ...But if I were you, I would listen to his warning. He clearly knows more than he is telling.”

“Why do you Shimadas gotta be so goddamn fuckin' cryptic all the time.” he muttered, frowning and reaching for his coffee again.

“Hmph.” the archer smirked.


Finishing off the rest of his coffee, McCree looked down to really inspect the photo on the oldest report. With torn edges and the color almost completely faded, this one had definitely seen better days, but it was also the one he liked the most out of the three. Here, Sarina was laughing and holding onto the arm of a young man as they made their way through a crowded marketplace. This must have been before her tall boot obsession, he realized, because here she wore a loose fitting top with shorts and only a short pair of ankle boots. He found it amusing, but didn’t think much else of it. She looked like she was in her early twenties, and he noticed that the young couple stood out in stark contrast to the rest of the people in the photo who were dressed in more traditional-

“Hey Hanzo, do ya know where this is?” he asked suddenly.

The archer had become lost in his thoughts again, and blinked in confusion, “Where what is?”

“This place.” he tapped the picture, “It’s gotta be in Japan I just don’t know where.”

Hanzo leaned over and after a few seconds he nodded, “Yes, that is in Shizuoka. Father used to take us with him when he had business there.” his eyes narrowed, “Who is that with her?”

“I dunno, can’t see his face with all her hair in the way.” McCree frowned, “Wish I could see ‘em it might give me somethin’ to go on.”

He leaned in closer in front of him to get a better look, “Something about him looks familiar.” he said quietly before straightening up again and looking at the other man, “Is there any way to-” the look on the cowboy’s face made him frown. “What are you doing?”

“Nothin,” he grinned, leaning back in the chair with his arms behind his head, “Just admirin’ the view, darlin’.”

Hanzo huffed and folded his arms over his chest, “Are you incapable of controlling yourself even when someone is trying to help you?”

“I can control myself jus’ fine, darlin’.” he drawled.

“How many times do I have to ask you to stop calling me that?” the other man growled, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Does it really bother you that much, sweetheart?” That earned him another glare and he chuckled. “What would you prefer I call you then, babe- OW!” he yelped as he suddenly found himself keeled over in pain and rubbing his side protectively. Hanzo had jabbed him in the ribs a little harder than he thought he deserved and was now refusing to look at him, but McCree did notice a slight tint to the other man’s cheeks and filed that information away for later. “What’d I do to deserve that?” he whined.

“You know exactly what you did.”

“Aw, but dar- ...Hanzo,” he corrected himself, “ you know I’m just playin’.”

“You are always ‘just playing’, and I am tired of it.” he grumbled, stalking to the door.

“Hanzo, c’mon…”

He glanced over his shoulder at the taller man , only to be met with puppy eyes, and quickly jerked his head forward again. “...It’s late. I am going to bed.”



“...’m sorry, I’ll try not to do it again.” McCree said sheepishly.

Hanzo sighed, “Good night, McCree.”

“G’night.” he replied as he watched the other man leave.

After a few minutes of silence, McCree sighed and reached for his mug again only to find it empty. ‘Damn.’ he thought, setting it back down and skimming over the last written report. It seemed like an odd coincidence that this woman had been sighted in a location that both Shimadas were familiar with almost 15 years ago- that, and Genji’s reaction was downright suspicious if you asked him. He just couldn’t figure out what this little lady had to do with either of them. ‘ Maybe she dumped ‘em’ he laughed to himself as he stood up and stretched.

Just then, he noticed the glass of water Hanzo had left on the table in his rush to leave. “Well.” he smirked as he gathered up the rest of his things, "Looks like I got myself a tall glass of water after all."