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Snippets from the Life of a Greek Myth

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“Okay. You can do this. You can do this.”

“Do what?”

Scylla’s aura flared as she whirled around in surprise.

“WOAH!” Charybdis stumbled back with her hands up. “It’s just me!”

Blinking a few times, Scylla’s face quickly heated as she blushed with embarrassment and hid her Aura once more. “Sorry.”

“So what’s go you so on edge?” Crossing her arms, Charybdis raises a brow.

Nope. Nope. Not happening. Scylla mentally yelled at herself. There was no way she was going to let Charybdis know about this. She loved Charybdis, she really did, but as her best friend, Scylla knew that there would be no way Charybdis would be able to keep this quiet.

“Just a bit jumpy. Nothing to worry about.”

Scylla knew that her little lie had not been convincing enough the moment Charybdis’ smile shifted into a small frown. Before the other ganglord could say anything, Scylla put out her hands.

“Okay, just… there is something, but I’ll tell you later. Promise.”

There was a pause after that. Charybdis gave her a look that made sweat gather on her brow. After a few more moments, a small laugh escaped the ganglord’s lips as she shook her head at Scylla.

“Alright. I expect a full explanation for whatever…” She waved her hands around, motioning at Scylla, “you may be up to.” With a small grin, she walked past Scylla sighing in relief and into the Boarback.

Scylla took a few minutes to gather her thoughts and feelings before also entering the bar.

It was surprising that, on a Monday night, the bar was packed. Many of the gang members waved and raised their hands in greeting as the former lieutenant stepped through the doors. With a nod of acknowledgment, Scylla’s eyes scanned the bar, finding Eryn chatting up Prime on the far end of the counter. A small groan escaped Scylla’s lips as she noticed Charybdis working her way over to her girlfriend. So much for keeping Charybdis out of this.

“Scylla!” an all too familiar voice called out. She felt herself wince and barely managed to keep a straight face as she turned to search for the owner of the voice.

On the opposite side of the room, Euryale was waving at her from a booth that held not only herself, but Stheno, Medusa and Ilyana.

“… Fuck.” And suddenly, all the pressure Scylla had managed to dispel before arriving all came crashing back. She had hoped that there would only be a few people here considering the day of the week, but her plans had backfired right in her face.

With a weak smile, Scylla waved back at Euryale, also meeting the gaze of Stheno, Medusa and Ilyana. The frown that appears on Medusa’s face when Scylla’s eyes met hers caused her throat to become dry. This night was not turning out how she wanted. Before the red haired woman could move, Scylla quickly turned and headed to the bar, and straight for Eryn.

The faster she could get this done with, the faster this could all be over. She tried to ignore the feeling of Medusa’s eyes on her back as she slipped into a free seat, the only free seat at the bar. Unfortunately, it happened to be two seats away from Prime and Charybdis.

“Hey Scylla.” Prime waved at her as she took a seat. Charybdis only nodded but still had a curious glint in her eye.

Barely managing a small smile, Scylla nodded at the King of Monsters. “Hey, Prime.”

“So, what can I get for you today, lovely?”

Scylla’s heart was suddenly racing at ten miles an hour as she turned to Eryn who was leaning against the bar, face mere inches from her own. The flirtatious grin on her the bartender’s face squeezed Scylla’s heart so tight it hurt.

“Nothing actually. Not from what you have in stock anyway,” She coolly replied, desperately hoping she her voice didn’t quiver.

Eryn raised a brow at that. “Really? Why not?”

Scylla lifted the package she had with her and gently set it on the table.

“Well I had something else sort of in mind.” Scylla smiled but she knew it wavered because of the look on Eryn’s face. Ignoring Charybdis’ question about what was in the bag, she gently removed the box inside and set it on the table.

Eryn blinked once. Then twice.

“Holy fucking shit is that a 1926 Macallan?!” One of the people at the bar yelled.

Well shit. She should have thought this through. She mentally groaned as more than a few heads turned at the exclamation.

