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Hyoseob and Hyuk were in Hyoseob’s apartment. They were supposed to watch a movie, but Hyoseob was playing some nice R’n’B while he was making popcorn and it turned into an unplanned 40 minute karaoke session, before they definitely let go of the idea of a movie and just decided to chill. The harmonizing they did soon turned into a friendly competition: who will sound more swag and sexy. Everything from Justin Bieber, NeYo and Rihanna to Jooyoung, Big Bang and AOMG was on – Hyoseob’s chill playlist was on shuffle. The two were on the living room floor, when Give it to me played.

-Hyung, you have your own song on your playlist…? Isn’t that kinda lame? – Hyuk asked with a sneer. Hyoseob raised an eyebrow.
-No, why? It’s a good song…? It’s kinda sexy and it just brings this kind of sensual feeling when I play it
-So you listen to yourself and two other men when you wanna get it on? - Hyuk replied with a shit-eating grin
-Oh fuck you, like you don't have your own music on your phone – Hyoseob barked, shoving a nearby pillow in Hyuk’s face.
-Well I do, but I don’t listen to it for the 'sensual feeling'... plus my lyrics are not half as messy as that - the younger shrugged.
-That's cos - Hyoseob said, imitating Jimin - you're a puss, puss!

Hyuk laughed at his hyung’s silly antics, his eye smile getting all crinkly and adorable

-No but like... do you have to go into those details? The wet bed and stuff... it's kinda gross
-Yeah, but it's, when you're then and there - Hyoseob sighed, trying his best to put it in words - and the other person is all that you see and feel it really doesn't matter if the bed is wet, you know?
-Well, no, actually I don't-
-Kwon Hyuk are you trying to tell me you're a virgin? Because I know for a fact you did that one assistant at the AOMG party on Jay Park’s fucking desk---
Hyuk stood bewildered for a moment - First of all, we don't mention Susan! That was a mistake okay? Secondly like... no... I don't get it. When I hear about things like that, when people are completely under the influence of sex, begging and pleading even though they usually wouldn't, or, like, screaming and stuff... where's your self-control, man? How do they completely surrender to the feeling? I mean I just...I don’t know, I’ve never experienced it…
-So when you left Susan's ass print on Jay’s Mac you were completely aware of that decision? Because I support you fully, but I think the only reason Jay is still putting up with you is because he thinks you were drunk – Hyoseob shrugged.
-We were on our 5th bottle of vodka, Hyoseob goddamn it, I wasn't very aware of anything. But I still remember things like being careful and slow so I don't tip over the pencil cup, and things like that.


Hyoseob took a good minute to process what he heard before he stood up and went over to the kitchen.
-You, my dongsaeng, have a huge problem, but I’ll leave that to your therapist cos you obviously need one. – he yelled from the kitchen - You need to learn how to relax tho, so let Hyoseob hyung teach you.


Hyoseob came back with some alcohol, oils and candles, and a diploma proving his victory on the Han River Space Out contest.
-Hyoseob hyung is the master of relaxation, - he said, showing off the diploma - and he will teach you how to let go.
-Yeah okay, Yoda I think we proved already alcohol doesn't work an-- Whatever else Hyuk had to say was muffled by the pillows Hyoseob was, again, shoving in his face.
-Shhhhhh only relaxation now.


Fast forward 10 minutes and Hyoseob had closed all the shutters, lit a minor camp fire worth of candles, poured more than a third of a bottle of soju down Hyuk’s throat and placed a lantern with a vanilla oil right next to Hyuk’s head.
-Okay, so your plan is to fire-hazard me into chill? – Hyuk’s voice low, but the panic in it was still obvious.
-No, listen, lay your head here, like this - Hyoseob motioned in the general direction of a pillow on the floor, after forcing another half a glass of soju into Hyuk - and I will message your face and hands.
-That's your big plan? A massage?!
-I took lessons okay, when you have life changing orgasms you will thank me!
Hyuk didn't have time for a snarky reply before another glass, of now more than half empty bottle, of soju was shoved his way and he was forced down on the pillow. Hyoseob cracked his knuckles sitting above Hyuk’s head.


Moments passed in silence.


-You know, you have a really symmetric face…
-Not making this any less awkward, hyung – Hyuk said, covering his face with his hands. Hyoseob swatted his hands away and pressed gently on the sides of his temple. The younger closed his eyes, hoping this would hurt. A few minutes of Hyoseob’s fingers pressing and rubbing various points on Hyuk’s face passed and the latter didn’t actually hate it.
-What are you thinking about? - Hyoseob’s voice was barely above whisper, but with the general silence in the room, Hyuk could still hear clearly. - You're frowning.
-Nothing…I'm just wondering how awkward this must look – Hyuk’s frown got a little softer, although Hyoseob could still feel his face was stiff.
-Don't think. Clear your head. Focus on my fingers…


Hyuk gradually relaxed his face, after employing all his self-control to the task and Hyoseob’s fingers continued probing and rubbing all over his head, neck and shoulders. By the time Hyoseob’s hands were above Hyuk’s elbow, he was mellow and warm and the room was slightly spinning. He felt his hyung leaning over him to have a better reach of his other arm. He couldn't tell how far Hyoseob’s body was, but it couldn't have been a lot because he could feel the heat radiating off it, and the smell of his shower gel was coming through the air. Against his better judgement, Hyuk reached slowly, tangling his fingers in what was probably Hyoseob’s shirt. 
-Hyung cuddle me…
-What...? - Hyuk could hear the mocking in Hyoseob’s barely audible voice, but the decided not to care.
-Come on I'm all sleepy and I feel like a marshmallow on a hot, hot day, just cuddle me a little. – Hyuk whined a little.
Hyoseob didn't move for a second and Hyuk was growing inpatient
-Hyung you just rubbed rose oil all over my face and torso, I'm pretty sure we're over the awkward PDA phase…pretty please with a cherry on top? – by now, Hyuk was trying his best to do some sort of aegyo, his voice going a pitch higher than usual.
-I never took you for a cuddly type - Hyoseob shrugged, positioning his legs under Hyuk’s head. When the latter didn't seem satisfied with just that, Hyoseob started running fingers through his perfectly groomed hair, eventually tracing the features of his face and going back to running circles over his temples soothingly. Fifteen minutes later Hyoseob was pretty sure Hyuk had fallen asleep. Leaning back on the sofa side, he played with Hyuk’s hair lightly.


When Hyuk woke up his neck was tense, and his back was cold and sore from the awkward position he had been in for the past few hours, but he was feeling amazingly relaxed and inspired. Hyoseob was sleeping unceremoniously above him, mouth ajar and face blank. Hyuk took a few blackmail worthy shots before waking his hyung up to go get some food.


*** *** ***