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Climb Atop My Walls

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Tony knew something was different about Loki when they put him in chains and a gag. He voiced his opinion to Thor, but the god heard none of it. So Tony did what Tony did best:


Illegally, pulling the feed from SHEILD, Tony got to see every recorded encounter that the god had on Earth, from his grand entrance to when Thor blasted a Nordic design on the rooftop. Tony discovered that no humans were harmed in the Battle of New York. 

He asked Jarvis to tell him again.

“There were no casualties while fighting the Chitauri, sir.” Tony took a step back from his obsession while he processed the information.

“Give me a before, during and after scan of Loki, and if his magic can be scanned do that, too.” Tony walked over to where Dummy was coming to him with a smoothie. He took the drink, smelled it to be sure his child would not be poisoning him.

“Good boy,” He said, petting the bots arm. Dummy twirled his hand around at the praise, then wheeled himself back to the smoothie machine to likely make more.

“Scan complete,” Jarvis told him. Tony walked to one of his benches, and picked up his StarkPad.

“Show it to me, Jar.” Jarvis, without a witty remark, showed the scans of Loki’s body when he arrived.

“There are large lacerations on his spinal cord, chest and legs. Multiple fractured ribs, a sprained shoulder blade, mild internal bleeding and a bruised heart.” Jarvis diagnosed. “There are also signs of sleep torture, and extreme heat exposure.”

“And this is when he arrived?” Tony asked, leaning forward so he could see the vitals of the god when he came to Earth.

“Correct. When he was in SHEILD custody, it seems that he had healed himself of all wounds other than the heat exposure.”

“And when he was in STARK Tower?”

“The wounds were in the process of being healed,” Jarvis told him. Tony hummed.

“Okay,” Tony said. “Take all the current information that I have looked at and the information I have yet to and file it away in my personal, black-protocol server, named Redemption.” He told Jarvis. He picked up his smoothie, beginning to walk out of his lab. “And double encrypt it. I don’t want SHEILD getting their hands on this.”

“Should I continue to hack into them, sir?” Tony looked up at the ceiling with a smirk. “Alright sir.” Jarvis told him. Tony patted the wall twice as he walked out from his lab.  He took the third door on the left, leading him to where Bruce was hiding in his own lab.

“Science bro!” Tony said, running up to the curly haired man and giving him a hug worthy of Thor.

“you know,” Bruce said when Tony skipped to the other side of the table, whispering about science. “The file on you says nothing about your behavior.”

“Bruce, I’m hurt.” Tony said, putting a hand to his chest in mock pain, “I am your own, personal psych case study.”

“Not that kind of doctor.” Bruce muttered. Tony brought the straw to his lip, muttering even lower than his science friend,

“Neither am I.” Tony drained the last of the smoothie, tossed it in the bin and walked up to his science bro.

“So,” He said, flopping down on the spinning chair, “I got something to show you.”

“Why do I feel the need to be concerned about what you are going to show me?” Bruce asked, eyebrow raised. Tony waved his hand.

“Nothing dangerous. I promise.” Bruce rolled his eyes, but smirked. “So, ever since I’ve been rebuilding the Avengers tower, I’ve been working on projects for the whole team.” He tapped on the table. “And I just finished up yours.” He stood, smiling at his friend. “I want to show you.” He grabbed Bruce’s arm and pulled him to the west wall.

“This is a wall, Tony,” Bruce said.

“No faith in me,” Tony whined. He put his hand to the wall, then took Bruce’s and did the same. “Jarvis, activate Project 47.”

“Project 47 in motion, sir.” Jarvis spoke. Bruce watched as the wall illuminated in Stark Blue on the two of their hands. The wall shook a bit, then retracted into the ground revealing a massive, light blue room.

“You built me a secret door?” Bruce asked curiously. Tony skipped into the room, not answering his question until Bruce stepped into the room.

“This is a secret elevator.” Tony said. Bruce watched as the door lifted and the room began to move upward. “I’ve been thinking of this sort of thing for some time,” Tony said, tapping on his phone. “But I had no real reason for it until Agent showed up.”

The elevator stopped and the wall dropped down again. Bruce was speechless when he saw what was behind the door.