“Babe… babe,” Eryn choked. “Not… not that I don’t love it. But holy shit, why did you buy a 75-thousand-dollar bottle of whiskey?”

“Why don’t you open it?” Scylla fiddled with her fingers. She could hear Charybdis excitedly speaking to, she assumed, Prime. Scylla’s thoughts however, were elsewhere. The noise in the bar had grown a bit louder with murmurs as more and more people became aware of the situation at the bar.

“You’re literally the best girlfriend ever!” Eryn carefully but quickly opened the box, but froze in place the moment the bottle was revealed.

“… Yea. Eryn… I… I can’t be your girlfriend anymore.” Scylla looked up at Eryn’s shocked face as she heard Charybdis’ cry of indignation and more than a few gasps of surprise from around her.

“What?!” And there was Ilyana. Which meant Medusa was behind her as well. Gods this day really was not going how she wanted.

“SCYLLA! Did you buy her a break-up gift?! What the fuck?!” Charybdis angry voice but through the mob of other voices as she stormed over.

“Ch-Charybdis.” Eryn managed to force the words out as tears gathered in her eyes. At the call, the ganglord stopped in her tracks.

“But Eryn-” the bartender shook her head and looked at Scylla.

Reaching into the box of whiskey, Scylla pulled out the small velvet box that sat beside the bottle inside.

“I can’t be your girlfriend anymore. I don’t want to. I’d much rather be your wife.” She lifted the top to reveal the ring inside. “Eryn. Will-“

Before she managed to finish her sentence, Scylla felt the wind rush out of her lungs as she roughly slammed into the floor. Eryn had wasted no time leaping over the table to tackle her, sending them both to the ground.

“Yes. YES. YES!” Eryn peppered her face with kisses.

There was a moment of silence before the whole bar shook with roars and cheers. Several wolf-whistles pierced the air and laughter rang throughout the whole room.

Scylla laughed as she turned a kiss, “You’re going to have to let me off the floor, Eryn.”

The bartender laughed with tears in her eyes as she leaned back to get to her feet. A hand helped her up as another was offered to Scylla. She reached out and grasped the hand without looking for the source, and found herself wretched to her feet and pulled into a bear-hug.

“OH SCYLLA YOU SLY BASTARD!” Charybdis squealed. “Gods I was about to kill you!”

“Chary…bdis…. Air,” Scylla gasped out in the tight embrace of her best friend.

“Oops.” The grip around her midsection loosened and Scylla took in a deep breath before turning to her old friend.

“Thanks for the support, I guess?” Scylla grinned back as Charybdis pulled her into another hug, one that she was able to return this time.

“Gratz, Scylla.” Prime nodded at her with a small smile, a few steps away as Charybdis released her.

Before she could respond, another body slammed into her, though this with much less force.

“Scylla! Congratulations!” Ilyana looked up, eyes shining with tears.

“Why are you crying?” the gangster chuckled.

“I- I’m just so happy for you!” Without a response, the human quickly let go and gave the same treatment to Eryn.

“Congratulations, Scylla.” The smooth voice of Medusa drew her attention and Scylla turned to see the trio of gorgon sisters smiling at her.

“Yes, congrats, Scylla. I am actually more surprised this didn’t happen earlier.” Stheno’s comment brought a blush to Scylla’s cheeks as her sisters laughed.

“Definitely,” Euryale then pointed a finger up at her. “As my former lieutenant, I order you to not mess this up and be happy.”

“I concur with that statement as your former boss. But more importantly, as your friend,” Medusa gently rested a hand on her shoulder. The words from the gorgons brought tears to Scylla’s eyes and she wiped them away with a small laugh.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Scylla.” At the sound of her girlfriend’s… no, fiancées voice’s, the ganglord turned and picked up her partner by the waist.

“I love you.” Scylla smiled.

Eryn eyes shone with glee as she kissed her new fiancée. “I love you too.”

This day surely had not gone as Scylla hoped. Drinks were passed around the room as the bar jumped into a full celebration. Surrounded by the gang and her best of her friends, her family, Scylla smiled. This day hadn’t gone as planned, it had gone better.