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If I Didn't Have You

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oOOOOo ~ 15 Years Later (2029) oOOOOo

“I don’t want to go Mom.”

“This isn’t negotiable Anne. It’s your sister’s graduation. It’s not something you get out of.”

Anne made a face that only a fourteen year old could make. “But Momm.... Henry doesn’t have to go?”

“Annie, your brother’s deployed.”

“Yeah, right, and he can’t even tell us where. Bet he’s just workin’ at the Burger King by the Cemeteries and faking it all.”

“Anne Julianna Legaspi Weaver.”

Anne had the presence of mind to look sheepish as Kim used her full name. “Sorry Mom. I just... Miles and Lee are so alike, all smart and dorky and whatever, just like you and Mama… but I...” Anne shook her head. “Sorry. I just...”

Kim put an arm around her daughter, “You miss your big brother. I get that. But, he’s good, he was at the top of his class at Annapolis. When he can, he’ll call us. After all, he knows that you were in the state playoffs this year, he’ll want to know all about Chicago’s best catcher since Michael Barrett.”

“Mom, that was forever ago, there have been tons of Cubs catchers since Barrett. Do I have to get really, really dressed up?”

Kim resisted rolling her eyes, “Just look nice please. No rips, no paint or grease stains. And tell your brother to get ready too.”

Kim got a waved hand as a response and sighed. A chuckle came from the kitchen doorway. “I think she might be your daughter huh Kim.”

Kim blew out a breath as Kerry came into the room, “Nope. I’m gonna blame the Carlos Lopez DNA all the way. Ah... have you heard from Henry?” Kerry sighed as she shook her head. Kim met Kerry halfway into the living room and wrapped her arms around the shorter woman. “He’ll be fine Kerry. He’s smart, and resourceful, they train them for so, so long and for so many things that they don’t just throw them somewhere to get killed, they have too much invested in them. And, he has his mother’s smarts.”


Kim kissed Kerry on the top of the head, “I mean it Ker, he’s brilliant because of you, and can think on his feet ‘cause of Sandy. And, I bet that he’ll be here too...”

“I thought you said.”

Kim smiled as she interrupted Kerry, “No, I haven’t heard anything. Just a hunch though.”

“Two more to go...”

Kim laughed, “Hey, they were your idea.”

Kerry gave Kim a slight shove, “My idea? I don’t think so, Ms. I will love your children as my own, but I’m not a Mom. Oh, but wait a moment, I changed my mind, I’ve always wanted a big family. And then,” Kerry smirked, “and then even though you were older than dirt...”

“... hey now, I was 45.”

“Against all odds, you produce two brilliant eggs at the same time?”

Kim covered Kerry’s lips with her fingers, cutting her off, “Shush, you know that you loved them from the moment the white space turned into a plus on that stick. And that your love only increased when they went from being a test result to Miles Carlos and Anne Julianna.”

They heard Miles and Anne bickering up stairs. Kerry smiled and kissed Kim’s palm, “You are correct Kimberly, I wouldn’t give back a second. So... are you going to let Annie work with you in the garage this summer?”

“14 was the year I let Henry help out.”

Kerry chuckled, “Yep. One whole summer. I think that Annie may stick it out a bit longer.”

Kim winced as she heard something crash to the ground, “You know that today’s a full moon.”

Kerry smiled, “Do you think that Lee’s Grad party’s going to be like Mardi Gras?”

“Maybe, you never know. How many football players were invited.”

Kerry laughed, “Only her boyfriend.”

They were silent for a few moments before Kim spoke, “You should take the job Ker.”

Kerry shook her head, “No, and you know why I can’t Kim. As the ED Chief I only have to dip my toes in the hospital’s politics. If I become Chief of Staff again I’d have to jump into the deep end, and I don’t think I can ever do that again. I’ve changed too much.” She kissed Kim’s cheek, “Something that you have had a big part of.”

A low, strong voice spoke from behind both women, “You look the same though Mama.”

Both Kim and Kerry turned. Kerry’s face lit up. She took two steps and engulfed the six foot tall man in his Navy Service Dress Blues, with the Lieutenant stripes on his sleeves. “Henry.”

Kim smiled and threw an arm over Henry’s shoulders as well, “Lieutenant Weaver. You said you didn’t think you could make it.”

Henry inclined his head, “Well Lee only graduates as Valedictorian once right?”

No one else got a chance to speak as Annie came barreling down the stairs and literally threw herself into her oldest brother’s arms, “Henry.”

Miles came down the stairs at a more sedate pace and stopped next to Kim. “Lee’s coming. She was sorta freaking out, seeing Lieutenant tight a…”

Kim gave her son a look, “Do not finish that sentence Miles.”

Henry had finally untangled himself from Annie and he came over to Kim and Miles. He gave Kim a kiss on the cheek, and turned to Miles, “You keeping an eye out for everybody?”

Miles shrugged and after a moment he gave in and hugged his brother as well. Henry smiled and only Kim could see it. Everyone turned and looked up at the top of the stairs as the young woman of the moment stopped on the top stair. Her face lit up just as Annie’s had, although she didn’t quite throw herself at her big brother. And her body that had been tense seemed to relax as well as she came down the stairs and hugged her much taller brother, “Henry.”

Henry hugged her back for a second, then held her at arms length, “You look beautiful, you ready for your speech?” Leonora nodded, “Good, good, so, let’s go get you graduated from high school then.”

He opened the front door and gave a faux bow for Leonora, who gave him a whack on the shoulder in response. They both laughed. Kim snagged her keys from beside the door, put an arm around Miles, and they followed Henry and Leonora outside. Kerry managed to adjust Annie’s polo collar so that it wasn’t sticking up all over the place before she raced out the door to get a seat in Henry’s car instead of her Moms’. That left Kerry alone in the house for just a moment.

She paused and looked around. It was a house that she and Kim had chosen together. It wasn’t messy, but it wasn’t empty either. Almost thirty four years ago when she’d been hired at County General she’d never have dreamed that she would ever be as happy as she was. She closed and locked the door behind her. Even twenty nine years ago when she’d met Kim or twenty eight years ago when she’d met Sandy she didn’t dare dream that she’d have a family, and love, and basically everything she’d ever wanted.

She looked up at the beautiful blue cloudless sky that seemed to go on forever and smiled. She wasn’t always sure if she believed in an all knowing, all seeing deity or not, but on a day like today she was sure that there was some uniting force in the universe. She closed her eyes, feeling the sun on her face and whispered. “Thank you.”

“Mama… C’mon, c’mon. We’re gonna be late.” And just like that the spell was broken.

Kerry chuckled, “You’d better be in the back seat young man.”