The room was massive. The walls were painted in a calming light blue color, different from the one the elevator was painted in. There was a huge bed that was about six feet off the ground, pillows that were about five feet wide and long, a massive blanket thrown on the bed. The floors were carpeted with the same mats that were in the gym.

“The walls can show you anything you want if you ask,” Tony said from his left. Bruce, stunned at what he was seeing turned to find that Tony was in large, hulk sized bathroom.

“You…you did this?” Bruce asked, still stunned by it all. Tony smiled as he walked over to his friend.

“Yup.” He said, clapping his hands together. “Not a prison.” He added quickly. “This is strictly for when you feel that you need to Hulk out or just want to be somewhere no one can find you.” He pointed to the ceiling. “It has its own, independent ventilation system so Clint won’t get in here.” He told the scientist. “and no gas could be dropped in here. You and I are the only ones that know about it.” He shrugged. “And the person who made the bed and stuff with it, but she was sworn under an oath of Pepper to not tell anyone.”

Bruce was speechless at the gesture of friendship, walked over to the bed and reached for the blanket, feeling the softness and elasticity that it held.

“Thank you,” He whispered.

“It was nothing,” Tony said quietly from behind him. Bruce turned and hugged him tightly, eyes betraying him with tears.

“It means everything.”


Three days later, Bruce asked if Tony would be willing to be in the room when he Hulked out. Tony agreed, practically running to the secret elevator that would lead to the Hulk Room as Bruce called it. Tony could tell that Bruce was nervous about becoming the Hulk for a reason that was not related to violence.

“Hey,” Tony said, seeing his anxiousness, “you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want too.”

“I’m worried I’ll kill you.” Bruce muttered when they stepped out of the elevator and into the room.

“Please,” Tony drawled. “That is unlikely seeing as he saved me from falling to death.”  Bruce shrugged off his jacket, liking it enough not to rip. “Oh,” Tony said, hopping away from the scientist to give him some room. “I get to see if the Hulk pants will work.”

“It will be embarrassing enough if they don’t.” Bruce told him. Bruce sighed as he tried to let go of control. He felt a hand on his shoulder, squeezing him on, telling him that everything would be okay. He sighed again, and let the control slip.

Tony backed up when he saw the change from the man to the Hulk. It didn’t take long for Bruce to let go of the control he had over his other half once Tony reassured him with no words. The Hulk pants stretched and held against all that the Hulk was.

The Hulk looked mildly confused at not being summoned to destroy things.

“Hey buddy.” Tony said, walking slowly to stand in front of the green person. “How you doing?” Tony flashed him a Stark smile, turning to show him the room. “This place is for you when you want to be out when it isn’t time to destroy things.” Tony said. He turned and watched the Hulk pick at the blanket, smoothing his hand over the material. Tony slowly walked up to where he hoped to make eye contact with the Hulk.

“Do you remember me?” He asked slowly. The Hulk looked down at him.

“Yes.” He growled. Tony nodded his head.

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked.

“Tony stay.” The Hulk answered. Tony shrugged and began to walk away from the Hulk to observe him in the Hulk Habitat. Much better name that Hulk Room. I’m branding it. He thought with a smirk. “Tony stay.” He heard the Hulk say before being swept into a green hand.

Vertigo threw Tony, as the Hulk put him on the bed.

“Are we going to cuddle?” Tony asked happily as the Hulk climbed into the bed for his size. The Hulk said nothing as he put Tony in the middle of the bed, then curled his green frame around the small human. This is not how I thought this morning would go. Tony thought with a hum when the Hulk threw the blanket over the two of them.

“Tony sleep.” The Hulk said as he closed his massive eyes. Tony was not one to argue with the Hulk when he was so close. What better way to observe than to be invested? Tony thought as he closed his eyes, accepting that he was not going anywhere for the rest of the Hulk nap.

Bruce woke three hours later, pushing the heavy blanket off of his frame and finding Tony resting his head against his stomach.

For the first time in a long time, Bruce didn’t feel the Hulk pulsing behind his head with anger and rage. He felt the Hulk, sure, but the Hulk was calmer when he was out, not demanding to destroy things. If anything, the Hulk was protective over Tony, somehow knowing that the mad scientist had helped the green monster.

“Thank you, Tony.” He said as he drifted off.